Original desserts Fruit salad – good recipes for

Original desserts Fruit salad is a great way to avoid making a cake for a festive holiday. This dessert will appeal to both kids and babies who are trying to follow the movie. You can combine simple, familiar fruits and exotic if you can buy some juicy bright fruits. We suggest good homemade recipes for original desserts.

How to prepare a fruit salad?

To fruit salad made a furor on the festive table, you need to follow only one crucial rule: cut the fruit you need immediately before refueling and serving. Experienced chefs recommend not to use frozen fruits, so it is better to use and mix seasonal fresh fruits.

Click a delicious fruit salad with sweet or Greek yogurt, sour cream, ice cream, and syrup.

. Small and juicy should not be cut not to lose the bulk of the juice; it concerns grapes, blueberries, currants, blackberries, raspberries, and other similar fruits.

. You can serve a sweet salad of fruit differently by showing your imagination or using unmixed items: creams, tartlets, or large wafer baskets, half of the fruit peels (orange or pineapple, for example) fit you can serve good recipes for original desserts.

original desserts

Fruit salad with yogurt – recipe

The most straightforward fruit salad is filled with sweet yogurt. It is essential to use a thick filling with a lot of protein in fat, but the drink will not work. Fruit blend is determined intuition from your favorite seasonal fruit, which you could buy. You can decorate the dessert in layers in large glasses, add nuts and pomegranate seeds.


. Kiwi fruit – 2 pcs

Mango – 1 piece;

Orange – 1 piece;

Peru – 1 sticky;

. Crushed nuts – 2 tbsp. l.;

. Pomegranate seeds – 1 handful;

Sweet yogurt – 4 tbsp. l


Fruit cut into large, layered in glasses, soaked with yogurt.

. Top with pomegranate seeds and crushed nuts.

Serve fruit salad immediately.

Fruit salad with ice cream

A delicious fruit salad, the recipe of which is described below, is stuffed with stuffing. Serve desserts immediately until the ice cream has melted; mixing and eating will melt and mix with fruit. Do not fill the treat with a large selection of fruits; enough 3-4 options, in addition to sweetness, can be nuts and chocolate spatula.


Plums – 3 pieces;

. Bulbs – 2 pcs.

. Mango – 1 piece;

. Seals – 2 balls;

Chocolate – 30 g;

Nuts – 1 handful.


. Cut large plums, pears, and mangoes into large crowns.

. Put on an ice ball.

. Strike with crushed nuts and chocolate chips, serve cold fruit salad immediately.

 Fruit salad with whipped cream

To order a quick and original meal, you can use ready-made cream and make a beautiful salad cocktail – a fruit dessert under a snow-white “cap.” To prepare sweets to apply sharks, spreading the fruit slices simultaneously, and it is not necessary to cut them. Of the specified amount of ingredients, 2 will be satisfying desserts.


Strawberries – 6 pcs

. Kiwi – 1 piece;

. Banana – 1 piece;

Mango – 1 piece;

Whipped cream


. Not to cut so much fruit.

In the glasses, put layers of strawberries, kiwi, banana, and mango.

Add the fruit salad with whipped cream and serve immediately.

Fruit salad with sour cream

A simple and tasty original desserts Fruit salad is a great way to avoid making a cake for a festive holiday. This dessert will appeal to both kids and babies whose fruit salad for children is made from the simplest foods and allergenic fruits. Good with sour cream is combined with pears, apples, grapes, and plums. If you want, you can also add dessert cheese to your dessert; its taste should be creamy and a little sweet; the Maasdam will be good. The dairy product is selected with the highest fat content, so the dessert does not appear to be a liquid dessert.


. Plums – 5 pieces;

. Bulbs – 2 pcs.

. Apple – 2 pieces;

. Grapes without pits – 2 handfuls;

. Maasdam – 100 g;

Sour cream 25% – 4 tbsp. l


The cut is not a very large fruit, separated whole grapes.

. Cheese chic large

. Mix all the ingredients, take the fruit salad with sour cream, mix, and serve immediately.

Fruit salad with condensed milk

Sweet dressing original desserts Fruit salad is a great way to avoid making a cake for a festive holiday. This dessert will appeal to both kids and babies who fruit salad is a win-win decision to please all sweet teeth. Fruits for this type of food are better to choose with a sour taste, so the dessert does not go to sugar, citrus, apples, and pears; cranberries or dried cherries are ideal. In addition, such a treat will be more delicious if you serve it after half an hour of soaking it in the refrigerator.


. Pears and apples – 2 pcs

Orange – 1 piece;

. Dried cranberries – 2 handfuls;

. Nuts crushed – ½ st

. Condensed milk – ½ jars.


. Large cut fruit and orange

Put everything in one salad bowl, add dried cranberries and nuts.

Fill with condensed milk and refrigerate.

Serve the salad in pairs after 30 minutes.

Fruit salad with cottage cheese

Preparing a fruit salad can take no more than 10 minutes. Then, you can cut your favorite fruit, add ricotta and get a corrected delicious dessert, which you can eat late at night without remorse and damage the waist. For lots of ingredients, use sour cream or Greek yogurt, but this is unnecessary if you prefer unknown desserts.


. Orange – 1 piece;

. Kiwi fruit – 1 pc.4

. Apple – 1 piece;

Ricotta – 100 g;

. Greek yogurt – 1 tbsp. l


Cut the fruit arbitrarily.

Mix wedges with ricotta and season with yogurt.

You can serve this dessert immediately or after 10 minutes of cooling.

Fruit salad with pineapple

Delicious fruit salad can be decorated very originally and have served it unusually. Such a dessert will be the best choice for a romantic dinner; it’s simple, and the light combination will not lead to gravity to the body and win your soul a fantastic pitch. For preparation, choose a small size pineapple, and these elements will suffice for 2 total servings.


Pineapple – 1 piece;

. Orange – 1 piece;

Kiwi – 1 piece;

Strawberries – 6 pcs.

. Honey – 4 tbsp. l


Pineapple cut in half with a spoon, scrape out the pulp, cut juicy objects with cubes.

. Slice peeled oranges and kiwis.

. Strawberries are cut in half or a quarter.

Spread the fruit slices in half of the pineapple, watered with liquid honey.

Fruit salad with avocado

This unusual fruit salad with nuts and avocados will amaze guests with unusual service. Green fruit, orange, or grapefruit is well combined; the latter is desirable due to its disease. It is essential to clean the citrus lobes from all-white films to prevent bitterness in the dessert. They serve delicacy with liquid honey or maple syrup.


Grapefruit – 1 piece;

Avocados – ½ pcs.

Pine nuts – 1 handful;

. Grapes – 50 g;

Liquid honey – 2 tbsp. l


. Cut the grapefruit in half, scrape off the pulp, and remove the white films, cut into small cubes.

. Peel the avocado, cut the flesh.

. Mix citrus, avocado, grapes, season with honey, mix.

Spread the salad over the grapefruit halves, add the nuts.

. Serve dessert after half an hour with impregnation.

Fruit salad with marshmallows

An unusual fruit salad with chocolate and marshmallow is an excellent treat, which will be worthy of all seats. A rich, insane, sweet dessert is filled with a light yogurt, filled with simple fruits, even without exotic fruits, whose vision will prove unusual. You can make a dish in a large salad bowl or portion sizes in crockery, glasses, or small bowls.


. Bulbs – 2 pcs.

Orange – 1 piece;

Banana – 2 pieces;

. Marshmallow – 3 pieces;

White porous chocolate – 1 tile;

Grapes – 100 g;

. Nuts – 2 handfuls;

Yogurt – 100 ml


Cut fruit and marshmallows into cubes and chop the chocolate.

In a salad bowl, spread layers of banana, orange, marshmallows, pears soaked with yogurt.

To make a dessert with grapes, nuts, and chopped chocolate

Apply after half an hour with impregnation

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