Pessimism: What is a pessimism example?

Pessimism; how to overcome it? What is a pessimism example? Why does it appear, and how does it threatens life? How to recognize the pessimist in yourself and turn him into an optimist? Important! It is essential to notice pessimism in time so that it does not develop into a serious problem and does not manifest itself in appearance. Then he will be seen without communication – stooped, slumped shoulders, dull eyes, and uncertain gait.

How to overcome pessimism

The good side of a pessimistic outlook on life is its realism and its reversibility. Can turn the negative prism of worldview into a positive one. You need to ensure that it is not a disease and choose a way to deal with pessimism.

Ways to bring optimism into your life:

  • Conduct introspection … Choose a time and situation to find the root, the origin of your pessimistic sadness. It will help identify priority methods to correct the problem. If you feel you cannot get to the “root” of your condition on your own, contact a psychologist.
  • Make a change in your life … This is the next step after identifying the initial pessimism. You have hurt a relationship – start over, and allow yourself to be happy with another person. Your family is crumbling, which is irreversible – decide on drastic measures (live separately, divorce). Work gives neither moral nor material satisfaction – change it. It is difficult for you to live with your parents – change your residence. Don’t be afraid; time will put everything in its place!
  • Learn to filter experience … The world is imperfect, just like you and me. Therefore, surprise and surprise are essential. But not all are worth experiencing.
  • Do not deny yourself the pleasures … Do not blame yourself for small “mistakes”; no one forbade you to communicate, have fun, do your favorite thing or hobby, or eat “forbidden” products. A great way to get rid of pessimism is to open up to life and leave the sadness behind. You can do anything that is not prohibited by law.
  • Change your social circle … Reconsider what environment you are in most of the time. Give preference to people who know how to see the good and transfer this skill to others. Limit to the minimum necessary relationships with people who can drag you back into the abyss of sadness and negativity.
 pessimism example
pessimism example

Interesting! Both an optimist and a pessimist live in a person simultaneously. Therefore, it is impossible to find absolute “wow” or “joy .”The golden mean of psychological comfort is 62% optimistic and 38% pessimistic. A shift from 80% towards optimism characterizes a dreamer torn from the ground towards pessimism – a complete loser.


There is no such person in the world that does not have problems. Some people know how to solve them, gain experience, and don’t get stuck. And can learn this if you find that golden meaning between an optimistic and a pessimistic worldview.

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