Features to Help You Transform Your Kitchen Island

Transforming a kitchen island can give it new life and make it the focal point of your space. You can also add various accessories to make it look more modern and unique.

If you want to create a functional kitchen island, consider adding pull-out drawers and open shelves. These features will help you save valuable space and organize the area.

Have a Salad Bar

Numerous advantages come with having a salad bar. Providing more alternatives to your clients increases sales for you. The importance of health to diners has never been higher; therefore, demonstrating your concern for it can gain their devotion. A refrigerated salad bar allows your customers much more options than adding salads to the menu, which many restaurants have done to suit calorie and health-conscious diners better. Individuals may select what they want to accomplish and avoid what they don’t, creating a different experience each time.

Add Beadboard

Adding beadboard to your kitchen island can make an old piece look fresh and updated. It’s also a great way to add visual interest and texture without spending much money on new parts.

Beadboard is a wall paneling style consisting of vertical boards with grooves and small ridges. These ridges create the beading effect that gives the material its name.

It comes in various widths and can be purchased in large, carefully milled sheets. It’s often used for wainscotting but can also be applied inside walls.

You can paint beadboard panels in different colors to add a pop of color. You can also use it as a frame for open shelves or other decorative elements.

Add Drawers

Adding drawers to the island will keep the area tidy, whether your kitchen is big or tiny. Drawers can store cutlery, cooking tools and anything else that needs a spot on the countertop.

To start, visit your local home center and choose full-extension side-mount drawer slides for your island. This slide back and forward so only 3 to 5 inches of the drawers are covered by the cabinet front.

Add Open Shelves

If you have a kitchen island, adding some open shelves is a great way to add storage without replacing existing cabinets. They’re also a great way to give your space a more airy and open feel.

In addition, they’re an excellent way to display decorative items. Think books, plates, or glassware.

A kitchen island is an essential element of modern home interiors. It serves as a work surface, dining area and additional storage space.

Add a Built-In Microwave or Dishwasher

A built-in microwave is a great way to transform your kitchen island, freeing up counter space for other cooking or baking tasks. Choose a model that fits the dimensions of your cabinetry and provides ventilation for proper operation.

Depending on your cooking needs, you may opt for a conventional, convection, or oven-microwave combination that can roast and bake foods. These appliances also offer various settings to help you quickly prepare popcorn, potatoes, frozen dinners, and more.

Add a Plate Rack

Plate racks are an intelligent organizing solution and a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Whether you want to integrate the rack into wall-mounted cabinets above your kitchen counter or keep it on its own, there are many options for adding one.

The simplest way to add a plate rack is to an open shelf above the sink. It will provide the needed storage space and give your kitchen a much more relaxed feel than if you had a bunch of cabinet doors, all matched in size.

You can make your island a focal point by adding a plate rack to its front. Beadboard painted contrasting colors provide an eye-catching backdrop, while wood dowels hold serving dishes in place.

Add Storage

Kitchen islands are a perfect space for adding storage. They help to eliminate clutter, make countertops accessible for cooking and baking projects and can be beautiful enough to enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

If you’re looking for a practical storage design that will also be beautiful to look at, try using built-in racks on either side of your island. It is a clever way to tuck in narrow items like platters or chopping boards while offering ample open shelves for displaying cookbooks, tools and decorative knick-knacks.

Another brilliant storage idea is to build extra-deep cabinets on one side of the island, leaving a counter overhang to let dining stools tuck under. It provides plenty of room for storage while leaving enough space on the other side for a breakfast bar or seating.

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