Yorkshire terrier puppy: How to Choose a Yorkshire terrier puppy

Choosing a good Yorkie puppy is a grave matter. Must approach this choice responsibly. The selection is based on several signs concerning the health and appearance of the puppy. We describe how to choose a Yorkshire terrier puppy. Yorkshire terrier puppy is picked up at 2-3 months. After this age, the puppy must have all the vaccinations and have a veterinarian’s passport with their badges. If the puppy has a pedigree, you should get a puppy card containing all the puppy’s data.

Puppy behavior

Keep an eye on the puppy. He should be active and strong, cheerful and agile. Such a puppy has a shiny, sparkling clean coat. The coat should be free of dandruff, peeling, and drying. If they do exist, you should not take such a puppy.

A healthy pet should walk on straight limbs with round, gathered paws. Movements are free and coordinated. Lame or stiff movements indicate progressive deformity in the joints.

Take your puppy if the coat is black with gold marks. Increased fur in a small puppy may be appreciated if it is entirely silky. If the cover is wavy or curly, it will not be straight in the future. Incomprehensible spots are not allowed, but a small white area on the chest is possible as it disappears during compaction.

Puppy health

Check the puppy carefully from all sides. The nose should be black, cold and moist. The gums lining should be pink, and if they are pale, it indicates anemia. Each puppy’s jaw has 6 front teeth and 2 canines. The bite should be a scissor bite – a pincer bite in severe cases. Other types of edges are undesirable.

A 2-3-month-old puppy, who claims to work in shows, should have a closed fontanel in the future. Check the crown. In older puppies weighing up to 1.5 kg, the fontanel is open and measures 3 mm in diameter.

Unfortunately, such a puppy has no chance to work in shows. If a puppy has a weak constitution, a big apple-shaped head, bulging eyes, and overgrown fontanelle, he suffers from nanism. Such dogs die from droopy.

Yorkie’s eyes should be dark, moist, looking straight ahead. Remnants under the eyes indicate eyelid defects. Suppuration suggests infection in the body—dark pupils, apparent eye inflammation – an indication of the absence of inflammation and injury.

Yorkshire terrier puppy
Yorkshire terrier puppy

The ears of Yorkie puppies increase at the age of two months, but there are exceptions if the puppy is from full-grown parents. Check the puppy’s ears. There should be no crust or baldness along the edge of the ear; they should be covered with hair. The visible area of ​​the ear must be clean. If the child shakes his head, scratches behind the ear, and an unpleasant odor comes out, an inflammatory process has begun in the ear.

Your stomach skin should be clean, healthy and free of blemishes or rashes. There should be no inflammation in the abdomen, which may indicate indigestion or helminthic invasion.


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