Roller Skates: Which type of roller skates is better?

Roller Skates, are ordinary people who hear the phrase that only sees boots on wheels and nothing more. However, athletes who have a bad feeling about such ammunition know that there are many types of such “shoes”.

Which roller skates are better for you, you decide, we just tell you what roles are.

Which type of roller skates is better?

The types of roller skates equipment are determined by how this equipment is used. There are several popular types of skates:

  • Gym;
  • Children;
  • High speed;
  • Extreme;
  • Training;
  • Freeskate;
  • Hockey rolls;
  • Off-road rollers.
  • Gym

This type of roller skates equipment is suitable for non-professional athletes. This is an ideal option for those who like to ride ATVs.


  • Skates poles usually have four wheels. The size of the wheels of fitness equipment reaches 76-90 millimeters. Stiffness is often in the range of 76–80A.

How to Choose

Hiking shoes are an uncomplicated thing with the choice that it should not be a problem.

  • The body of such ammunition may be made of plastic or soft rubber. Both options are acceptable.
  • Riders who rarely use rollers are suitable devices with a frame made of synthetic polymer raw materials. For example, nylon. Such products are relatively inexpensive. But if you want to ride long and often, go for a device with an aluminum frame. It will cost more but it will also last longer.
  • There are no criteria for choosing wheels. However, it is better to make sure that they are not made of hard plastic, as even a professional cannot ride on such rolls for a long time.

Children’s Videos

Children are very mobile. Therefore, they have a great weakness for sports. Schoolchildren often ask their parents to buy videos. In fact, when you ride, you can develop unprecedented walking speeds, write out interesting numbers, and do simple tricks.


In fact, these are the same fitness cats, only slightly smaller. They have four wheels and the body is made of plastic or rubber.

The Size

Probably, a young fan of extreme sports, who has put on such ammunition, one day does not want to part with it until he is mature.

But what about the parents? After all, the little rider’s leg expands all the time. You cannot donate money every year for new equipment.

In general, foot growth is not a problem for roller skates. Such skates are made to slide, which means that they can be adjusted to the size of the athlete’s foot.

Such multi-wheeled “shoes” can increase in size by 4-5 sizes. This deprives the rider’s parents of a headache related to the acquisition of new equipment.

How to Choose?

Now it’s worth talking about how to choose good skates for children. There are some simple rules:

  • If you are buying a cheap model, go for it.
  • If you have a budget, find shoes that grow in width and length.
  • It is better to choose shoes that are fastened with buttons.
  • It is advisable to choose a model with a composite frame, since, in that case, you can install a self-contained wheel with a larger diameter.
  • When buying, try to spread the shoes and make sure that no bumps appear inside.


High-speed rollers are specially designed to run on them. You should choose such a shell if you are going to take part in fast skating.


  • These skates have boots that are low, soft, and very light. More often it is made of carbon.
  • The frame of these skates is long. Such ammunition can have four wheels (then their diameter reaches one hundred millimeters) or five wheels with a diameter up to 84 millimeters.

How to Choose?

  • It is believed that it is more convenient to control products with four wheels. This option is popular with experienced skaters.
  • It is better to choose a bike with high wheel stiffness. Then you can hurry fast.


This type of rolling device is also called “aggressive”. These skates should be chosen for those who do not intend to ride only with multi-wheel boots. Aggressive equipment is designed for those who want to perform special effects.


  • The boots in this case will be hard and heavy. From the outside, it looks very massive.
  • The frame of this roll is short and the wheels are small but stiff. It is impossible to compete in speed bumps on skates like this, as it is very difficult to speed up.

How to Choose?

  • It is better to choose those shells than the tail is made of hard plastic. This will help protect the rider’s foot during heavy riding.
  • If you are going to perform tricks that involve sliding through a tube, make sure that the frame of the product is made of reinforced plastic. It should have a cut in the middle.
  • It is impractical to buy ultra-poles with wheel diameters over 58 millimeters. The frame must be tight. Fasteners must not protrude or come loose.


Exercise tires are suitable for those who enjoy skating at high speeds, but sometimes do not just bother to skate. It’s a hybrid of running and fitness.


  • The boot of such a product is half low. It’s stiffer than what fitness models are equipped with but softer than what you find on high-speed equipment.
  • The frame and wheels are generally not different from those installed on treadmills.

How to Choose?

  • When buying, make sure that the boot supports your foot well.
  • To drive at high speeds, it is advisable to choose wheels with a diameter of 78 to 84 millimeters (if there are five) or from 90 to 110 millimeters (if there are four).


Versatile skates designed for all skating styles. Such equipment should be chosen if you do not intend to stop in only one polar route.


These types are the result of going over other types of roller skates. For example, they have the same hard and massive boots and are “aggressive”.

  • This model borrows an aluminum frame from semi-pro fitness.
  • The diameter of the freewheels reaches eighty millimeters.

How to Choose?

  • When choosing, you need to keep an eye on the high level of your leg so that you can ride comfortably in any style.
  • Freeskate rolls must have good bearings, quality not lower than ABEC 7 or even ABEC
  • The stiffness of the wheels should reach 84–

For Hockey

People began to take an active part in hockey at the end of the last century. Athletes then used only four-wheelers – rolls with two series of wheels. But everything changed when skates appeared with the wheels in one row.


  • The boot of such a product is almost indistinguishable from the boot used to create models on skates. It is soft, small, and well ventilated.
  • Hockey skates are only available with straps. This minimizes the effect of hitting the poles. Plastic inserts on the toe and heel of the trunk serve the same purpose.
  • Theoretically, you can even play hockey in a gym. However, they are not at all protected against hitting a demon, for example.

How to Choose?

  • It is better to choose models with wheels of different diameters. This greatly affects the controllability of the equipment.
  • If you are going to play on a flat concrete floor, you can buy products with semi-rigid wheels. However, when driving on asphalt, the rigidity must be high.
  • It is better to choose a device with a solid aluminum frame so as not to worry about its integrity in a tough hockey battle.


Rolling shutters can allow their owner to drive not only on questionable asphalt. They can guide the rider on the ground and, if necessary, on the grass. These are true ATVs in the skating market.


  • SUVs are the only poles with only three or even two wheels. In addition, these wheels are inflated. They are made of rubber. The diameter of the wheels can be up to twenty centimeters.
  • If there are three wheels, they are attached to the trunk with a frame, as in traditional models. But if there are two wheels, then they are attached to a long platform on which the tail is mounted. The wheels in this case are located in front of and behind the pole.

How to Choose?

  • There are no specific rules on how to choose such equipment. You can only rely on your own feelings and desires.
type of roller skates is better
type of roller skates is better

How to Think About It?

Keep in mind that dome pipes will become clogged after cycling in uneven, dusty, or wet areas. Therefore, the poles need to be cleaned and dried regularly.

We talked about the most popular types of roller skates and the rules for choosing them. If you want to tell more about any type of actual equipment, please do so using the comments.

Some parts of the rollers break regularly and need to be replaced. We will tell you how to choose and install spare parts for roller skates.

To choose the right poles for yourself, you need to know what parts they consist of and which models are worth buying for beginners and which are only suitable for professionals.

If your poles are cracked or start to cheat after another trip, it’s time for repair. But it is not at all necessary to carry them to the master – after all, almost everything can be corrected yourself.



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