Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Wholesale Ostrich Feathers for DIY Crafters

Feathers have been a part of fashion across the centuries. They adorned the helmets of medieval knights and enhanced the elaborate hairdos and hats of ladies from high society. Crafters love Ostrich Feathers because they add a touch of plumy fun to costumes, jewelry, crafts, and floral arrangements. They can also be used in weddings and anniversaries or to add an elegant touch to home decor.

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Feather embellishments provide various effects that can be used for many crafting projects. Ostrich feathers wholesale is a trendy choice for event decorating and creating stunning centerpieces–especially when placed in tall vase arrangements. These decorative feathers can accentuate and enhance ceiling swag, upgrade photo booth backgrounds, add dreamy sophistication to floral arrangements, and more. They are also great for costume design, wedding dresses, hats, and jewelry.

Whether you are making masks, costumes, or centerpieces, various sizes and colors of ostrich feathers can add a unique touch. Be sure to avoid any feathers with knotted barbs. This is usually a sign that the feather has been crushed or steamed and must be untangled and fluffed before use.


Ostrich feathers are durable and can be used for various craft projects. They can be sewn onto clothing, incorporated into table centerpieces, or used as embellishments for gifts and cards. They are also a beautiful addition to weddings, bridal showers, and other events. These feathers are great for costume design, masks, and hats. They are also popular for use as adornments on hairdos and jewelry. These feathers are durable and ideal for performance props and party decorations.

Ostriches are a unique commodity, offering multiple products for farmers to sell. Two of these, leather and feathers, involve no physical harm to the animal and can help farmers make a profit. A third, meat, is a nutritious food option for consumers.


Adding feathers to your crafts creates a unique look that stands out from standard decorating and crafting materials. They are also a great way to dress up the top of vases for centerpieces, upgrade party backdrops, accentuate ceiling swag, and bring dreamy sophistication to floral arrangements. Feathers come in a variety of sizes and types. Body feathers (drab feathers) are longer but not as wide as some wing feathers and usually narrow down near the base. Wing feathers are shorter and wider with a more graceful flow. The color and size of feathers are essential for creating different looks and styles. For example, white ostrich feathers add elegance to any decor or bouquet. They can also be used to create costumes, masks, and hats.


Feather fringe trim adds a touch of fantasy and beauty to event decorating projects. This soft accent enhances backdrops and stage draperies, upgrades photo booth backgrounds, and brings a dreamy sophistication to floral arrangements and table centerpieces. Ostrich wing feathers are popular for centerpieces, masks, and costumes. They come in various colors and are available in sizes 14-18″. Body feathers, or drabs, are also very versatile and affordable. They are not as long or full as wing feathers but can narrow down near the base.

 Ostrich Feathers
Ostrich Feathers


Ostrich feathers are a luxurious embellishment that can be used in several creative projects. They add an exotic touch to ties, ikebanas, and carnival costumes. You can also use them to add a touch of flair to hats and fascinators. These feathers are perfect for table centerpieces. You can mix and match colors to create a dramatic effect. They are also a great choice for masks and costumes.

Ostrich feathers are essential for crafting projects. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any project. However, ostriches are often abused and slaughtered for their skin. Their farming harms the environment as well as human beings. It is important to make informed choices. You can find alternatives to animal products by choosing green products.

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