1 year wedding: Celebrate 1 year wedding

1 year wedding how do you celebrate? Various ideas await you that will tell you what to give for 1 year of marriage, where to celebrate this event, what to wear, and how to decorate the venue.

One year has passed since the wedding. By this time, the couple has already learned enough of each other’s tastes, so there should be no problem with the idea of ​​gifts this day. They will be introduced not only by the couple but also by the guests.

What to give for a 1 year wedding – congratulations

First, you need to decide what this birthday is called. It is a calico wedding. There are several versions of the origin of this name.

  • The first is that usually, when they did this, the spouses already had a baby, or the wife was in an exciting situation. Therefore, it was customary to bring Chintz to couples, which would be helpful for the baby’s diapers.
  • According to the second version, this name represents a relationship that has not yet gained final strength for one year. Therefore, they are compared to a not very durable material – cloth.
  • Another version is based on the fact that after one year of living together, the couple’s bedding was new and needed to be changed. Calico linen is perfect.

Sewing bedding will not be difficult for those who have a sewing machine. You can also buy it.

By thinking about what gift you should give for 1 year wedding, you can quickly resolve this issue. Not only bedding is suitable, but also coarse calico. If the woman is a craftswoman, she can make a patchwork quilt and lay it out for her husband. The same applies to guests, as such a handmade gift and a lampshade made of threads are very much appreciated. When thinking about what to give for a Chintz wedding, make a decorative pillow and sew the first letters or names of your husband and wife on them. And can decorate bedding to match with a lace braid.

If you do not know how to sew, you can buy any valuable gift for the newlyweds, put it on beautiful paper and tie it with a chintz ribbon.

If you have the talent of an artist, describe a piece of Chintz that you think is necessary for this day and hand it over to the kids.

You can use a stencil, spray gun, or brush to paint the material with acrylic.

Do not forget to iron your creations after the paint dries to attach the masterpiece to the material.

An exciting option is to draw portraits of a husband and wife on a T-shirt and hand them over. It allows you to create the image you want.

Learn what methods you can use to paint a T-shirt with acrylic.

Screen printing. It is usually used when you need to create complex drawings that contain several tones. Use a stencil, roller, and special textile paint.

If a young woman has such a talent, she thinks about what to give her husband for 1 year of marriage. She will be able to hand him a handmade gift.

If you use a stencil drawing, the outline and elements of the image will be even.

If you are sure of your abilities, draw them by hand. In this case, you can first outline with a water-washable label or immediately start creating paint.

If you like cats, draw two characters, female and male, on the t-shirt, as the character of a husband and wife. Whistling butterflies will represent an easy, carefree life and a multicolored rainbow – bright and smiling.

Another way is to transfer the image from paper to a T-shirt. The best way to do this is to put thick cardboard under the T-shirt on which the picture is glued. It is pulled and fixed in this position with a pin. Now, with a cloth marker or pencil, draw the picture again and then color it.

In the same way, you can paint not only t-shirts but also pillowcases for decorative pillows, plain towels, and scarves. Once you have mastered this science, you can make a gift for 1 year of your wedding.

You can create hot signatures.

To create one with a circle, take:

  • Dense material;
  • Lacquer filler;
  • Chintz cut;
  • Scissors;
  • Threads.

Follow the instructions:

  • Cut 2 rectangles of fabric for each stand; fold it in half so that the result is 2 squares. Inside each one, you need to put on ready-made winter lining, sew the edges, and bend those inwards.
  • Draw circles on the back of the Chintz with a stencil or free hand, cut out the blanks, and attach them to the front of the lines. Now sew with contrasting threads.

You can look for the upper part of a white tea bag and write the condition for the husband and wife here.

The original gift for a chintz wedding is a pair of pillows. It consists of two such parts. Connecting them gives you a complete picture of two birds at a stroke and a heart around them.

And from the red fabric, you will make tiny hearts and sew them on a white background.

For hearts, it is better to take a substance that does not crumble. You can also use an adhesive program.

When the husband thinks about what to give his wife for 1 year of the wedding, he can buy a gift from Chintz. Let it be kitchen curtains or bedspreads. But these gifts are cheap, and it is better to attach something else to those intended for your beloved wife.

Based on the girl’s wishes, for 1 year of the wedding, you can give:

  • Mobile;
  • Notebook;
  • Jewelry;
  • A sizeable soft toy;
  • Good perfume set;
  • Nice clothes.

Unusual gifts are:

  • Certificate for two to the sea or another country;
  • Credentials for the purchase of clothing, cosmetics, or for a visit to the spa;
  • A portrait of a beloved woman commissioned by the artist;
  • A romantic dinner by candlelight, in a restaurant, or outside.

If a man has enough money, then a car for his wife would be a great gift

The vehicle’s inside will be tied with a satin bow or chintz fabric to match the theme of the first birthday present.

You cannot be without this material when decorating the environment for the festival. Check out some options for exciting ideas.

How to plan a place for a 1 year wedding anniversary?

If you rented a country house or owned your own, try decorating the steps with stripes of Chintz, as shown in the picture on the right. The railings can be decorated with the same material or used differently. No one bothers to make one of the stairs in the entrance so elegant. They are delighted when both the wife and the guests see the husband’s efforts.

And the young lady will decorate the room from the inside. These simple curtains will be an excellent decorative element. Bright bows also look good on them.

You can make hearts out of balloons, place them on top of the wall and decorate the surrounding space with fabric.

Use flowers and fabrics to decorate the stairs in your home.

If you are celebrating in your backyard, pull the sturdy rope to which you tie many strips of Chintz. It will be immediately clear which wedding will be held for 1 year. Flower arrangements and napkins made of natural threads perfectly decorate the festive place.

Celebrate 1 year wedding
Celebrate 1 year wedding

Traditions on the 1st wedding anniversary

If you respect traditions, you need to remember the customs of America. Then, before the wedding, the homemakers sewed clothes for themselves and their husbands, decorated them, and sewed them on cloth.

The young woman had to wear a similar chintz dress all day. Another old custom concerns husband and wife giving each other a chintz handkerchief.

You must take corners 1 and 2 on the handkerchief and tie them together. These textiles represent bond strength and loyalty. Then you need to put these handkerchiefs in a box and store them there.

Another custom concerns that before the wedding, the mother-in-law had to hand over a  dress to her daughter-in-law. Such a gift signifies a happy and easy relationship with her husband.

How to dress for a wedding?

If a chintz wedding is celebrated in the summer, then the heroes of the occasion and guests will shine in light cotton robes.

The husband can wear a shirt, and the wife can wear a dress or sundress made of the same material. The clothes should be simple, straightforward but tasteful.

If the couple already has children at this time, they can also be dressed in a  dress or pants made of the same material.

What to cook for the first birthday (1 year)?

The snack should be light enough but enjoyable. Vegetable salads with lean meats work well.

Cut. Use a wide variety of colors to make them effective.

To make a snack, as in the picture, put a piece of cucumber, a leaf of lettuce, a slice of tomato, a piece of soft cheese, and a slice of pepper on a wooden spear. This masterpiece ends with half of the olive oil which is on top.

Bread sandwiches with salmon or cheese are also great.

You can make a snack by taking specially baked dough baskets. If there is no such thing, make a few circles in slices of bread with a glass or jar. Cucumbers and salted fish are placed on them, and such pieces are decorated with herbs.

Small sandwiches with red caviar are also sure to delight the guests. You can make not only vegetables but also fruit slices.

Since this is a chintz wedding, it is good if it is held in American traditions. Therefore, when you drink tea, put a samovar on the table decorated with bundles of bagels. Put cakes in a wicker basket nearby, and place jam in the sockets.

We should also make the cake with this material. You can order it or make it yourself. Use food coloring to turn the sugar cane leaves into a chintz cloth if you can. Cut out various patterns with shapes on a white sugar plate and decorate the pastry in this way. Then you can make the cake in the formation of a chest, and the white layer of mastic becomes a lace bandage.

If guests want a good meal, cook pork, bake stuffed chickens, or turkey.

Here’s what you can cook and how to plan a chintz wedding.

See which graphics card you can wish the couple a happy wedding anniversary. Rewrite the words and say them in the middle of the festival.


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