Cretan dog: caring qualities

Cretan dog data on the critical dog’s appearance, appearance parameters, behavior and health, care criteria: walking, diet, training measures. Price of puppies. Similar hunting dogs are found in almost all Mediterranean countries: Italy, Malta, and the Canary Islands. But still, the chalk dog is a special dog. People once noticed the interesting features of the dogs they hunted with. During the search for the animal, these dogs began to bark loudly with excitement. The person liked this reporting method. Although such animals have been known for almost eight thousand years, their nature is still wild.

The appearance of Cretan dog data

They are hunters. But the official name often confuses. Sexologists will not agree in any way on which group these dogs should belong to. Despite the fact that they are usually still called dogs, according to external data, they are typical eastern greyhounds.

Until recently, there was little information about Cretaceous dogs outside of Crete. Despite the fact that these dogs are ancient, experts began to deal with them less than thirty years ago. A club of this type was founded quite recently. It was created to preserve these precious dogs.

Greeks to this day love to hunt and enjoy interacting with people and meeting in nature. Cretaceous dogs are loyal friends and helpers. Thanks to the efforts of the president and members of the club, sexologists from other countries are increasingly interested in these dogs. But those who want to pick up the puppy will be disappointed. In order to preserve livestock, the export of breeding representatives from the island is prohibited.

Here in Crete, there are two breeds of native hunting dogs. One is larger, which is closer to the type of greyhound dog, while the other is smaller, which is a temporary variant between dog and greyhound.

With these dogs in Crete, only rabbits were hunted, which has always been very numerous. Apart from long-eared rodents, there have never been other hunters here. As a result, this type of entertainment was very popular with almost all the men on the island, regardless of class.

For Crete, this is not just a dog; it is a friend who has followed man since the time of Minoan civilization. Her image was present in folktales, songs, and plays. Not only are these dogs ideal for hunting, but they are also part of the life, history, and culture of Greece – a living historical monument with body and soul. In Crete, only rabbits are hunted. The fishing season starts in September and ends in January. There are no strict restrictions in the area. You can go fishing anywhere. The most important thing is that cattle do not graze in the area, otherwise everything is allowed. The rest of the season is only allowed to train these dogs that are to train. The area where you can take courses is fenced and not too big.

The Cretan dogs have fully adapted to the difficult hunting conditions in the local mountains. They easily overcome various obstacles. The soil on the slopes is clay and slippery, in addition, rocks and thorn bushes grow everywhere. Almost all plants in this area have thorns or thistles. There are a lot of worms and wild bees in Crete, the sting is very painful.

Critical four-legged hunters have learned to make perfect use of all their senses. Dogs work in a very interesting way. Hunters usually value the so-called upper ability when the dog walks with its head high and dissolves the tracks without lowering it to the ground. Here, is a completely different look. The dogs of the locals lean very low to the ground and try to unwind from the intricacies of the smell. Because there are traces of later or older and the dogs are obliged to understand such complications completely.

In general, when we say the word external, we mean some kind of external abstract beauty. In fact, this concept is an applied thing; there cannot be nuances and small differences. Length, beautiful, beautiful muzzle, and streamlined silhouettes of the whole body are aerodynamics. Upright ears pick up any generosity. Long toes with resilient cushions soften jumps on sharp rocky terrain. The long tail helps to make sharp movements and turns at high speeds.

Appearance options of Cretan dog

The Cretan dog is a slim dog with a physique somewhere in the middle between a dog and a greyhound. The dog is slightly longer than dependent on the shoulder girdle, medium-sized. It has light legs (legs are oval but round) and a strong loin, which is great for developing rapid speeds and moving over rough, rocky landscapes. They have dry, dense muscles and a uniformly developed chest.

The Cretan dog uses excellent sight and smell to hunt. It smells in the air and on the ground. When the dog has sensed prey before the chase begins, he becomes tense, the tail makes circular movements. Humble, affectionate, noble, but cheerful in search of the beast. The dog behaves with restraint and sensitivity and comes to life in the presence of prey. A bit of a distance from strangers, who is naturally curious and tolerant, brave and considered?

Excellent sense of smell, speed, agility, and endurance make the critical dogs unusual hare hunters, which is their main role. They work both in packages and specifically. They can not only be used as hunting dogs, but also as companions for humans.

Based on set criteria, male height can vary in males from 52 cm to 60 cm and females from 50 cm to 58 cm with 1-2 cm variants. kg and women from 14 kg to 16 kg. Bitches have a physiologically longer body due to puppy reproduction. The Cretan dog moves brilliantly, actively, and gently. Movement is light and agile. Forelegs and hind legs push easily off the ground. There should be a good balance between speed and endurance, along with great agility. Weak, embarrassed, and heavy people are incompetent.

Cretan dog
Cretan dog
  • Head elongated, small, oblong, narrow at the sides, and dry. The skull expands moderately at the top. The forehead is moderately rounded at the back of the head. A furrow on the forehead does not appear. The arch is not noticeable. The cheekbones are flat and well-defined. The edges are not noticeable.
  • Muzzle – Long, long and narrow, tapering towards the nose, parallel to the skull. The bridge of the nose is slightly curved. The stop is not noticeable and flows well. The lips are dry and dense and can be colored black or brown (depending on the color of the “coat”). The flies fit perfectly; they go slightly down into the lower jaw. The jaws are long and strong. The dog’s teeth are strong; the teeth are large, white, and connected by scissors.
  • Nose uniform size, rounded. Lobe is colored according to the dog’s color: black, brown, light brown, or flesh-colored. It May have thickened pigment towards the edge.
  • Eyes Cretan dog of medium position, in the front line, rounded almond-shaped and medium-sized. The color of the cornea of ​​the eye varies from dark brown to light brown. The eyelids are firm and dark. The appearance is lively, attentive, and moody.
  • Ears set high, triangular, and erect. They are medium, elastic-elastic cartilage, moderately sharp at the ends, and very mobile. The ears are broken back when running, like a greyhound in pursuit. When the dog is awake, they stand and turn forward.
  • Neck – Strong, muscular, oval, more than average, set high, widening towards the shoulders. The calves are moderate. There is no delay.
  • Frame – stretched, strong, muscular, streamlined. The thorax is quite spacious, but not too wide, not very round, and does not reach much to the elbows. The ribs are curved and convex. The back is straight, long, well-muscled, and slightly rounded at the back. The spine is slender, strong, and well pierced, in the area of ​​the pelvic floor, slightly curved. The group is strong, rather muscular, and moderately bulky. The belly line fits perfectly.
  • Tail low, long, flexible. It thickens at the base and gradually decreases at the end of growth, bending upwards and forming a sickle-shaped circle with a strong or weak bend. On the lower side, it is covered with longer and thicker hair. When the race is over, the tail is very mobile; the dog carries it up, slightly above the back. At rest, it hangs down and its end is slightly curved upwards.


  • Front – long, with narrow bones and slender muscles. Simultaneously when viewed from all angles. The set is neither narrow nor wide. The leaves are placed obliquely, very pressed to the body, length. The elbow is straight back. The shoulders are well connected to the shoulder blades, placed obliquely. The stones are slightly vertical.
  • At the back – parallel to each other, with strong bones, slightly relaxed. The thighs are well developed and muscular. Joints are perfectly curved. Metatarsus almost vertically. The angles of the teams are coordinated.
  • Pots small, compact, oval. The toes are tightly connected, and long. The nails are tight. The leaves are resilient and springy.
  • The Cretaceous dog’s coat is about 1.5 cm long, with a plus or minus 0.5 cm difference, on the lower neck and back of the thigh. The outer hair is smooth, bright, clean and firm against the skin. The tail is covered with long hairs along the lower edge. The back of the thigh is also a little longer. There is no subcutaneous tissue at all.
  • Leather – tight, tough, and elastic, fits well all over the animal’s body. There should be no pendants or folds.
  • Color – quite a variety is possible. The color of the species can range from pure white, cream, sand, fawn, or gray to black or brown. All colors are monochrome, two or three colors.

The behavior of the Cretan dog

These dogs do not treat strangers with kindness and friendliness. Dogs do not show aggression, but it is difficult to wait for a good and gentle feeling to show. For critical dogs, this is normal. Dogs behave admirably well with children. They are very gentle and affectionate.

These pets live well next to other pets, but they will ruthlessly chase neighboring cats. In hunting, these dogs are loud, but in the house, they rarely bark. But they will let you know if they notice strangers approaching their territory. In cages, dogs will hunt mice and rats.

With well-developed data, they are versatile at work. Critical dogs can be used to hunt and carry birds. But such use will be bad for these dogs. Pets become lazy when hunting and their constitution requires a long time and overcomes long distances.

The health of critical dogs

Cretaceous dogs are in good health. Experts have only recently begun to conduct genetic research on the species. The results of the study pleased dog owners. Professionals have not reported any congenital abnormalities in these pets – they are all healthy. People have looked closely at several generations of critical dogs. In terms of life expectancy, these dogs live on average fourteen to fifteen years, but there were specimens that lived up to twenty.

Critical conditions for Cretan dog dogs, maintenance rules

  • Wool is short and does not require artificial attention. Pets do not need grooming; they are washed regularly and brushed. The hairline is combed out once a week and more often while it melts. Use rubber gloves or a brush for the procedure. Dogs are not bathed often. Treatment is done twice a month or if the pet is very dirty. Shampoos are purchased by hair type – for short-haired dogs. Before washing, dilute the concentrate with water to form a thick foam. This is necessary so as not to dry out the dog’s skin. After soaping, wash the foam thoroughly with plenty of water. The animal dries in a warm room without drag.
  • Teeth Crayons need to be cleaned to keep them healthy. Train your dog to do this from childhood. Let the dog bite something safe.
  • Ears must be cleaned when sulfur accumulates there. To do this, use emollient lotions.
  • Eyes – wipe and check after fishing. Inspect them for mechanical damage or foreign particles. If there is dirt, use a sedative to dry your eyes. Contact your veterinarian for more serious problems.
  • Claws – cut with clippings as they grow back. Otherwise, it will affect the gait of the pet. Do not forget to cut the claws of the dewclaws.
  • Feeding should depend on the life of the pet. Outside the fishing season, a critical indicator moves less and uses fewer calories. During this period, its nutrition should be reduced; otherwise, the animal may improve unnecessarily. Being overweight creates problems in the stomach, heart, and joints. Of course, it is best to feed the dog with quality food. All tastes and aromas are successfully selected in what is very popular with dogs. By choosing the right ready-made extract, you will always trust that your pet will eat according to its size, shape, and function.
  • Cretaceous walks take a long time. This dog is generally intended for hunting, so it is better not to have it in an urban environment. But if the pet still lives in an apartment, he must constantly receive the necessary physical exercises. You have to run a lot with him or take him out on the piers. Do not forget that there are many dangers in the city and such active and fast dogs are always kept on a leash. This will save the animal from many problems and you will be calmer.

Features of critical dog training and interesting facts

Cretaceous dogs are smart dogs, but training is necessary from an early age. All times take place on a mutual understanding of animals and the owner. Every properly executed command is encouraged with affection and something tasty.

Cretaceous dogs, like dogs, can bark loudly and their search is more like a greyhound. Therefore, dog owners cannot yet decide what to call greyhounds or dogs. Greyhounds rely more on sight than dogs on smell.

Almost everywhere, hunters are active and expressive. In Crete, everything happens in a completely different way, calmly, quietly, and thoughtfully. It’s a bit like chess. Only the numbers in it are the hunter, his dog, and the rabbit. Either they will catch the earrings or he will lead the hunters around. But sometimes the event stops being dull. At such times, both people and dogs change. The instinct of the hunter, ancient as the world, erupts.

The behavior of critical hair is different from that of rabbits in the rest of Greece and Europe. The animal does not leave the place where it hides. Even if the hunter passes by or the dog does not feel it, the headset will not move from a familiar place. Therefore, the dog moves slowly to control everything that happens around.

Buying a white Cretan dog

Cretan dogs are few in number in Crete and are never sold to save livestock. They are distributed completely free of charge between members of the club.

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