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Originally, the woman bikers clothing style was associated with tough men and tough guys on motorcycles. It had nothing to do with women’s clothing. But over time, this stereotype has disappeared, and women were able to adopt this unusual image. They smoothed out the excessive harshness and gave the biker style a certain romance and even sexuality.

As before, women bikers clothing-style outfits are still poor but at the same time quite attractive and authentic. By rocking this style, every girl can become a controlling and unusual person. Of course, you have to choose the right clothes, shoes, and accessories.

It is believed that girls are romantic, delicate, and emotional as they prefer feminine or airy clothes. It is true, but girls also dare to experiment with their looks, and in this regard, they will even beat some men. However, we must admit that men were the first to wear bikers. At first, women did not have the right to be motorcyclists, and not a single motorcycle club accepted a woman as a member.

clothing for bikers

Motorcyclists’ friends could hang out with them and be their passengers on a motorcycle trip but did not have a public position. However, a permanent presence in the biker community made its mark on the woman bikers clothing style of cycling chickens. They left skirts and dresses in favor of comfortable pants and jeans and took possession of the famous leather jacket by using it in their wardrobe. So this is how the biker style for women originated.

Women’s Cup Vest

A characteristic feature of the woman bikers clothing style of motorcyclists is the leather jacket. Genuine car upholstery, as a rule, is a leather jacket with a flexible zipper. Traditionally, they did not decorate lather jackets except with a zipper and straps. Still, later, under the influence of swings and punk, motorcyclists also began to decorate their jackets with various metal rails and studs generously.

Motorcycle-style jackets are firmly attached to the wardrobe of modern fashion, and according to the predictions of fashion designers, they will be very popular for a long time. It is due not only to the unique appeal of the leather jacket but also to the great compatibility with various styles.

In addition to being a motorcyclist, (and still is) a leather jacket with a zipper is part of the image of young people who specialize in various informal subcultures. Today, however, these trendy clothes have gone beyond the boundaries of subcultures. It is now considered to be almost a basic costume for the fair sex.

Tips for choosing a motorcycle jacket

The most popular woman bikers clothing style of the biker jacket is a shortened model with a diagonal zipper and only tapered along the bottom. Although it is a symbolic feature of bad rockers and motorcyclists, the modern motorcycle jacket emphasizes the fragility of the girl’s image and femininity.

When choosing this fashionable item for your wardrobe, it’s worth checking out a few nuances:

. A genuine motorcycle jacket designed to ride a motorcycle costs a lot of money. It is made of high-quality cowhide.

. As an option, you can choose a jacket made of thinner deer or goatskin.

. If you are looking for a jacket to add a casual look, you can choose from budget-friendly suede models, eco-leather, textile, or denim.

. There is a wide range of styles, so you can easily choose a jacket based on the characteristics of the image. For example, short and long models fit equally thin girls.

. The size of the narrow shoulders is solved with a jacket with a large collar and gripping accessories. You can emphasize a weak prominent waist with a sharp narrowing in the lower part of the jacket and contrasting inserts. Ladies with lush hips will benefit from jackets that focus on the shoulder.

. If you have a small stomach, it is best to keep woman bikers clothing a jacket around the zipper.

A variety of women’s motorcycle jackets

Modern motorcycle make-up is far from the well-known canons made exclusively of high-quality thick leather and decorated with metal studs and tops. Instead, today’s fashionable leather jackets for women easily pick up current trends. For example, there is a tendency to adorn clothes with fur and embroidery. Therefore women bikers clothing, designers have implemented the motorcyclist style and created elegant models that combine a traditional motorcycle jacket and features of other types of outerwear – cuts, linings, boleros, and shirts.

Biker Shearling coat

It is easy to create a fashionable look for a warm winter/autumn by using attractive outerwear as the women’s wardrobe. Made of natural or synthetic leather, it is a good choice for fashion that feels uncomfortable on long beaches. It is a short sheepskin coat with a diagonal zipper and a beautiful coat along the sleeves, collar, or bottom. Could decorate such item with a nice fur collar. Women’s winter coats often have a windproof and warming hood. There are also models with leather inserts.

Trench coats

In the fall, bikers can fall into original coats but keep a genuinely cool biker. Such objects have a long incision that reaches at least the middle of the thigh, sometimes even knee-high. A distinctive feature is a diagonal zipper, which can make even a concise coat incredibly stylish. A popular trend is to mix and match different ingredients. For example, a biker coat made of a wool blend with leather sleeves looks fashionable and hip. Wrapped sleeves and shoulder pads add an interesting flair. There are no strict rules regarding collars. You can find models with a stand, bend down, or a wide collar.

Suede jacket

Even though traditional woman bikers clothing jackets are made of leather, it is possible to deviate from approved cannons in favor of suede. The suede jacket looks softer, softer, and more feminine than its leather counterpart. Even romantic ladies who prefer ruffles, lace, and frills can rock velvet-sued motorcycle jackets.

Just imagine how delicate women’s suede jackets will emphasize the image. This year, designers recommend using suede outerwear to create a look with a little touch of style. You can easily combine your biker clothing with clothing and accessories with fringe, long, multilayered skirts, and dresses. In terms of colors, feel free to neglect the black and brown tones that are ubiquitous in favor of the following shades: burgundy, muted green, gray, and beige.

Denim jackets

Denim jackets are never out of style, but they boast a variety of styles and designs this year. A denim item that resembles a traditional Perfecto jacket will highlight a casual look for pleasant summer weather. It will look great on an airy chiffon dress, short sexy shorts, or skinny pants.

According to current fashion trends, a stylish woman bikers clothing jacket can have a minimalist design or be richly decorated. Eye-catching patches, appliqués, scrapes, and metal studs will turn an ordinary jacket into a head-turner. Models with inserts made of other materials or denim in another shade are also very popular.

Traditional motorcycle jacket

These women, who know only the classic cut, will surely enjoy models similar to men’s traditional motorcycle leather jackets. They are distinguished by thick leather, long shoulders, and large zippers on the sleeves. A genuine biker leather jacket is loose and fits well to emphasize a strong look. These are mostly black models, although there is a strong selection of attractive natural brown colors. You can create a commanding look that shows off an original black jacket, enhanced with white fur on the collar. It is easy to combine motorcycle clothing with leather pants or skinny jeans.

Spiked jacket

One interesting development is the decoration with spikes or studs. You can decorate clothes, shoes and even accessories. While feminine style and restrained chic are prevalent, this rebellious trend is unexpected, but it goes well with casual style. Such heavily decorated items go well with trousers, but you can also wear them with delicate dresses and skirts. An ideal option is a leather jacket, although suede and leather items also fit together in this trend. Tops can decorate any part of outerwear: collar, shoulders, sleeves, pockets, etc.

Zippered sweater with zipper

Designers love experimentation and manage to incorporate the distinctive features of certain clothing types into another. For example, a signature piece of biker outfits, a sleek zipper, is so loved that fashion trends use it wisely to create fashionable knitwear. Likewise, you can increasingly see it in women’s warm hoodies, designed not only to keep warm on a cold autumn day but also to add modern motorcycling.

Vertical closure, which divides the hoodie asymmetrically into two parts, is considered to be an original accessory in itself. To enhance the effect of contrast, designers often provide sweatshirts with a zipper in a different color. For example, a hoodie can be burgundy in color while the zipper is black. Whether it’s a standard color or an inverted one, the motorcycle hood attracts attention. An integral part of such a model is a hood, which can sometimes extend the collar.

Biker jacket with embroidery

Fashion who wish all eyes were on them will surely appreciate such catchy models. Women’s jackets are made of genuine leather decorated with beautiful embroidery – what could be better for bold women who do not want to hide their uniqueness? In addition, embroidery is an interesting development that “invades” clothes, shoes, and accessories and often on a large scale.

The pattern can cover any part of a fashion jacket – sleeves, shoulders, collar, back, etc. Some patterns cover almost the entire back of a leather jacket. There are even items that have embroidery that spans the entire surface of the jacket. The most popular pictures sewn on a woman’s jacket are:

 . Mold floral motifs;

. Pictures of animals driven in the eastern style – kites, tigers, cranes, flamingos, parrots;

. Original themes – girls, skulls, snakes, and so on;

. Various inscriptions

Male motorcyclists often adorn their clothes with various biker patches. However, girls can also take advantage of this trend.

Leather jackets with fur

Designers love leather not only for its noble appearance but also for its good compatibility with other materials. Zippered zippers are not enough for fashion, so they enhance their jackets with embroidery, stripes, patches, rhinestones, tops, and rivets, as we have mentioned before above. Another elegant trend is fur insulation, thanks to which you can wear a leather jacket even in winter.

Can often remove natural artificial and linning. It is very comfortable as the jacket will be versatile. However, for frosty days, it is worth choosing an elongated model that covers the hips and has a loose fit that allows you to wear a warm wool sweater underneath. This year, you can fill your wardrobe with a trendy women’s winter jacket with a soft natural fur around the collar. You can choose a black or gray jacket decorated with white, light gray, or red fur to get a beautiful look. Fashion that enjoys daring will benefit from a women’s jacket with an artificial multicolored coat.


Even though motorcycle jackets automatically have a shorter cut, designers provide a unique opportunity to flaunt very short models that barely reach the waist. Women’s bolero short leather is a great addition to a stylish image and a bold image. It will create the perfect combination with high waist pants or a fashionable pencil skirt.

In conjunction with elegant chiffon or silk dresses, a black bolero with a sloping zipper will create a knockout look. Moreover, unlike a full-fledged jacket, a bolero can have short sleeves. But, of course, such a thing does not keep you warm at freezing, so you can only rock boleros in the summer.


Another essential element of the wardrobe for motorcyclists is pants. Most often, biker pants for women are narrow, leather, and black. However, it is easy to replace leather pants with tattered or worn jeans. If such an image seems too gloomy, you could dilute it with a vintage blouse or shirt, a bright T-shirt or shirt. You can also choose leather pants with tight-knit or even lace inlays and thus show that even though you are a biker, you are always feminine and refined.

A wide range of decorations will add a garment to your look. For example, you could consider metal rivets or zippers of various lengths and types. Leather biker pants are usually black, but you can experiment with the look and style and pick up brown or rich burgundy components. If you do not quite like pants, then there are plenty of options.

You can rock fashionable skirts, Capri pants, or even leather shorts. Skimpy shorts are the best choice as they allow ladies to show off their beautiful motorcycle shoes as well as long slender legs. It is not very comfortable to ride a pair of shorts or a skirt, but such a female biker costume is suitable for other occasions, such as everyday wear or hanging out with friends. If you are still gaining weight towards the classic combination of leather pants and jackets, you should keep in mind that they must have a cohesive color combination or blend in parallel.


Traditional motorcycle shoes are a bit pinched and have rugged boots with thick soles. Therefore, do not be afraid that they will look too rough. However, by being placed on a female foot, shoes like this look the other way around, very cute and original. In any case, you can always replace chunky boots with ankle boots or Hessian boots. The most important thing is that motorcycle shoes should be black and richly decorated with buckles and metal studs.

Cup shoes are often made of thick leather that sometimes has a grainy texture. Today, many women choose boots made of polished leather with a drawer effect. Such boots look catchy, but they are not very durable. Sometimes a biker rocks a girl out of suede, but it is unlikely to last longer than 1-2 seasons.

One of the key features of a strong motorcyclist style is wide belts and large metal buckles. Another development is the abundance of metal – all kinds of rivets, wide zippers, and tips on straps are welcome. Large amounts of metal decoration will emphasize your strict character and boldness. Lace is also a popular interior design element in motorcycle shoes. It should be catchy and noticeable, so tapes are often made thick and contrasting in color. If you are not afraid to experiment and want to create the image of a strong woman, try rough military boots.


A picture of a motorcyclist would be imperfect without accessories. Enhance your look with a bold black belt with boldness and a large buckle, spiked jewelry, or a dark-colored leather bag with fringe and studs. Gloves, fingerless gloves also apply to cyclists’ clothing outfits. On top of that, you could “borrow” some accessories that are popular among male motorcyclists, such as black bandanas tied to a pirate, knitted a black cap, Wehrmacht helmets, large glasses, and so on. Do not forget that you are a woman, and therefore your image should be enhanced with women’s accessories, for example, all kinds of bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, etc. The most popular metal for motorcyclists’ jewelry is silver. It goes well with a generally dark motorcycle wardrobe and also blends in with a motorcycle, thanks to the muted gloss of white metal.

The choice of accessories to make your concert complete should be based on your vision and sense of woman bikers clothing style. Your fashion sense is unique because no two people have the same views and choices. In addition, there is a large number of accessories, so the imagination is almost unlimited.

Romantic style biker

A great feature of women bikers clothing style is that it can be softened and silenced if traditional equipment seems too strong and rough. For example, instead of a rugged leather jacket, you can choose a model of the leather drawer, leather material, and other materials. Such models resemble a classic jacket only due to the diagonal zipper. In addition, you have the opportunity to experiment with the color by adopting unconventional tones such as navy blue, turquoise, navy blue, purple, maroon, and pistachio, and so on. Comparable to traditional motorcycle jackets, such items can be decorated with metal studs, zippers, silver fittings (chains, buckles) and trimmed or blindfolded with patches and original embroidery.

In the new racing season, motorcyclists are encouraged to experiment with boldness and combine different woman bikers clothing styles. They recommend mixing overly daring clothes with more restrained and simplistic items. For example, they can combine nail policies with flowing maxi skirts and dresses made of silk or chiffon. Such combinations always look glorious. Alternatively, you can try mixing a delicate romantic dress with frills and ruffles and chunky motorcycle shoes. Such an ensemble will make you look incredibly attractive and very original. You can also finish a leather jacket with skinny leggings, jeans, shorts, chinos, etc. Such stylish sets are quite organic and versatile.

Biker style is not just about outfits, but it is also a state of mind. If you are a motorcyclist on a motorcycle or a proud owner of your motorcycle, use your passion for speed and freedom. A true biker style is only suitable for very brave, unpretentious, and relaxed women who have no braids. Remember that risk is a noble thing. Take risks when combining clothing, try on your style, and we are sure the result will not disappoint.

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