Alcohol: Does alcohol keeps you warm in the cold?

Alcohol finds out if it is worth drinking in the winter and how much damage you will do to your body. Of course, many of our readers thought that with alcohol, it was possible to warm up in freezing cold. In fact, as soon as a glass of intoxicant is drunk, warmth really flows over the body. However, after a while, it gets even colder. Today we will talk about the benefits or dangers of alcohol in the cold.

The first thing you should remember is that alcohol is very difficult. It can get hot, but this positive effect on the body does not last long. If you drink alcohol in the cold, you are more likely to be harmed, not beneficial. In addition, it is during the cold season that the risk of alcohol increases significantly.

Why not drink alcohol in cold weather?

Ethanol has vasodilation properties, but it can play badly in the winter. When you drink alcohol, the blood vessels dilate but the blood flow is disrupted. Blood flows actively to the skin but the internal organs lack blood flow during this time. The warmth you feel after drinking a glass is literally felt by your skin. On the other hand, as the blood flow changes, all the internal organs begin to freeze.

In addition, the warming effect of ethanol is very short-lived. As soon as alcohol stops working on your body, the feeling of warmth leaves you. As a result, you start to feel even colder than before the drink. A small dose of ethanol leads to short-term warming, after which one begins to literally freeze in the bones.

This is understandable because at first the vascular system normally works and then begins to respond to alcohol, harm, and benefits in the cold, which we will consider in more detail today. You have probably already understood that alcohol cannot warm you in the cold and even more – it leads to a violation of heat transfer processes. Another rather serious negative factor in alcohol consumption is its effect on the functioning of the nervous system. It will probably not be difficult for you to remember how you start to freeze if you say wait for someone for a long time. The frost gradually begins to spread all over your body and as a result, your limbs become numb. Then the cold spreads actively throughout the body. This happens if you are sober and have the opportunity to evaluate how well the freezing is sensible and prevent further freezing, which can cause frostbite.

If you drink a sufficient amount of alcohol in the cold, the benefits and harms of which are now being considered by us, then the system for assessing your condition is shut down. You can no longer say with certainty how cold or hot you are. This will mean that you will not notice how much you have a cold. Even if you do not drink much, the risk of frost is very high.

In addition to the already described negative properties of alcohol, it is worth remembering the impaired coordination of movements. This is dangerous not only in winter but also in hot weather. It is in alcoholism that people most often get injuries of varying severity, called from scratch.

Due to a dull self-preservation effort, a drunken person may decide to bypass the open water hatch on a slippery road. In this situation, you are simply not able to determine exactly how much health can be at risk in this or that activity. Even the visual organs can bring a person down under the influence of alcohol.

If you have not only drunk a glass or two but “loaded” alcoholic beverages to the fullest, then the risk of injury is enormous. In this situation, it is very easy to fall, but it can be very difficult to get up. If it’s freezing outside, you’re just freezing. According to statistics, more than 80 percent of cold spells, including fatalities, are recorded by drunken people.

How to drink alcohol in the winter?

We have found out what benefits or harms of alcohol in the cold can be obtained. However, if you still want to drink alcohol in the cold season, you should follow simple rules:

  • Drink alcohol to the best of your ability and do not overdo it. Remember that the maximum permissible dose of pure ethanol is 30 milliliters for men and 20 milliliters for women.
  • f you decide to drink in the winter, do it indoors and try not to go out after drinking alcohol.
  • In situations where you need to go home in the cold and you have already taken alcohol, find the person who will accompany you. It is desirable that he be sober.
  • When you go out in the cold drunk, you should dress well, even though it does not seem cold to you.

Alcohol myths

Alcoholic beverages are popular in all countries of the world, which has led to a number of myths about them. In many ways, these false claims are a kind of psychological barrier to protection. Agree that not everyone can easily accept that alcohol is actually a poison to the body. In order to calm down somehow, a person comes up with various explanations but gives alcohol a miracle. Among the most popular myths, the following is worth emphasizing:

  • Red wine can prolong your life.
  • Beer is a great thirst quencher.
  • Vodka with pepper can cure various diseases.
  • Alcohol has a high energy value.
  • With the help of ethanol, you can quickly warm up in the cold.

We just carefully considered the last of these myths and now we know what benefits or harms alcohol can have in the cold. Moreover, this myth is even reflected in literature.

Alcohol keep you warm in the cold
Alcohol keeps you warm in the cold

Use of alcohol for colds

In general, the use of pepper vodka for colds is a very popular treatment. It is believed that as soon as you find the first signs of a cold, you should immediately use this recipe. Let us not be divided and say that there is still some truth in this myth.

Ethanol can increase heat transfer and in this respect, it can be compared to aspirin. As a result, body temperature drops. On the other hand, some peppermint ingredients can increase the validating effects of alcohol on the body. It is also necessary to say about the emollient effect of pepper on the mucous membrane and alcohol can, among other things, act as an anesthetic.

At the same time, you can get all the positive effects of pepper separate from alcohol, because you can add this spice to broth or broth. You must remember. In illness, the body becomes ill and vodka in these situations can be harmful. To begin with, alcohol can cause dehydration, but in an illness, the body loses a lot of fluid without it.

If alcohol is consumed in large quantities, the body’s ability to resist disease decreases significantly. If you have a stomach or intestinal problem, alcohol is definitely a contraindication for you. Also remember that peppers can burn the throat, which will significantly prolong the healing time. However, there is one case where drugs completely share the opinion of the masses on the use of alcohol in colds. We are now talking about external use, not internal. Thanks to the vodka compressor, you can get rid of diseases such as sore throat and otitis media. Thanks to the compressors, ships are expanding at the application site.

To make a medical compress, you will need gauze, cloth or bandage, cotton, vodka, and oilcloth. Vodka must be heated to 37 degrees and moistened with gauze, which should then be squeezed out and applied to the affected area of ​​the body. Cover the top with gauze with an oilcloth or plastic bag and secure with a bandage. The duration of the procedure is about 4 hours.

Positive and negative properties of cognac

A large number of rumors have been circulating about cognac, or rather its positive properties. However, you should understand that the benefits of moderate consumption of cognac can only be obtained if the drink is of high quality. Obviously, the cost of such cognac will be quite high.

White grapes are used to make this high-quality drink. The product obtained in the fermentation process is distilled through distillation. After that, the cognac is poured into oak barrels, where it matures and acquires a new aroma. Thanks to distillation, various harmful impurities are removed from the cognac.

Doctors say that quality cognac can help you get rid of colds. However, it must be consumed in a small dose up to a maximum of 35 milliliters. If you find that you are completely free, you can drink a glass of spirits before going to bed. You can also add this drink to the broth of herbs. However, cognac should be taken only at bedtime in the above dose and in a warm room.

Some artists believe that with the help of cognac it is possible to improve the transmission of the vocal cords, which makes it possible to win all the concerts without any problems. However, in this case, the dose of cognac is even lower compared to the treatment of colds. To support the vocal cords, it is enough to consume one tablespoon of the drink.

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