Blind: Features of caring for the blind

Blind, how care? Today, the choice of blinds for windows is many, but just buying them is not enough; you still need to know how to take care of them. Could you find out how to do it right? A blind is a practical item as they rarely get dirty. Materials that are sensitive to moisture and cleaning agents are used in their production. Some canvases require dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or brush. But despite the technology and manufacturing materials, the surfaces of the lamellas and components accumulate dust and dirt during use. Therefore, proper care of blinds and methods will give them a beautiful appearance and, without problems, perform their direct work – to protect them from the sun.

Before choosing a cleaning method, you need to read the instructions to help you deal with their care yourself. The blinds need to be cleaned depending on the type and material. Let’s consider each of them.

How to care for blinds made of different materials?


The most unpretentious to take care of our plastic window blinds. Can wash them with water, detergent, dry cleaned, and vacuum. To do this, they are closed, lowered into the bath, and the bars dry. However, such blinds do not create comfort and are not very appropriate for home decoration. It is the best choice for medical facilities.


Another option for non-blind requirements is aluminum blinds. They are taken care of as well as plastic construction. They are also washed, dried with a dry cloth, and cleaned with various non-abrasive abrasives. But it is better to dry them with a sponge dipped in soapy water. At the same time, make sure that water does not fall on the roof brackets. You can also vacuum these blinds.


Natural products made of bamboo and wood cannot withstand wet maintenance, even if they are varnished. It is not recommended to wash them, especially with soap products, as they will crack, change color and deform under the influence of detergents and water. You need to take care of them dry, for example, with a feather brush or a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, consider these features when washing windows and ensure no water gets on the bamboo.


Fabric blinds rarely get dirty and, besides, it is not recommended to wash them often. During their production, the curtains are impregnated with a particular material that will wear out if it is washed often. They will look ugly and get dirty regularly. Wipe accessories made of polyester material with a damp cloth. But water is not applied to a shiny surface; otherwise, spots will remain on the drying after blinding. Use a silk cloth to clean them.

If it is filthy, remove the blinds, roll them up and soak them for several hours in warm soapy water. At the same time, do not rub them with anything to avoid damaging the layers. After this procedure, rinse and hang on the corner to dry. Do not spin; throw over the rope or iron. The manufacturer does not recommend washing blinds in a washing machine.

Curtains (pleated)

Pleated blinds are a unique design that resembles an accordion. They are made of paper, cardboard, and fabric, impregnated with a particular chemical compound, providing rigidity and water resistance. For this reason, they are not washed or laundered; only dry cleaning is used: they are dried with a dry cloth, vacuumed, or dry cleaned.

Rolled (curtains)

All the above materials are used for roller blinds: wood, plastic, metal, paper, and fabric. They have a different design: the slats are not assembled in a plane but horizontally turned in a roll. Therefore, caring for them depends on the source material. It is most convenient to vacuum such a roller because it can be wound up and rolled when it is cleaned. Most often, roller blinds are made of fabric. And as mentioned above, the material is treated with a special protective compound against stretching, fading, and dusting. That is why they are rarely cared for. Should clean them with a dry brush, vacuum, or dry cleaner. Wet cleaning can damage and deform the material. In this case, the cassette roller box is wiped with a damp cloth.

Features of caring for the blind
Features of caring for the blind

Spindle horizontally

Cassette horizontal blinds are dismantled from windows. Then they are washed in a bathtub with soapy water. At the same time, make sure that no water gets into the system of the upper beam.

Despite their excellent performance and efficiency, blinds require timely maintenance, which helps to preserve the original shape of the slats, color, and functionality of the systems. Maintenance is easy and often comes down to simple cleaning with a damp cloth. In some cases, more behind-the-scenes severe operations are required. By regularly caring for your blinds, you will maximize their lifespan.

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