Calisthenics: what is it, how to train for beginners?

Calisthenics; what is it? Learn how beginners can use a variety of bodyweight exercises without resorting to weight training in the gym. Many people want to do sports but do not have enough free time to visit a gym. In this situation, you should pay attention to the calisthenics training program for beginners. It is a modern gymnastics whose fans are constantly increasing.

Calisthenics – what is it?

Calisthenics is a form of gymnastics and involves training with the athlete’s body weight. It was calisthenics that was actively used to train warriors in ancient times. But with the advent of modern simulators, the system’s popularity began to wane.

But now, the situation is changing, and athletes are increasingly paying attention to this training method because many simulators do not allow them to achieve the desired results. Today, a system called bodyweight is gaining popularity around the world, and calisthenics, on the other hand, is a variation of this trend.

Benefits of Calisthenics

Many exercise machines are designed so that their movements are not physiological. It results in a significant increase in the risk of injury. Many fitness experts believe that a calisthenics training program for beginners will strengthen the muscles throughout the body.

Yet this fact is not the most important. Everyone knows that when working with free weights, muscles develop much faster than the joint equipment’s components. Therefore, the risk of injury increases. In the case of calisthenics, the situation is different, and the ligaments are strengthened simultaneously with the muscle tissue.

Even banal hanging on the horizontal bar helps to improve posture and strengthen the muscular corset of the back. Also, weight training has some contraindications, and the calisthenics training program for beginners is designed for everyone without restrictions. This training system will give your body an athletic look and improve agility, endurance and flexibility.

Calisthenics for beginners – creative principles

Every novice athlete should remember the importance of warming up for the central part of the session. At this stage, you should focus on stretching exercises and warming up your muscles in your way. It will prepare not only muscles but also joints for the upcoming movement. It is important not to overdo it and injure yourself when performing stretching exercises.

The duration of one lesson is from 40 to 60 minutes per day, and each of them should consist of three phases:

  • Muscle development of the upper back, forearms, and biceps.
  • Triceps and chest muscle training.
  • Core and leg muscle development.

These stages will form one training circuit that will strengthen the muscles of the entire body. Note that the exercises should be regular, and their systematic elimination will first lead to a stoppage of movement of one part of the body and then all muscles.

The first stage is training the biceps, forearm, and back muscles.

The best way to do this workout is to use a combination of Australian push-ups and hanging from the bar. Since we are now talking about a calisthenics training program for beginners, the Australian jumps will be the best choice. Thanks to this exercise, you will learn to feel the work of the muscles and increase your strength.

To do Australian pull-ups, you need to use a low horizontal bar, but the bar will be just below your chest. Grasp the bar with a straight grip slightly wider than the shoulder joints and lower yourself under it. Place your feet on the ground and slowly pull your body up to the bar. It is essential to move slowly to feel the contraction of the muscles.

At first, it is enough to perform 6 skates with six repetitions each. The break between sets is 2 minutes. Gradually increase the number of repetitions in sets to 12. Once the goal is reached, start using different types of grips.

After you’ve completed the Aussie pull-up, move on to the second exercise, which is part of the beginner training routine – hanging on the bar. With its help, you will strengthen the muscles of your hands and forearms, allowing you to perform various exercises on the horizontal bar in the future. Hang from the bar without touching the ground with your feet. Stay in this position as long as you can. In total, you need to perform from four to six sets.

The second stage is to train the muscles of the chest and triceps.

Classic push-ups are the best option for a beginner athlete who has not previously participated in sports. To distribute the load evenly between the muscles, place the arms on the ground slightly wider than the shoulder joints. It is essential to keep your body and legs in a straight line.

Move slowly, controlling the target muscles. If you find it challenging to perform a movement in this way, rest on the ground not with your socks but with your knee joints. Begin the exercise with six sets of 6 reps each. Gradually decrease the repetitions to 12.

Friction level – core and leg muscle development

When planning this level of training, it is necessary to go from top to bottom. Start with a plank exercise to develop your lower back muscles. It would help if you focused on lying on elbow joints and socks. After that, lift your body off the ground and hold it still for as long as possible. In total, you need to complete three sets.

The following exercise will be a twist, allowing you to develop your abdominal muscles. This exercise should be well known to you from school, and we will not dwell now on its technique. Start squatting with a 6×8 pattern (sets x reps). Gradually it would help if you got to the 6×20 system.

The last muscle group you need to develop is your legs. At first, two movements are enough for you – calf raises and squats. Start working on each exercise with a 6×12 pattern and gradually progress to 6×20.


How to do calisthenics correctly?

If your task is to achieve maximum muscle mass, then you should pay attention to bodybuilding. Exercising will help give your body an athletic look. We discussed what a calisthenics workout plan for beginners should look like, but there are complexes for experienced athletes. If you decide to participate in this sport, choose a program according to your level of training.

You can exercise outside or at home, and you don’t have to go to the gym. Outdoor exercise is done using horizontal bars and parallel bars. Also, don’t forget the benefits of running. You can use resistance bands and horizontal bars if you want to train at home. The latest sports equipment can be bought in a store or made by you, for example in a door.

Of course, in the gym, you will have more opportunities. Still, many people are satisfied with the results that home exercises bring. To be as effective as possible, exercise regularly, start eating right and give your body enough time to rest.

Features of calisthenics classes

As you can see, the calisthenics training program for beginners is simple and contains minimal exercises. As soon as they become too easy for you, it would help if you moved on to master more complex ones.

We will not dwell on other exercises now but consider some essential details about the training process:

  • It would help if you did all exercises slowly, so you feel the muscles contracting.
  • Negative repetitions – are recommended for experienced athletes with specific training.
  • Muscle failure – This term refers to the inability of the muscles to continue working. If you need to spend four seconds or more to complete a repetition, you have failed and should rest.
  • All calisthenics exercises have light options.

In each session, you must complete the training program in full. If muscle failure occurs, but you need to continue working, complete the training with negative reps or a lighter version of the exercise.

It can also do rid of fat. However, you should make a little clarification here-to fight fat, you should use high intensity, and you can gain muscle mass with high low-intensity training.

Calisthenics is an effective way to improve your body. With regular exercise, the results will be noticeable after a few months. However, you must remember that in addition to training, you must pay sufficient attention to nutrition. About half of your success depends on how and what you eat.

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