Tree branches: Made articles with your own hands

Tree branches are a great material for creation. With their help, you can decorate the room; create a frame for a picture, a pendant, and even a corner. Many amazing and interesting things can be made from tree branches. And this kind of stuff sometimes just rolls underfoot. You can bring some branches after your walk or pick them up from fallen trees. See what exactly can be made from any copy and start an interesting creation.

We make tree branches with our own hands

This will turn into decorative elements and support for the lamp shade. To create an original lamp you need:

  • Branches with part of the trunk;
  • Primer for wood;
  • Acrylic paints;
  • Brush;
  • Ditch;
  • Wall light with power cord and outlet;
  • Decorative items such as beads (then you need a glue gun).

Instructions for creating:

For this kind of work, it is best to use driftwood that you can remove from the inside. Here you then replace the power cord.

If you have a thick skeletal branch that has a solid center, you can lead the string from behind and attach it there.

Cut the trunk to the appropriate height and shorten the branches with a pruner. If there is bark, remove it. Let the workpiece dry well and then cover it with a base of wood, and paint.

If you want to decorate a tree branch, glue the beads here after priming with a moment or a hot gun. After that paint the whole workpiece.

Hang a lampshade on one branch and you can turn on the lamp, be proud of what you have done a great job.

Another tree from the branches allows you to create an unprepared original hanger. It looks especially interesting against the background of plain light walls. Take a skeletal branch, peel off the bark, and sand it. Paint over with any solution that is acceptable to you. It can be varnish, stains, or acrylic paints. Attach the hanger to the floor and near the wall and you can hang various outerwear on it.

Create a tree on a solid wall. First, you need to outline the outline of the future crown and then fill it with branches or pallets.

And here’s another option for floor hangers. Look at a small championship that allows you to do this. Take:

  • Large straight branch with branches or small tree;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Paint;
  • Brush;
  • Tree stand;

If you are in nature you can see such an old dry tree or branch. These materials are great. Bring it or take it home and start creating. Usually, there is no bark on such old branches and trees. But if it is, remove it. Cut off the branches so that the hook looks neat. In this case, the lower ones were cut almost completely down. Now you need to paint your creations. After the paint has dried, you can hang hats, jackets, and umbrellas here.

See which branch of the tree you can turn the shrub into. Put it on the branch, attach the lamp to the top and you will get the original lamp shade.

  • Another thing you can create from part of a thicker branch.
  • A small branch tree above the bed will look good too

To do this, you first need to prepare it and fasten it tightly to the wall. And here is another tree from the branch. If you have a spacious flower pot, put a beautiful article here. It needs to be kept well. To do this, prepare a solution of alabaster or cement, pour one of these mixtures into a pot and wait until it dries.

It is important that when the solution dries, the branch is fixed and in the correct position. Then decorate the cement surface as you like. It can be artificial moss, colored paper, and glass. Hang hats or other light items on top of the received item. Looks beautiful and original.

How to make a flower girl and a lamp from branches with your own hands?

If you want to have such a flowering corner at home, similar to natural, then prepare:

  • Wooden board;
  • Gift glasses;
  • Branch;
  • Yarn or strong thread;
  • Small flowers;

The beauty of this design is that you do not have to use fasteners in the form of screws or nails to connect the elements. There is no need to remove bark from branches if there is moss or braid on it, this combination looks even better. When all is said and done, it is wonderful to sit at home and feel in the forest. This is where you can pick up a branch or the nearest yard.

Place the jars on a piece of wood that can serve as a cutting board. Take measurements that show how long the branches should be and cut them according to these dimensions. Please note that there should be two sticks to the right and left that are placed horizontally. Are they related to small branches? 4 on each side, which are placed vertically. Secure all elements with strong thread or rope.

Tree branches
Tree branches

Pour water into a glass, and put flowers.

Use the following woodcut crafts to transform a room with the addition of lighting fixtures.

If you want to make a candlestick, enter the same size for each branch and tie them together just below the middle, as shown in the picture.

Put a safe candle inside, and light their coves.

To make a chandelier with your own hands, take:

  • Branch;
  • Cotton and linen threads;
  • Hanging candlesticks;
  • keratin;
  • Scissors;
  • Thin wire.

Fasten the branches together with thin wire and put them in a circle. Measure how long the ribbons should be, cut them according to the markings and tie them with a wreath of hooks. Hang the lamp, and attach the candles at the bottom.

Such crafts from tree branches will help to create lighting equipment. See how you can decorate an old table lamp to add charm to it.

To do this, you need to see similarly sized branches, tie them together with a fishing line and use it to attach them to the floor lamp post. You can glue the bottom of the article to the stand.

And if you paint a tree branch with varnish, it will shine mysteriously when you light the candles attached to it. To fix them, glue a metal candlestick to the wood.

You can make a floor lamp with your own hands and instead of standing, use a tree branch, for example, birch. This looks very beautiful for any background.

To create the following decorative product, you will need:

  • Branch;
  • Glass container;
  • keratin;
  • Tape;
  • Hot glue gun;
  • Geri bar.

Put a large candle in a clear container. It needs to be decorated with branches, which are fastened with a ribbon or decorative cord. Now you have to glue artificial berries or other small decorative items on the branches and you can turn on the candlestick.

Even one branch of the tree will help to create an interesting interior. The main thing is to fasten it securely in a flowerpot or wooden container. Hang the lamps on the branch and wrap the trunk with cable. It looks amazing and such an interesting product turned out to be cheap.

Home decorations from branches – master class

If you want to have a branch with cones on your table, create this little tree. Take:

  • Branch;
  • Cones;
  • Hot glue gun;
  • Glass or another container.

It is better to use a transparent pocket as the cones look beautiful. They will help to adjust the article to the desired position. You glue the rest to it with a glue gun.

If you want to create an ornament in the form of elk horns, but you could not find it in the woods, then bring an article of appropriate texture from this natural temple. It must be peeled and sanded. Paint the branch with appropriate paint or disinfectant, glue it and fasten it with a leather strap to the wooden base, then you can hang it on the wall.

If you do not know what to put flowers on, you can also use a tree branch. It must be placed in a suitable container, for example in wood, and fastened there by laying the material tightly on the sides or pouring small pebbles. Hang a flowerpot on a branch and admire what a wonderful flower stand you have.

The following jewelry also looks great. You need to tie artificial stones and shells with threads, attach the upper end of the ropes to two branches, and fasten transversely. Hang your structure in the room or over the baby’s bed, but so that he cannot remove small parts by hand.

In the spring you can bring home flowering branches, put them in a container with water, and admire such a colorful splendor. If you grow trees in the country, you may have branches. They can also be put in water, they will bloom. But for this, the branches must be cut in early spring.

If you have cut the vine, you may have a lot of branches left. It is interesting to decorate the walls with this.

If you want to create original furnishings for your home and at the same time spacious hangers, then assemble a box from 4 tables and attach cut tree branches to it. Now you can hang small items on knots, they will always be within reach and in the house, you can keep a perfect order.

Even two cutting branches will be useful on the farm. Do not know where to hang toilet paper in the country? Attach a tree with a branch to the wall and place this hygiene item there. And the latter such as a wooden hook will come in handy in the room or in the kitchen.

If you have a lot of jewelry, dry tree branches will help you install them. You can attach them to the wall or place the branch horizontally by attaching it to a tree stand.

If you want the original bookshelf, paint over a large tree branch with a darker shade. This will look great on the background of a light wall. Fix this structure and you can put books here.

Decorate the table with this natural material. To do this, a tree branch must be firmly attached to the stand with self-tapping screws and a hot glue gun. Hang artificial stones on a branch; attach fresh flowers or glue artificial.

DIY furniture from branches

An interesting bedside table will come out of birch blocks.

To do this, you need to see the thick parts of the branches so that they are the same length. Glue them together, tie them with a rope for strength and you can use this small table as a comfortable place for a book or for a cup of fragrant tea.

Hemp will play the same role. They need to sand, dry, and paint, but then you can decorate the interior and get new original furniture at the same time.

If you want to feel like a birch grove even in a dream, use the thick branches of this tree. They need to be firmly attached to the corners of the bed and you will get such entries that allow you to move spiritually to nature at any time.

The next piece of furniture is made of thick and thin branches. Arrange them larger so that you can place them smaller between them. Glue them together to create a rectangle like this.

To keep the sofa table in the correct shape, place the branches, for example, in a cardboard box and glue them together.

If you have a stove or fireplace, you always need a dryer. You can place them at home, at the same time decorating the wall. Branches of various thicknesses are suitable and need to be folded evenly on the shelves.

And here’s another idea that will help to make the interior more stylish. If you like light colors, then you have such walls, then you can paint tree branches in the same color. Put books on them so you have a beautiful shelf.

If you have a large branch, you can make a keychain for the corridor from it.

First, it needs to be sanded and dried, then hooks are attached and various small items can be hung up.

If you have a small aquarium empty, fill it with branches of different lengths and thicknesses and you can decorate it with flowers.

Circular branches will help to transform old stools. To do this, you first need to paint it and then paste these circles. Use this new furniture as a bedside table.

You can also turn tree branches into a wonderful kitchen utensil organizer and original shelf by attaching a wooden board on top.

How to make a photo frame from articles?

It’s not difficult at all. If you want an aerial frame like this, tie 4 branches with ropes and give them the shape of a rectangle. Now attach thin branches to this base with thin wire or rope. Glue paper or fabric flowers to the corner and you can use the decorative part as intended.

Even an old article will work for the next photo frame.

It needs to be cut at a 45-degree angle and assembled from four elements in a rectangular structure. Now you have an object with a touch of antiquity that looks very original.

And if you still have birch bark, you can also create a frame for a picture from it with your own hands. It will easily turn into a picture frame. To do this, you need to glue strips of birch bark on an existing frame.

Frame the mirror with interconnected branches. They can be glued with a hot gun. The branches will also help to decorate the shelf, which can be placed right next to the mirror.

This unique natural material will even allow you to create a curtain rod for curtains. Paint the branch, hang the curtains, and fasten the curtain rod in place.

Here are some tree branch crafts you can create. Continuing the content started, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with other interesting works.


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