Good Baking recipes for children

It’s no secret that children are very fond of sweets, but every mother knows that too much sweet in the baby’s diet is harmful, mainly if the baby eats shop candy – chocolate bars, sweets, cookies. Good Baking recipes little to reduce the harm of sweets can be if you start cooking them at home, yourself. Only in this way can you be sure of the quality of all parts of the product, without artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. In addition, there are exciting cakes for children – it is an excellent option for the standard time – to decorate balls from the dough, cut out cookies with biscuits, or roll; out the dough that the child can try for himself. In this way, he fulfills the need to copy adults, learn something new, and learn to help you in the kitchen.

Depending on the child’s age, the list of approved foods varies; for example, children under three are undesirable to give chocolate. A mother who is sensitive to allergic reactions should not give a lot of honey or flour.

Good Baking recipes for children up to one year should be simple, easy to digest, and not overwork the digestive tract.

Baking recipes for children

Baking for children with allergies

Children who suffer from intolerance to lactose, gluten, or other allergic reactions need a unique, allergic diet – the taste of flour rolls on milk for children or gingerbread is most likely to please the child, but here sleepless nights, rashes, intestinal diseases, after food are forbidden, inevitably the mood of both the child and the parents deteriorates. But I do not want to refuse to eat altogether. In order not to damage the health of crumbs, share potentially dangerous products with those that do not cause an adverse reaction from the baby: Cow’s milk for almonds or soybeans, one egg can be divided with a packet of gelatin, diluted in two tablespoons of water; back is also better to use a unique gluten-free baking mix.

Good Baking recipes for children

Consider some recipes for delicious bread products for children.

Such cookies will appeal to children not only for their great taste but also for their attractiveness.


. Flour – 1 glass;

Sugar (or powdered sugar) – 0.25 cup;

Butter – 100 g;

. Egg yolk – 1 piece;

. Soda – on the tip of the knife

. Salt – pinch;

Cream – 2 msk. NS.;

Chocolate – 50 g;

. Mastic – 50 g;

Candy-dragee with bright colors (M & M is ideal for this purpose) – 50 g.


Please turn on the oven (we need to heat 200 ° C). Rinse egg yolks with powdered sugar, mix with salt, soda, flour (before sifting) and mix until homogeneous. Add oil crumbs to the resulting mass (for this, you can rub frozen oil on rocks) and mix well. Knead the dough and try to do it as soon as possible. The test cup is rolled into a flat cake 5-7 mm thick and cut out with circles. In the backpack process, remove the hooks and bake in the oven at 200 ° C for 15-20 minutes.

Heat the cream and dissolve the chocolate in a hot mass (before tearing, tiles are better to break into several pieces). Pour the cream-chocolate mass into the candy syringe and decorate the finished cakes – take a herd of eyes and horns. Use mastics and sweets to make a nose.


Baking cottage cheese for kids is an excellent opportunity to outwit a kid and let him eat unloved but so helpful cottage cheese. If you are a happy mother of crumbs adorning this excellent product, then this recipe will appeal to you even more.



. Cottage cheese – 250 g;

Butter (chilled, but not frozen) – 80 g;

. Sugar – 3 tbsp. l .;

. Vanillusykur – 5 g;

Egg yolk – 1 piece;

Gos – 0.5 tsp;

. Sour cream – 1 tbsp. l .;

Flour – 300 g


. Dry cottage cheese – 150 g;

. Egg yolk – 1 piece;

. Sugar – 2 tbsp. l;

Vanillusykur – 5 g;

Sour cream – 1 tbsp. l.

To grease the cookies, you need a mixture of hot water (a little) and one egg yolk. You can also sprinkle finished cakes with powdered sugar.


Stir in sour cream with soda and egg yolk. In a unique bowl, mix the ingredients into the dough, pour in the same cream, the egg yolk mixture, and knead the dough. Roll into a ball, place in the film and refrigerate for 30-50 minutes.

While the dough cools, prepare the filling. To do this, stir all the parts of the filling into a bowl (with a fork) or faucet.

Set the oven to heat, get the dough ball and roll out the dough to a thickness of not more than 4 mm. Cut the formation into squares (10×10 cm) and place several fillings in the center of each; select the squares into triangles (connect opposite corners, but do not press down). Place on the prepared parchment, bake until the dough is brown (at 180-200 ° C – 20-25 minutes). Finished envelope (necessarily pre-cooled) with drinking powder. You can try Good Baking recipes for children at home. 


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