Baked apples: composition, benefits, harms, recipes

Baked apples are a dessert that can prepare in a thousand and one ways. This dish is delicious and healthy: it can be eaten with pancreatitis, diabetes, gastritis, pancreas, as well as children and pregnant women. Baked apples are much softer than fresh ones. This dish will appeal to the elderly and children under the age of one who has difficulty eating spicy foods. There is no harm in baked apples, but this depends on the additives and the recipe they were made from.

Composition and calorie content of baked apples, valuable properties, and harm. Traditional cooking method, recipes for delicious baked apples with various additives.

Composition and calorie content of baked apples

The benefits of baked apples for the body are invaluable. They contain more than 20 vitamins, macros, and minerals.

The caloric content of sweet baked apples per 100 g without additives is 89 kcal, of which:

  • Protein – 0.5 g;
  • Fat – 0.3 g;
  • Carbohydrate – 24 g.

Energy value sweet and sour baked apple per 100 g without additives – 59 kcal, including:

  • Protein – 0.5 g;
  • Fat – 0.5 g;
  • Carbohydrates – 12, 3 g.

The caloric content of sour-baked apples per 100 g without additives is 49 kcal:

  • Protein – 0.5 g;
  • Fat – 0.5 g;
  • Carbohydrates – 12 g.
  • Compared to baked, fresh apples are 52 kcal (per 100 g).

Vitamins per 100 g:

  • Vitamin A – 30 micrograms;
  • Vitamin B1 – 0.02 mg;
  • Vitamin B2 – 0.03 mg;
  • Vitamin B5 – 0.1 g;
  • Vitamin B6 – 0.07 mg;
  • Vitamin B9 – 5.3 mg;
  • Vitamin C – 10.2 mg;
  • Vitamin E – 0.6 mg;
  • Vitamin H – 1 microgram;
  • Vitamin PP – 0.383 mg.

Macronutrients in 100 g:

  • Potassium – 234 mg;
  • Sodium – 22.8 mg;
  • Calcium – 20.7 mg;
  • Phosphorus – 12.6 mg;
  • Magnesium -10.2 mg;
  • Fluorine – 9.6 mg;
  • Chlorine – 4.9 mg;
  • Iron – 1.9 mg;
  • Zinc – 0.1275 mg;
  • Manganese – 0.0764 mg.

Micro-components per 100 g:

  • Copper – 105 micrograms;
  • Molybdenum – 6.4 micrograms;
  • Chromium – 3.3 micrograms;
  • Iodine – 1.6 micrograms;
  • Cobalt – 1.6 micrograms.

Fresh and baked apples are a source of dietary fiber; 100 g of apples contain 2.1 g. After heat treatment, they do not disappear.

The benefits of baked apples come from vitamins, amino acids, macronutrients, and other substances contained in the fruit:

  • Potassium – good for the heart, acts as a mild diuretic;
  • Quercetin – a potent antioxidant, a natural anti-inflammatory substance, lowers blood pressure, inhibits the degeneration of processes in the body;
  • Vitamin C – is a powerful antioxidant, but with heat treatment, it is almost destroyed;
  • Carotenoids – antioxidants found only in bright fruits, so if you want to get them from apples, choose red or orange;
  • Pectin – accumulates toxins from the intestines and removes them from the body, gets rid of bad cholesterol, lowers sugar levels in the case of gastric ulcers, surrounds the wounds on the mucous membranes, facilitates the course of the disease, normalizes microflora in the intestines, slows down food digestion, helps to reduce appetite, found in large quantities in the peel of some unripe apples;
  • Vitamin B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B7, B3) – restore the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, protect against stress and depression, help to cope with emotional stress, strengthen the immune system;
  • Vitamin E – protects cell membranes from oxidation, inhibits aging, prevents the formation of cancerous tumors, and prevents age-related pigmentation.

Valuable properties of baked apples

Baked apples are the most valuable food. Various pathologies place strict restrictions on patients’ menus. Many seemingly completely harmless products fall under the exception. But baked apples are good for your health. It is no coincidence that they are included on almost all dining tables.

With diabetes, these fruits are helpful, both fresh and baked. In the second case, you need to cook them without adding sugar.

Baked apples are also helpful for gastritis, but fresh, especially if the disease is accompanied by high acidity, are undesirable. The fruits are prepared most simply: they are washed and baked whole in the oven (see recipe above). It is best to choose a sweet variety.

In pancreatitis, the pancreas is affected. The patient is recommended cold, hunger, and rest when the disease worsens. After that, they get to eat a little. And baked apples are always present in the diet of such patients with pancreatitis. But it would help if you ate them a lot – one at a time, a maximum of two a day.

Apples baked in the oven, crushed in an airy state, are also helpful in breastfeeding women. They improve digestion, allowing you to enjoy when most sweets are forbidden.

Baked apples improve intestinal motility and relieve constipation if eaten daily. They act gently on the gut and help to clear its contents. It is recommended to use them regularly if you suffer from constipation.

The benefits of baked apples:

  • Have a positive effect on the heart;
  • Inhibit aging;
  • Help to cope with stress and nervousness;
  • Normalize blood pressure;
  • Reduce the amount of sugar (only acidic varieties);
  • Bind free radicals;
  • Reduce cholesterol in the plaque;
  • Restore the intestines;
  • Protect against age spots appearing in old age.

All the valuable properties of baked apples only occur if consumed regularly for a long time. You will not notice any effects if you cook them from time to time. They will be a delicious dessert.

The blood sugar index of baked apples is 35 units. Consider this item if you have such a dessert on your daily menu.

Contraindications and damage to baked apples

The harm of baked apples, compared to the benefits, is minimal. It would help if you did not rely on those who have worsened gastrointestinal tract diseases – gastritis with high acidity or stomach ulcers.

There are no contraindications at all. Baked apples do not harm the body; on the contrary, they are constantly beneficial.

Baked apples
Baked apples

How to cook baked apples?

Healthy baked apples are the easiest to prepare. Only fresh fruit and a little water are needed. You can also add sugar or honey – this is optional. Varieties in the form of other fruits or berries, love, and cottage cheese are tasty, healthy additions. Still, they do not significantly change the taste of the dessert.

The classic recipe for baked apples is straightforward; cooking on time takes a maximum of 1 hour.


  • Medium apple – take as many pieces and fit into the fireproof dish in which will cook them;
  • Sugar – 1 teaspoon each for each apple;
  • Water – 1 glass.

How to cook baked apples:

  • Wash the fruit, dry it with a towel, and cut off about a third of the fruit from the side of the stem.
  • Remove the stone core. Pour 1 teaspoon into the resulting hole. Sahara. If it comes out a little, deepen it a bit.
  • Cover the apples with cut pieces with stems and place them in a fireproof mold with sides that are not very tight to each other.
  • Place the container in an oven preheated to 200 ° C and bake for about 25-30 minutes, then remove and cool.

It is even easier to make whole-baked apples without sugar. The fruits are washed, and the middle with the seeds is not removed – they are placed whole in a bowl with the sides, the stems set up, and put in the oven for half an hour. If the apples are enormous, should extend the baking time.

Baked apple recipes with various additives:

Caramel apple… These are the most popular baked apples among children. They are not difficult to prepare. The following products are required: medium-sized sour or sour and sour apples, sugar – 0.4 kg, lemon juice – 2 tablespoons, cereal (or glucose syrup) – 140 g, water – 50 ml, food coloring of any color that is – usually red or orange, but for a change, try to make the apples multicolored: blue, yellow, black. Bake apples according to the most straightforward recipe until half cooked (store them in the oven for about a quarter of an hour). Put them on thick wooden sticks and put them in the freezer. Make caramel. To do this, put sugar in a cast iron skillet, add water, corn syrup, and lemon juice, and add food coloring.

  • Place the plates on medium heat, and wait until the mixture boils, stirring slowly. Now the task is not to miss the moment. Otherwise, the caramel will get into the pan, and you will not be able to dip the apples in it. Bring the sugar to a boil over high heat until boiling. At this point, the mixture’s temperature should rise to 130 ° C. When this happens, remove the caramel from the heat. Take the apples out of the freezer. Dip each in soon in the caramel. It will harden quickly because the apples are cold. It is not worth making a thick layer of caramel – it will be uncomfortable to eat. You can dip the finished apple in some crumbs – from cookies or nuts. It comes out wonderfully with sesame seeds and coconut flakes. Then place the fruit on baking paper. The caramel hardens in 5-7 minutes, and you can eat the apples. There is also another option for caramel apples if you forgot them when you baked them and they become too soft. Just cut them into slices, like whole, thread them on a spear, dip them in caramel, and roll in whatever you can think of. By the way, you can cook everything in caramel. In addition, there is no need to bake fruit or berries in the oven. Caramelized bananas (slices), pineapples (pieces), mangoes, and strawberries are tasty.
  • Baked apples with caramel. It is a simple and delicious recipe that kids will love too. To cook, you will need sour apples – 6 pieces, caramel sweets – 6 pieces, butter – 80 g, icing sugar – 1 teaspoon, regular sugar – 1 teaspoon, and cinnamon (to taste or to taste). Prepare the apples for baking: cut about a quarter of the fruit with the stem, remove the core and make an even hole. Do not touch the bottom. Cut the prepared apple crosswise – it opens like a flower after baking. Put in the spot over the toffee. Melt the butter, add the stick, sugar, and a good pinch of cinnamon. Mix well. Spread the mixture over the apples, place in a suitable bowl, place in the oven and bake at about 190 ° C for about 35-40 minutes. Remove the apples, cool slightly, place them on a plate in a circle and place a giant ice ball in the middle. Top with any jam syrup. There is not a penny of benefit in such desserts. It is very high in sugar and calories. But it is quite possible to do it once or twice a year, for example on your child’s birthday and in the New Year. Well, and not overeating it – it turns out too sweet.
  • Baked apples with cottage cheese, nuts, and dried fruit… For this recipe, you need the following products: large chunks – 2 pieces, cottage cheese with a fat content of 5% – 2 tablespoons, walnuts, dried apricots and prunes – a little in the eyes, cinnamon – 1 good pinch, water – 1 glass, honey – a little – a little (with regard). Prepare the filling first: chop the nuts, dried apricots, and prunes, add cottage cheese and honey, mix everything well, and put in the fridge to make it easier to fill the apples. Now take care of the apples: wash them and cut off the top quarter along with the stem. Carefully remove the core. Fill the apples over, sprinkle a little cinnamon, and cover the item with the branch on top. Please place them in a fireproof mold with rims, pour a glass of water into it, and put it in an oven heated to 200 °—Bake for about 25 minutes. Remove the dish from the oven, carefully transfer the apples to a beautiful plate and garnish with mint leaves. Dessert can be eaten alone or with herbal tea. It will be tasty in both the first and second cases.
  • Fantasy-baked apples … The following products will be required: sour and sour big apple – as many pieces as you want, honey – 1 tablespoon each. For each apple, cottage cheese with a fat content of 2% – 50 g, berries (here you can finish what you can buy in a store or market), or fruit (peaches, pears, or something else depending on the season) – 100 g. Wash apples, cut off the “donkey” with a stem and remove the core with the seeds. Pour one tablespoon into the hole on the apple. Honey, put the fruit in a baking tin, add a little water, and put in the oven for half an hour. Remove the baked apples and calm, and then remove the stems. Grind baked apples, cottage cheese, and berries (or fruit) in a mixer. Spread the mixture in bowls and garnish with fresh berries or hang a slice of fruit on edge.

You can also make mashed potatoes from baked apples. Prepare the fruit in the usual way. If the apples are juicy, prick the skin. Put the fruit in a fireproof container with sides, pour a little water, and send it to the oven, heated to 200 ° C, for 20-30 minutes. Remove and allow cooling, then remove the stem and grind in a mixer until puree. To get sweet, add honey and stir.


Knowing how helpful baked apples are, you can easily create a menu for each day. Turn on your imagination and come up with some of your recipes. Cinnamon apples are a classic. But after all, no one forbids mixing them with other spices, such as ginger powder, cardamom, or cloves. Experiment, especially since you know exactly how to cook just baked apples.

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