Hydrophilic oil: How to make it by doing it yourself

Hydrophilic oil; what are the advantages? The article describes the properties and benefits of hydrophilic oil. Also, it discusses recipes for product preparation for all skin types. Hydrophilic oil is a natural product mixture of natural oils and emulsions. The second part is necessary to wash the product well with water. Antibacterial components and even cleaning particles are added to the material.

Advantages of using hydrophilic oil

It is an entirely natural substance, developed back in 1967 in Japan. Company employees mixed their favorite oils with water and introduced a little polysorbate to prevent fragmentation. It results in a gentle emulsion to gently remove impurities.

Advantages of hydrophilic oil:

  • Suitable for all skin types … Many women with oily skin distrust this cleanser. How can you cleanse already oily skin with oils? The oily foundation pushes excess sebum out of the pores. The product retains water in the dry epidermis.
  • Removes impurities perfectly … This also applies to professional makeup. In this case, you do not need to rub your face with aggressive substances. It is an excellent organic solvent that breaks down particles of cosmetics and dirt.
  • It does not cause allergies … Thanks to the correctly selected composition, the product is suitable even for sensitive people. In this case, base oils and a small number of essential oils are added.
  • Low price … The cost of the product for sale varies greatly. It depends on the manufacturer and the type of cosmetic product. But you can make the oil for washing yourself. In this case, the price will be minimal.
  • Easy to use … It is enough to apply the material to a damp face and massage. You do not need to massage with cotton pads and a special brush. The fat foundation quickly dissolves all dirt and makeup.
  • It has a neutral pH … The product’s composition does not contain acids and bases; because of this, moisture is not removed from the layers of the skin.
  • It does not dry out the skin … Unlike most cleansers, the hydrophilic oil is free of antibiotics, clay, and caustics. Accordingly, after use, the skin does not shrink.

Contraindications to the use of hydrophilic oil

Most manufacturers of hydrophilic oil claim that it has no contraindications and can be used even on very oily skin with acne and acne breakouts. In reality, this is not the case. Contraindications are for individual components in the composition of the product.

 Components of hydrophilic oil that may cause individual intolerance:

  • Castor oil … This part of the product has a dense, viscous texture. If you have oily skin, buy a cleanser with minimal amounts of this ingredient.
  • Essential oils … Choose the ingredients by testing them on your skin one at a time. So you will understand what things you are allergic to.
  • Salicylic acid … Some companies promote this aggressive ingredient as an antiseptic. Salicylic acid is excellent for acne and inflammation. But it would help if you did not wash your eyes with hydrophilic oil with this additive. Accordingly, to remove cosmetics from the eyelids, you must find another remedy.
  • Olive oil … This item should not be used as a foundation for those with oily skin. Olive oil does not rinse well and leaves a greasy sheen.

Features in the selection of hydrophilic oil

This tool can hardly be called a novelty, but before, many people might be surprised to wash with oil. Most of the capital is sold in the pharmacy.

Here are the famous brands:

  • Deep Cleansing Oil Refresh by Laneige … This stuff contains green tea extract, so you can use the liquid to care for the epidermis, which is prone to rashes and inflammation. Removing makeup from aging skin is not recommended.
  • Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil … In addition to BM, the product contains green apple extract, vitamin C and minerals. Thanks to these components, the liquid nourishes the skin and lightens age spots.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleanser … Formulated for dry and sensitive skin. The product’s main component, in addition to BM, is hyaluronic acid. It eliminates peeling and keeps moisture molecules in cells.
  • Refined olive oil … It is fermented BM from olive oil. Thanks to this, the material perfectly nourishes dry skin. Please do not use it for girls with oily skin, as the olive extract is very difficult to wash off and can leave an oily sheen.
  • Tony Moly Clean Dew Lemon Seed Cleansing Oil … Ideal for the oily epidermis. The substance contains dry lemon peel and citrus seed oil. The liquid gently removes oil when applied to the face, and the lemon normalizes sebum production. The edge removes the dead epidermis.
  • Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A / O Advanced Formula … Ingredients with green tea and ginkgo notes. The manufacturer has produced a product specifically for aging and tired skin.

Please read the reviews before purchasing one of these beauty products. Some cosmetics leave a film on the eyes, and many do not wash easily with water, so it is best to make the hydrophilic oil yourself. This way, you can experiment and choose components based on your needs.

In addition, the product available in the market is not cheap; the estimated price is 10-15 dollars for a 150 ml bottle. The cost of homemade stuff is $2-3 per 150ml.

DIY Hydrophobic Oil Wash Recipe

The base of the product is selected based on skin type. Use jojoba and grape seed oil as a base for dry and normal skin. If the skin is oily, then a lighter foundation – rice oil will do. In addition, an emulsifier is present with the product’s composition – Tween or Polysorbate.

Polysorbate is a substance that improves the mixing of components, prevents emulsification, and facilitates easy rinsing with water—made from herbal ingredients. It looks like an ordinary fatty mass, hardly distinguishable from coconut or palm oil. The numbers on the bottles 20, 40, and 80 indicate the percentage of fat components the emulsifier can absorb. The heavier the oils in the BM base, the higher the ratio of Tween or Polysorbate should be.

How to prepare a hydrophilic makeup kit:

  • Make base oil (BM). To do this, mix equal proportions of grape seed oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil.
  • Pour some wheat germ oil into this oily mixture.
  • Now measure the volume of the resulting mixture; it will be 9 parts.
  • Add one part of Polysorbate 80 emulsion to the oily liquid to improve rinsing with water. The part is sold in any pharmacy. Every hydrophilic oil contains 10% of it.
  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil after testing your skin for sensitivity.

Please note that polysorbate and Tween can be introduced as an emulsion. It is also an emulsion but made from other components.

Hydrophilic oil recipes for different skin types

There are many recipes for preparing this product. The composition depends directly on the skin type and its characteristics. The amount and design of the essential components are selected based on the diseases of the epidermis. In addition to oils, antibacterial additives and cleaning components are often added to the product’s composition.

Hydrophilic oil
Hydrophilic oil

DIY Hydrophilic Oil for Oily Skin

This recipe uses grape seed oil as the BM. It is light enough. Therefore it also does not make oily skin greasy. Rosemary oil prevents excessive sebum production.

Instructions for preparing a hydrophilic oil for oily epidermis:

  • Mix 180 ml of grape oil in a bowl.
  • Add 20 ml of Polysorbate 80.
  • Add 15 drops each of rosemary, tea tree, and clove oil.
  • Pour the mixture into a bottle and shake.

How to make a hydrophilic oil for dry skin

Castor, olive oil, and carrier oil can be used as BM. They are cumbersome, so it is better to add Tween 80 or Polysorbate 80 as an emulsion.

Instructions for the production of a hydrophilic oil based on Polysorb 80:

  • Mix 85 ml castor oil and 10 ml Polysorbate 80 in a bowl.
  • Add 10 drops of orange and lavender oil to the fatty liquid.
  • Cut 3 capsules of vitamin E and pour the contents into the prepared mixture.

Features of the preparation of hydrophilic oil for dry and aging skin with Tween 80:

  • Mix 45 ml of sunflower oil and shea in a bowl.
  • Add 10 ml of Tween 80 to the fat mass and mix.
  • Add 10 drops each of chamomile and orange oil.
  • Cut 2 vitamin A capsules and inject them into the mixture.
  • Pour the liquid into a bottle and use it to treat dry skin.

Preparation of hydrophilic oil for quality skin

This product contains salicylic acid; it reduces inflammation and unclogs pores. Instructions for preparing the substance with your hands: mix 10 ml of neem, 1 g of salicylic acid, and 30 ml of BM sweet almonds in a bowl. Must heat all ingredients, and after mixing, 5 ml of polysorbate 40 is added.

If you have inflammation centers, comedones, and acne on your face, use a remedy with extracts of juniper berries and juniper berries.

Which is prepared according to this recipe?

  • You can prepare the product directly in the bottle you intend to store.
  • Pour 30 ml of milk thistle, grapes, and carrier oil into a bottle.
  • Add 14 drops each of cypress, juniper, and cedarwood.
  • Pour 10 ml of polysorbate 80. Shake the bottle and place it on the spray cap.

A recipe for making two-phase hydrophilic emulsions

This material contains water which turns the mixture into an emulsion. In its finished form, it is a two-phase liquid, a fatty film on the surface. Before use, the mixture is shaken until a homogeneous composition is obtained.

Instructions for making a two-phase washing emulsion:

  • Mix essential oils with BM in a separate container. It may contain wheat germ, grape seed, and olive oils. The fat mixture needs 34 ml.
  • Pour 160 ml of purified water into the fat liquid. It is best if it is distilled.
  • Add 6 ml of polysorbate 80 to the mixture.
  • Don’t forget the preservative as bacteria can grow in the water.
  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. In total, you get 200 ml of the finished product.

Rules for using hydrophobic oil

For the tool to display all its helpful features, it must use correctly. The homeland of this strange beauty product is Japan, so it is necessary to learn from Asian women the rules of cleansing the skin and removing makeup from it.

Instructions for the use of the product:

  • Apply a small amount of the product to the skin with makeup. You don’t need to shave your face. Initially, the substance is applied to the eyes and lips.
  • Then massage your face along the massage lines. Move your fingers along the upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Swipe in the opposite direction along the lower eyelid.
  • The foundation is removed from the cheeks with light sweeping from the wings of the nose to the temples.
  • Once the oil is all over your face, wet your palms with water and massage your skin again.
  • As a result of these actions, the substance will turn into a foamy white emulsion.
  • Rinse off the white foam again with water.
  • If there are traces of makeup on your face, repeat the procedure. If you wear out your contact lens, keep the eyeliner on longer.
  • After use, there is no need to apply moisturizer.

Modern hydrophilic oil is the main product for facial treatment; it replaces tonics, milk, and even BB cream. By using such cosmetics regularly, you can prolong the youthfulness of your skin.

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