Illegal foods: that you should not eat

Have you ever tried something illegal? It sounds weird, of course, but anything in life can be. And how can food be illegal? Some illegal foods that you should not eat.

Some illegal foods are banned from use due to the potential for extinction of the species or the content of harmful substances. However, if food is banned in one country, it may not be banned in another country. Therefore, if you want, you can try these delicacies, but remember the consequences. Want to know which products are so mysterious that many countries have recognized them as illegal and banned from use!? In this post, we have collected the most common, some illegal foods that you should not eat.

illegal foods

Sassafras oil

This oil from dried bark on sassafras wood was once the main ingredient in tea and beer. However, the use of this oil was banned when scientists found a large carcinogen in the composition.

The Royal Sink

Found in waters that flowed from Florida to Brazil, the kingfisher was banned in all US dollars due to the large catch of this type of fishing.

Mirabelle plums (Mirabelle)

A tasty variety of French plum Mirabel is available. Specifically, Mirabel is a unique plum variety, of which 70% is grown in France. Therefore, this variety is protected by regional law and is prohibited from exporting from the country.

Sea turtles

Turtle soup is believed to be one of the most delicious delicacies in the world. But almost every country in the world has banned the use of turtles because of the potential to destroy the species.

Bloody pork dessert

This dessert is made from pork blood and pinched rice, so you can only try it in Thailand for hygiene reasons.

Unpasteurized milk

21 countries in the world ban the sale of “raw” milk. Unpasteurized milk is obtained immediately after milk and does not pass heat. Due to possible contamination with harmful bacteria that may be in milk, countries ban such products.

Poppy seeds

It is no secret that poppy seeds contain opiates and are used to produce opium, so poppy is banned in Singapore, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. In 2013, a 43-year-old man was arrested in the UAE for 102g of poppy. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison and rejected at the end of his sentence.

Liver in the lungs of the calf

This delicious Scottish dish is banned in the United States because it is made from sheep’s lungs, which violates food safety rules.


Although in 1997 the ban on some diluted forms of this drink was lifted, in the United States, the use of absinthe is still banned.

Mangos teen

A delicious Thai fruit was banned in some countries due to fears of catching Asian fruit in flight. In 2007, the ban was partially lifted, but before importation can occur, the fruit must be irradiated in detail.


Synthetic liposuction, which is used in many snacks. But recently knew this Illegal foods product as one of the worst inventions in the world. Olestra is banned in the UK and Canada.

Chilean seafront

Some countries do not ban the use of sea bass. But in more than 24 countries, unmarked fish catches are illegal, mainly due to high catches.

Kasu Marzu

Kasu marzu is translated as “rat cheese”; it is also called “cheese with larvae.” The cheese is left in the air at maturity, which allows the flies to lay eggs in the cheese. As Kasu Marz is not in line with the hygiene of the European Union, it was illegal.

Fruit of the field

Aki is an incredibly delicious fruit from Jamaica, which you need to be very careful of. Due to toxins in the composition of the fruit, it is not allowed to import into many countries. If any fruit is wrong, it will lead to vomiting and even death.


Although horsemeat is a delicacy, many countries have deliberately refused to kill horses for horsemeat.


Although many foods contain these substances, the United States, may use them. But the European Union and Japan have banned many preservatives.

Japanese pufferfish

Almost worldwide, eating fish pads is banned due to the high number of paralytic toxins. If you do not help the victim in time, you can die from the paralysis of nitrogen.

Shark Finns

Finishing – removing the fins and then releasing the shark back into the water is illegal. In Asia, ready-made dishes are based on shark fins, which are in demand, but in the rest of the world, such a shot is banned.

Red perch

The only place you can legally sell redfish is Mississippi. The fact is that the demand for this fish in 1980 was so great that all the species were in danger of extinction. It was, therefore, necessary to ban the sale of these fish.

Foie Gras

Everyone knows that foie gras is one of the most expensive and insanely delicious delicacies in the world. But at different times and in different parts of the world, this dish was banned because of an inhuman goose shop.

Food coloring

Even though food coloring alone is not food, many dishes are used. It strictly monitors all production standards around the world.

Beluga caviar

Due to its popularity among chefs and visitors to Beluga restaurants, caviar has become a rare and expensive dish for sale. Therefore, it was decided to ban illegal fishing of these fish due to the possibility of extinction of species.


Ortolan is a tiny bird of oatmeal that weighs less than 30 grams. This bird was a favorite French dish in the 1960s. Soon there was a ban on hunting and selling ortholanes due to the rapidly growing species of species.


Famous chocolate eggs are banned in the United States because of the plastic toy inside the egg. Because the child can sting with this toy and because the plastic hurts the product itself, banned the child search for sale in the United States. Perhaps Kinder Joy will be more popular, as the toy and the chocolate itself are located side by side but do not touch each other.


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