What to Avoid When Shipping Your Car

shipping car

The first thing to do when shipping your car is to get all the relevant documents in order, including your car’s title and registration. Then verify these documents on the websites of the shipping companies you are considering. The papers should be in order before shipping, and you should add extra insurance. Avoid companies that offer meager rates.

Avoiding companies offering cheap rates

Getting a few quotes for shipping your car is a good idea. However, it’s always best to avoid companies offering the cheapest rates. Some carriers submit inflated prices. Afterward, they raise the price and leave you with an expensive car company. You could end up paying the deposit and not getting your car delivered when it was supposed to. Avoiding companies offering cheap rates means getting your vehicle picked up when you want.

Most new automobile transport companies try to lure customers by offering cheap shipping rates. After all, everyone likes to save money. But this trick is also not worth it. A scammer will lure you in with a low rate, only to change the price and increase the cost as the shipment proceeds. To protect yourself from a scam, read companies’ reviews before choosing one.

The importance of quick mechanic checks before shipping.

Before shipping your car to a mechanic, ensure it is properly maintained. Some mechanics quickly sell you parts you don’t need and may try to pressure you into a fluid flush. They may tell you that their previous customers’ vehicles had the same problem or that it’s only a matter of time before you have the same issue. If they make you feel rushed, you should find another mechanic.

After a quick inspection, the mechanic should inspect your vehicle for any damages. While most dents or scratches can be fixed, more substantial damage can signal a more severe collision. Additionally, dents and rust can cause uneven tire wear. While minor dents are no cause for concern, significant rust or rot should be a red flag to avoid the sale. Otherwise, you may end up losing money on your vehicle.

Ensure all documents are in order before shipping.

Make sure all documents are in order before shipping your car. Car transport companies require certain documents before loading the vehicle. These documents include vehicle registration and certificate of insurance. You could waste time and money if these documents aren’t in order.

The shipping company must be registered with the Department of Transport and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can check this information on their website.

Adding extra insurance

Add extra insurance to your auto transport if you are shipping a sports car or luxury vehicle. While an ordinary car insurance plan is sufficient for most car shipping companies, your vehicle’s unique characteristics may require additional insurance. It’s also wise to get your insurance coverage from the shipping company before releasing it. Although this may sound like a minor detail, it can be a huge factor in protecting your car.

When shipping a car, choosing a shipping company with adequate insurance coverage is best. Auto transport insurance will cover damage to your vehicle during transport, but you want to make sure your policy covers damage from equipment failure or company negligence. Also, it may not cover accidents caused by “acts of God,” so be sure to read the fine print. Your carrier may also carry an auto insurance policy that covers damage to your car while it’s being transported.

Cost of shipping your car

You may have several different options for how to ship your car. While open carriers are the cheapest option, enclosed carriers are approximately 35 to 50 percent more expensive per trip. Enclosed auto transport prices vary according to season, market fluctuation, and location. You can also choose the type of car that you’d like to ship, including luxury or classic models. Customized vehicles can be more expensive to send than non-modified cars.

Most transport companies require a deposit before pickup. This deposit is applied to the final cost of shipping your vehicle. However, some carriers offer 100% refundable deposits in case of a problem. Shipping companies determine their prices based on your vehicle’s size, the distance traveled, the service needed, and the urgency. Ask for a cheaper rate if you’d prefer a faster shipping time. But check out all the different options before deciding on a particular carrier.

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