Calories: Can I compensate for the calories burned during exercise?

Calories; Can I compensate for the calories burned during exercise? Find out if it is necessary to load your stomach with a large amount of food immediately after a hard workout or if it is better to postpone such a meal until later. There are often questions about so-called net calories. It is important enough for those athletes who use a calorie maintenance diet. Today we will try to answer in detail whether it is necessary to supplement the calories burned during training with food. However, it is immediately noted that this is often not required.

It is proper under the following conditions:

  • When the necessary calorie content was taken as a starting point, taking into account all the basic parameters, but not the basal metabolism.
  • When the athlete knows the energy of support required values ​​of the nutrition plan.

How to calculate the calories content of individual maintenance?

Now online, you can find several unique online calculators that will help you do this. You can take an even more straightforward route and use an average of 31 to 35 calories per kilogram. This percentage includes the average hourly energy consumption and a person’s typical daily activity.

Girls should have a minimum hint of this formula – 31 calories. Men should take a higher value, up to the maximum. Also, people with a high metabolism need to focus on 35 calories. However, the concept of high or low metabolism is very conditional. You need to decide this issue yourself, based on individual indicators.

Once you know your starting support ratio, choosing the correct balance of essential nutrients for your diet is important. During the day, consume 2 grams of protein compounds and 1 gram of fat for every kilogram of mass. It is also essential that two-thirds of the volume of the protein compound is of animal origin. Must add the rest of the calories to carbohydrates. Learn to get the nutritional ratio you need by using quality foods. You must have a portion of fruits and vegetables for about one thousand calories. A serving size is roughly the size of your fist. Use this diet for three or four weeks, but keep active. Every morning you should weigh yourself and monitor your average weight for three or four days. You can often find recommendations to consider yourself once a week. It is nice, but your data will not be as accurate. It is because during the week, there may be jumps in weight, and you will not be able to keep up with them.

calories burned during exercise
calories burned during exercise

Overly emotional girls can record weight changes by tying them to the monthly cycle. However, we must warn you immediately that this is a rather lengthy process. To do this, it is necessary to control weight only once a month and preferably simultaneously. After that, it is essential to compare the indicators of each week of the current cycle with the same past period. Let’s say the results of the first week of this month are compared with the results of the first week of last month.

After that, you need to monitor the dynamics of your weight change. For example, within three or four days, your weight has decreased, and then you add a hundred calories to the energy value of your diet. If the weight drops, subtract the same number of calories.

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