Sea style wedding: How to decorate?

Sea style wedding is suitable for a freedom-loving nature that loves the outdoors. Scripts, design tips, and clothing ideas for the evening’s heroes and guests will help you have a great day. For those who love water spaces, to celebrate events in an unusual way, a wedding in a seaside style is suitable. Ideas for cheap but effective design will certainly help.

Sea style wedding – the main features

Depending on the desires and possibilities, future spouses should choose a place for the festival. This could be:

  • On the beach;
  • At a beachfront restaurant or on land;
  • On the ship;

Sea style wedding no the beach

It is fun to celebrate such an event behind the radiant smooth surface of the waves, with the sound of the surf, when a light sea breeze blows. You can place tables and chairs directly on the beach. But it is better to take a tent with you or rent some hotel rooms in advance, where young people and guests can stay. After agreeing in advance, sign up immediately at the beach. If there is no such possibility, but it is nearby, then its tray is also suitable for holding and celebrating a wedding here.

If you have enough money, you can rent a boat or a motor ship. On board such a ship, the wedding will be unforgettable. It is necessary to think about the route in advance if it is a floating craft.

If this is a restaurant by the beach ponds, then it is also suitable for celebrating a wedding. But if the restaurant is located far from the sea or the river, then you must agree in advance with the organizers of the event to decorate the room in the appropriate style.

If you have the soul of a wolf but there are no streams nearby, then you can celebrate such an important event in nature. You must bring a sea theme with you to create the right festive atmosphere.

White fabric with blue stripes is perfect. You can turn such a canvas into a tablecloth for a table, make napkins out of it, and even an umbrella for the bride and groom. It will be understood that the wedding is celebrated in a seaside style.

  • Take the shells with you. They will also help. They can simply be placed on clean, dry plates to create decorative elements. A small flag at the top and a cute blue mast in the shape of an anchor will decorate the wedding cake. And two intertwined bundles of the mast will be like a rope.
  • The groom’s boutonniere is also made of white and blue striped fabric. A small rope and a small handlebar handle can be attached to the front of this costume decoration part.
  • Fabrics of similar color will allow you to create a tent or arrange a roof over your head to prevent rain and dust from entering the festive table. You can even use small tabs. You can tie the wedding bouquet with a ribbon so that it is made in a sea style. You can also make pillows for circles from such material. You will learn how to do it a little later.
  • Put some blue tablecloths on the table that is framed in a white plastic frame. In the middle, attach a heart made of white rope, which will act as a rope. If you have a free-standing table, cover each with a striped cloth. If there is one common table, you can cover it with a light canvas and place the napkins in the shape of a small boat. If you created paper as a child then you will tackle this task. If not, see How to Make a Paper Boat.
  • You can make sugar masts in white and blue. By combining these colors, complete the decorative elements for the cake. Tie a vase of flowers with a small ribbon of this style. Turn a few flat shells, pour a little sand into them, and place them on top of a white pearl that will act as pearls. Place these decorations on a white and blue dish.
  • Buy wholesale blue socks with white anchors and deliver them to male guests and friends of the groom so that these accessories also create the right mood. Connect the strings to form balls that resemble sea knots. And flowers made of white fabric, gathered together, will look great on bridesmaids dressed in blue dresses.
  • You can tie such bouquets, or made of hydrangea, also with white and blue ribbons. If there is no such canvas, then blue will do. You can sew cloth and napkins from it.
  • To create a garter for the bride, you can take a blue braid and decorate it with a white anchor. If you are planning a sea wedding, you can be without a veil. A beautiful rope web on your head will be a hair ornament and a variation of this wedding accessory.
  • A boutonniere made of three shells, which temporarily turn into white flowers, becomes a worthy accent in the groom’s costume. They need to be glued together and wrapped with tape at the bottom. Attach a bow and glue a starfish on top. If the bride wants to veil in the style of the sea on the head, then you can use a net, which will be at the same time as the net. Transparent pockets made of blue or blue glass will also look great on a festive table, especially if it is by the shore of a lagoon.
  • If the bridesmaids wear blue dresses, then you can pick flowers of almost all contrasting colors, even decorative sunflowers. And lilac flowers will decorate the white curtains that will help to create a kind of arch on the riverbank or become an element of the gazebo. Take a flower ball or Styrofoam ball and insert short roses into it. You get such a beautiful circle in the middle picture. Attach a string to it, which can be used to attach this decorative element.
  • You also need to think about what the pads for the rings will be. Take a look at some of the possibilities.

How to make a sea pillow for Sea style wedding?

You can use shells. If you have one that consists of two doors, you first need to wash it thoroughly, then dry it and paint it with a glossy spray. It is better if it is consistent with the circles. If the shell is alone, then you can put rings here, in addition to putting pearls, and a star next to it. If you do not want to put anything else there, then you can tie the rings with a thin satin ribbon so that they do not fall and get lost in the most important moment.

The decoration for the pillow can be very different. If you have a hair clip or an octopus brooch then this is also great. If you have a small wooden box, paint it white and use blue stripes for a sea look. If you have a wooden box with a lid, you will need to paint this container blue. When the paint is dry, rewind the container with yarn and glue the star on top. You will put the wedding rings inside.

The string will also help to attach these accessories to the fabric ring cushion. Choose a white striped canvas for a sea theme or a light one, but on the other hand, an applique in the form of an anchor or a boat made of blue material will look good. These applications can be sewn to the front before the pad is filled with filler. Or you can sew on your hands with a seam over the edge.

Now see how to create a round cushion in the following.

This is how it will come out.


  • Two pieces of striped fabric for the pillow;
  • Satin fabric;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Thread with a needle;
  • Felt piece in the form of a square with 10 cm sides;
  • 30 cm satin white fabric;

First, you need to cut out two squares from the fabric and add the seams, taking into account the fact that after filling this accessory with upholstered polyester, the cushion will shrink slightly. Fold on the wrong side on all sides of each square by 2 cm and iron here with a hot iron to fix these edges in this position.

  • Now connect both squares and sew them on the wrong side all the way, but do not let the other side sew completely so you can fill the pillow with filler. Which you will do.
  • Cut a circle from the felt and glue a satin ribbon in the middle of the circle to keep it in place.
  • Decorate your round pillow with a fabric flower. Now you can attach them to a glued satin ribbon.

If you do not know how to make such a lush flower, check out another masterpiece.

With its help, you can not only decorate this accessory but also create lush bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaids, decorate shoes, and postcards, and complete other decorative elements for the wedding. For a sea look, use white, turquoise, blue, or blue fabric.

And for this you need this:

  • Found square with sides 10 cm;
  • Cardboard ring;
  • Light fabrics of the appropriate color for about 1 meter;
  • Lighters or matches or candles;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue or heat gun.

Take a cardboard ring with a diameter of 8-10 cm. You will need this template to cut felt circles. Do it.

To shorten the work steps, break the material into several layers and you can cut several circles at once.

  • You will need 10 to 15 laps. To prevent their edges from wrinkling, hold these areas over the flame for a few seconds. Now take the first thing made in this way in a circle and bend it in half, then back in half. So you need to arrange all the circles.
  • Put a ring of felt in front of you and start gluing these measuring sheets, similar to bags, to it.
  • This will style the edges. This will take about 7-8 ISK. Now fill in the rest of the middle.
  • Such a wonderful flower made of cloth. With such gorgeous accessories, a sea-style wedding will be bright and unusual. But this is far from all the accessories that may be present at this event. See how you can invite guests in writing.

How to offer a sea wedding invitation: photo and master class

You will need some glass bottles, so it is best to store them in advance. From this container, you need to remove the label by putting it in hot water. Then dry the bottles. Write on thick paper or print an invitation. Roll up this message with a tube and tie it with a ribbon. Put the message in the bottles and close each container with a stopper. You can also glue a star or other shells on the outside but first grease the glass.

Other postcard options are also available. Then print them out on heavy paper or cardboard and then write the name of each guest to whom the specific message is addressed. At the top is glued a piece of burlap with the edges made in the form of a border. Attach the artificial pearls and shells on top with a hot gun. Then put this message in an envelope.

Of course, it is not possible to send such an invitation by mail, it is better to deliver it to the recipients in person or ask someone to do so.

You can print invitations on white sheets, and print anchors at the top. Cut a sheet of blue cardboard so that its small sides are semicircular. Fold them in half and glue the message to the center of the rectangle. Attach it with a red satin ribbon. Such an invitation is shown in the picture to the right.

In the middle image, a wedding invitation is offered in the form of a bouquet. It also looks interesting. In another picture, such messages are written on white cardboard and decorated with a gold theme with a sea theme. You need to make a hole with a punch, and attach here a strong rope that will cover the card from prying eyes.

How do decorate sunglasses for a wedding?

This also needs to be done in nautical style. The container must first be washed, dried, and degreased with alcohol. Wrap the legs in tall glasses with yarn, at the same time gluing the twists to the glass. This wills not only help to achieve the desired mood, but it will also be more comfortable to hold the bottle with such feet and they will not slip out of your hands. Decorate them with more small shells. Or you can simply tie a bow of blue and white striped fabric.

  • If there is no such canvas or you want something else, then you can simply glue the shells to the foreground and paint the glasses, decorating the legs in the same way. If you want to glue beads and petals on top of the containers, do so.
  • You can decorate glasses not only with shells but also with bows. And if you want to paint the containers, you first need to grease them, glue strips of tape at the same distance from each other, and paint the gaps between the blue. When the paint is dry, remove the tape and you will get a drawing similar to the picture on the right. Glue small plastic rings here to act as a lifeline.
  • Various lanterns will be suitable as decorations for tables or spaces around; inside you can put shells or put up candles. It would also be good to put candles in glass jars.
  • You can leave containers open or closed with lids, in the center of which are pre-made holes for air access. Shells will also be excellent candlesticks. But you need to put small candles here.
  • The shells will be the main ingredient in the next accessory.

How to make a Sea style wedding bouquet for the sea?

To create one you need:

  • Shells;
  • Hot glue gun;
  • Cloth flowers;
  • Tree prick;
  • Decorative elements.

If you have the same flat shells, then you need to glue them together on a dispensing table, attaching small ones in the middle. At the bottom, fix this bouquet by gluing the gaps on the trees. Garnish with sisal tables. You can make a big star on top, from which small shells and flowers made of fabric or paper peek out. Bulky shells also look great in bouquets.

Lush compositions are also created from shells. These can be spiral or flat shells. In the latter case, from this, you can look like a lush white rose.

It is interesting to dream about the bouquet and add bright dots made with the help of outlines.

Sea-style wedding: photos of the bride and groom

It is good if the newlyweds are in a light-colored dress, such as a sea breeze or wind. It can be made in blue, aquamarine, and white. If you have chosen a blue color or a color close to it, then it is better to use lots of bright flowers so that they yield the outfit. But you can improve the delicate image by taking white flowers.

  • Pale pink tones are also suitable. A girl will look like a real mermaid if she wears a white translucent dress adorned with blue sequins.
  • If the dress is white, it would be nice to add it with a blue bow or tie a satin ribbon of this color as such a belt.
  • Airy lightweight dresses and a Greek-style dress are perfect for a romantic seaside wedding.
  • You can dress the bride so that her image resembles the style of the sixties. Then you need to sew a fluffy skirt and use a petticoat. If the dress is blue, you need to decorate it with a white collar, which will resemble a sailor’s suit. Tie it coquettishly on the front, these accessories will look like a scarf at the same time.
  • If the bride is thin, a striped outfit will suit her. This dress is made in sea style. In the top picture, you can see how you can tie a beautiful rope to create a headdress for the bride. A silver or gold pendant in the form of an anchor will enhance the look, like flowers in shades of blue and white.

If you have light shoes, you can color them to get this striped.

To do this you need to take:

  • White satin ribbon;
  • Satin blue braid;
  • Wide elastic band;
  • Needle and thread;
  • Decorative metal fastener.

Sew a blue stripe in the middle on a wide white ribbon. Leave a small hole on the side seamless, insert the elastic here and sew the ends together.

The elastic should be of such a size that it does not crush the girl’s foot and the sock does not fall by accident. Make a bow out of a blue ribbon and take the ends over the candle flame. Sew this decorative piece to the garter and attach an anchor to the center of the bow.

The wedding hairdresser should also be a seaman. You can glue a hairpin to the starfish, a hairpin at the back, and attach flowers from the tables at the front.

Hairstyles for Sea style wedding from the following materials look beautiful,:

  • Chains;
  • Yarn;
  • Shells;
  • Ornamental stones.

Take the chain and glue the shells on it. If you can make holes in the decorative stones, then you need to glue large chain parts here to decorate the front part with such an ornament. Wrap a kind of net from the yarn and also glue some shells here.

  • And if you attach hairpins to the back of the shells and stars with strong glue, you can decorate your hairstyle in the following way.
  • If it is a comb or hairpin of this type, use super glue to attach the pre-painted shells in blue and silver and you can put such an accessory on the bride’s head.
  • Starfish look great on a background of flowers made of stone or plastic. Such elements are attached to the headband and you get a wonderful headdress for a bride in sea style.

Girlfriends should also be dressed for this theme. Let them have blue dresses with straps, that flare down to the bottom. Chinese umbrellas from the sun will help to hide from their scorching rays and enhance the image of such sweet mermaids.

If the bride is wearing a white monochrome dress, make the image of the bridesmaids brighter, their dress is made of blue fabric with a white stripe. Wide red belts and bouquets of this color will enhance the image.

As for the groom, his costume can include gray, blue, blue, or white. If a boy wants to look modern, even jeans, a blue T-shirt and a light blue jacket will suffice.

Let the blue scarf peek out of his pocket, and the young man will have a tie of such color to achieve harmony in style.

If the boy is wearing a blue jacket, a white shirt and scarf will make that tone. On the sandy beach, some even go to the wedding without shoes. What could be more beautiful, on a night like this, do not limit your feet with boots and shoes?

For the festival to be successful, newlyweds and guests having fun, you need to think about what scenario you will accept. We offer you the following.

Sea style wedding
Sea style wedding

Scenery for a Sea style wedding

Here is the evening’s program:

  • Meeting with guests.
  • “Boatman’s Choice”, role change.
  • The danger is called “Desert Island”. There will be congratulations from the parents of the newlyweds and the dance of the newlyweds. At the same time, it will be necessary to turn on symbolic lights.
  • Oath to the bride and groom.
  • Toast from guests.
  • Stop “Sea Friendship”. Here it will be necessary to hold competitions that will help those present to rally.
  • The station is called “Treasure Island”. Here you can hear festive bread from friends, present and give gifts to teenagers.
  • “Island with reefs”. At this stop, everyone will have fun dancing.
  • Stop calling “sirens”. To kidnap the bride.
  • Feast, speech by parents and friends, toast from friends.
  • Fun competitions, dances, cake making.
  • The bride throws the bouquet, the guests are watching.

It is necessary that it be a leader. He asks the audience what they think, and what do they stand for? Someone says: on the asphalt. Others say it on the ground, on the grass. But the presenter explains that now they are standing by the shoreline and very soon they go on a journey on a ship that symbolizes the family happiness of the newlyweds.

But in order for the voyage to go smoothly, it is necessary to fulfill the ship’s traditions.

To gain strength, you need to bite as much of the bread as possible, but first, you need to salt it well. After all, what is the sea without salt? Whoever bites more will be the captain of the ship.

Another tradition is to hit a bottle of champagne next to the ship. But for this, you need to choose some kind of curbs or other suitable properties.

This is how a sea-style wedding takes place. As you can see, it is not at all necessary to be on the shore of the lagoon for this. Now the host says that the sea is harmful. In order for travelers not to get lost and confused in space, they need to go through the fishing net.

Now he invites everyone to take a seat. In fact, guests and others present will sit at the tables. But if you use your imagination, it becomes a ship. You need to prepare the flag in advance and set your own for each guest.

The host encourages the guest group to take turns raising these features. First, he tells the bride’s parents to mark with the flag. He appoints them as steersmen. Now calls to sew the groom’s parents. He tells them to be captains.

Then he calls the witnesses to do this, the witness is the pilot and the witness is the navigator. Now the presenter says that the sisters and brothers of the bride and groom should do it. Then other relatives will suck. This will be followed by the groom’s friends and then the bride’s friends. The host says they will all be sailors.

Now everyone present is waiting for no less interesting actions. After all, the presenter calls for a signal according to which variables. He says, checks the boxes:

  • Who wants the kids to be happy;
  • Who wants the newlyweds to have three or more children;
  • Who dreams of getting married;
  • Who will be drunk today;
  • Who are happy to be at this wedding?

In advance, you need to attach the whistle under the chair of one of those present with a tape. Then the presenter will say to let everyone see if he has this quality? Anyone who finds this item under the bottom of the boat will sometimes whistle to call everyone to order and guide the sailors.

This is followed by a toast on the sea theme. Those present wish that the newlyweds manage the family ship well, so that love and understanding reign here.

The huts are followed by an interesting game. The presenter invites everyone to name the sea concepts in return. The one who is the last to say a word on a particular topic wins. The host will invite this person to make sure that everyone writes a divorce to the newlyweds on the wish list.

But suddenly a bottle was nailed to the side of the ship. The presenter picks up a note from there, an oath of allegiance is written on it. You can use this text for your sea wedding. The newlyweds take turns reading this oath and then signing the canvas. Roll it up again. Put the note in a bottle and seal it with a lid. This feature will now be stored in their family.

It’s time to dance, but the presenter says there are ribs for the ship. That’s why everyone urgently needs to get together on the dance floor. He encourages everyone to stand in a circle and play sacred dances. To prevent the ship from landing on the reef, attendees must follow the leader’s instructions.

Here’s what they can be:

  • The right steering wheel, while everyone leans to the right;
  • To the left of the steering wheel – those present lean to the left;
  • Keep it up, while the guests have to take each other’s hands;
  • Stop the car, everyone stop.

All this has to do with music. If participants do not know how to do something, the instructor will show them.

Now you can sit down, continue the festival and say goodbye to the kids.

Everyone rested, and it was time to arrange active games.

Evacuation of the Sea style wedding

In this game, you have to divide the volunteers into two teams and put on two chairs. The music of the sea dance “Yablochko” is turned on. At the end of it, players with one team should all take one chair and the other – another. The one who does it faster will win.

Here are some other competitions:

  • Tie and untie the knot.
  • Plan a mermaid race. For this competition, girls are tied with a ribbon around their ankles and each one must bring a pearl, which was previously placed on the other side.

You can bring the program and other contests to make your wedding easy and fun.

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