Electric kettle: How to choose a suitable electric kettle?

Electric kettle; how to choose the right one? What should you pay attention to when buying, and what parameters of an electric kettle are essential? Which kettle is best: glass, plastic, or metal? The tradition of drinking tea is dense but gradually entered our lives from the time of Peter the Great and came to us from the west. No one breaks this beautiful tradition of gathering around the table and drinking fragrant tea. But often, the aroma and taste of the tea depend on the right choice of the teapot. How to choose a suitable electric kettle among a wide variety?

The Americans invented the first electric boiler at the end of the 19th century, and such a unit heated water for about half an hour. Today, all modern people will seem intolerable torture, as a current model spends 3 minutes on her work. With all this, the performance of the electronics, with rare exceptions, depends on the price. You can only overpay for extras (built-in filter, backlight, buzzer, or thermostat). Two essential elements will suffice for the water to boil: housing and a heater. But here, it becomes necessary to consider what material they are made of.

Let’s take it apart. What are the electric kettles … they are of three types: made of glass, plastic, and metal.

Which is better, you ask? Let’s see.

  • Electric glass kettles do not spoil tea taste, as they do not affect water taste. Today, transparency and glass are in fashion. They are very graceful, but such teas are distinguished by their delicacy.
  • Plastic jugs made of plastic are cheaper than their counterparts and less heavy. They retain heat for a long time, but water after boiling in such a kettle can have an unpleasant aftertaste.
  • The demand of buyers for electric boilers made of Stainless steel … That is why some manufacturers started producing such models as well. Such interest stems not least from fashion trends in the modern home: the demand for “metal.” They also do not spoil tea taste and are characterized by durability and strength.

Water boiled in a metal kettle has no taste, as a metal kettle does not affect the taste of water. The issue is more permanent than others. Minus – there is a possibility of burning on the metal walls of such an electric boiler.

It is believed that water cools fastest on metal rails. Plastic electric kettles are second place. Glass pots keep boiling water the longest.

To avoid making a mistake with the purchase, we advise you to open the lid and smell the kettle inside. The electric kettle should not have a strong chemical smell. We recommend buying boilers only in specialized stores and with a certificate. Once you have purchased a kettle and brought it home, the first step is to boil water in it. And more than once is better. It is essential for plastic electric kettles.

Electric kettle
Electric kettle

Key things to consider when buying an electric kettle

  • If, when choosing an electric kettle, an essential factor for you is how quickly the water in it heats up, then you need to know that it depends on the heater.
  • Built-in heating element types of electric boilers are of two types: spiral and disk.
  • Disc heater
  • It makes more noise but heats the water faster. It is straightforward to clean. A spiral heater makes less noise but heats the water more slowly.
  • Electric boilers are available in different sizes, for example, from 0.8 to 2 liters. You can usually find electric kettles designed for 1.5 – 1.7 liters of water. We recommend that you draw your attention to the fact that the bigger the kettle, the more electricity is needed to boil the water in it, that is, the power must also be more.
  • Another factor that deserves your attention is the minimum amount of water that can heat in an electric boiler. Do not forget that the water must completely cover the heating element. Therefore, the minimum amount of water for electric boilers with an open spiral will be higher than for a closed loop. With an available ring, this indicator is 0.3-0.5 liters. This number is reduced to 200 ml of water for electric boilers with a closed circle.
  • An equally important element of an electric boiler is its lid. And the top should be large enough; then, it will not be difficult for you to wash the electric kettle. Do not forget to notice that the lid of the kettle opens quickly and conveniently.
  • It is essential that the nozzle of your kettle is not altogether smaller and protrudes at least a little from the body. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to pour water from it.

We hope that with our information we have helped you follow electric boilers’ main features. In the future, you will now be able to choose the right one without the help of a consultant.

Now that you know what you need to pay special attention to, you can choose the right boiler yourself without the help of consultants and sellers.


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