Working with a Google Ads Agency in Bangkok has Benefits

To reap all the benefits digital marketing can offer, partner with a Google Ads agency in Bangkok.

Businesses in Thailand have learned that to market their company successfully, every brand needs to take advantage of the increased reach the internet provides. Digital marketing has become one of the most important facets to help both established businesses and new brands increase their market shares.

While this was common knowledge well before the worldwide pandemic, the increased reliance on the internet to reach customers locked down at home during the height of the crisis underlined the importance of having an online presence.

Getting Your Message Across

Google has been the ad platform of choice for many of the world’s most respected brands. The flexibility, types of ads it offers and amount of data it provides are second to none. And, of course, being the world’s most popular browser makes it a natural choice for those international brands that want to reach as many customers as possible.

For the huge corporations that market their products in many countries, Google Ads makes perfect sense. But it makes just as much sense for smaller brands to concentrate on reaching specific customers in a regional area.

The targeting features of the platform make it cost-effective for smaller, regional brands to increase their brand recognition in their area. But to make the most of the opportunities that Google Ads provides, you should partner with an agency that knows the Google Ads platform inside and out. They can help you spread your brand’s message by using the targeting criteria:

  • Ad Location
  • Keywords
  • Frequency and Timing
  • Customer Demographics
  • Location & Language

Ad location refers to the websites and Google search results page that your ad appears on. By targeting only those sites and pages that relate to your brand and its products, you’re more likely to catch the attention of potential customers.

Keywords are the words and phrases relevant to your products and services. By inserting these keywords into the content of your ads and your brand’s website, they help drive traffic to your brand and make the brand a household word in the region.

Frequency and timing help you control costs. If the customers you’re trying to reach are most likely to be online during certain hours of the day, you can time your ads to run only between those hours.

Google Ads Agency in Bangkok
Google Ads Agency in Bangkok

Customer demographics is a useful tool in finding the customers most likely to buy your products. By building a customer profile, you can then target the sites they’re most likely to frequent. For instance, mothers may be more interested in sites that discuss education issues, while young men might frequent sites about car racing.

Location and language help you find the local customers in your area that will respond better to a voice in the regional language.

Work with the Experts

An experienced Google Ads agency in Bangkok, like Primal, can help you maximise the benefits of targeting to increase regional knowledge about your brand name and products. Get in touch with Primal to increase your brand familiarity.

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