Teacher’s Day: Fun competitions, gifts from the class on Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day; what idea for memorable? Classroom gifts for Teacher’s Day can be handmade. It is a clock, wallpaper, and wreaths of fruit. Create props for fun competitions. Everyone who had already graduated from school had a teacher. These instructors are now among the students attending the educational institution. Teacher’s Day is celebrated everywhere. Teachers receive gifts; interesting exhibitions are arranged for them.

On Teacher’s Day

For the first time, the holiday was established in our country in 1965 (September 29). Until 1994, Teacher’s Day was celebrated on the first Sunday in October. And from 1994 to October 5, the International Day of Teachers falls just on this number. In some former countries, the date remains the same. However, in others, this holiday is still celebrated on the first Sunday in October.

In 1966 – October 5, the Conference on the Status of Teachers was held in Paris. As a result, a historical document called “Proposals regarding the status of teachers” was approved and signed.

On International Teachers’ Day, the UN invites citizens who graduated from school to think about how a good teacher changed their lives and to remember him. In recent years, the number of teaching staff has decreased for various reasons. According to UNESCO statistics, countries must attract an additional 3.3 million teachers to achieve universal primary education by 2030.

These organizations encourage the governments of all countries and the international community to join their efforts to support teachers and promote quality teaching. It is especially true in countries where some children are in school.

A classroom gift for Teacher’s Day

To please your teacher, a gift from the class is usually given. The teacher will be happy to receive a gift from his students. These can be gifts that the teacher will treasure for years to come. But sometimes, the teachers at home do not have enough space to store all the skills they have received over the years of practice. Therefore, it is advisable to make one to give the teacher a pleasant surprise and then he could have a lovely tea with gift items.

It could be a basket of chocolates. Give the computer science teacher a candy laptop and the music teacher a candy piano.

An unusual bouquet will surely please your taste. After all, it can be made up of delicious fruits.

The following is suitable for this:

  • Apple;
  • Oranges;
  • Avocado;
  • Mango.

You don’t have to be an expert to create a fruity bouquet. Attach the listed dishes to wooden sticks wrapped in green floral tape or glass. But so that the juice does not flow out, it is better to put a net on the fruits and tie them to the spears with a ribbon. You can put them in a basket, decorate it and deliver such a gift from the class for Teacher’s Day.

The promotion can be helpful, original, and inexpensive.

To make a teacher’s clock, take:

  • Stationery;
  • Checkered laptop;
  • Thick cardboard;
  • Glue gun;
  • Awl
  • Compass;
  • Scissors;
  • Clock;
  • Frame.

Follow these instructions:

  • Place cardboard on the frame, and ring it, so it fits inside and does not fall out. You also need to cut out 2-3 such cardboard circles and glue them together so that the base is tight.
  • Should cut the exact size out of a notebook sheet and glue it over the cardboard base.
  • Find the center with a compass; make a hole here with an awl. Insert the clock mechanism into the resulting hole, and fix it.
  • Use extensive and small paper clips, tape measures, buttons, staplers, and other small items as stationery. Each of them is responsible for a specific hour. Glue these parts with a hot gun.
  • Insert the resulting disc into the frame in the area where you can bring a gift to the school and give it to the teacher from the class.

You can make a gift like wallpaper. Put such a clock in one corner of the drawing paper, paste a picture of the teacher next to it, and the tools he uses while teaching his subject. Write good wishes to teachers in prose and verse.

Have someone show up early on October 5 and accidentally hang something like this on the board. The teacher will be happy with the sign of attention.

  • To avoid buying banal vases, of which the teacher may already have several, let the children make such a gift from the class on Teacher’s Day with their own hands. You need to take a clean container as a base. It can be a plastic container of mayonnaise or a glass jar.
  • On the outside, you need to attach pencils, pens, or felt-tip pens and fasten them with an elastic band or a bandage with tape.
  • Put flowers inside. The teacher will need this stationery at work, which he can remove right from the pocket, and the flowers will make him happy.

Often the teacher takes notebooks home to check what is written in them. Therefore, you can give a robust and spacious bag from the lesson. You can buy it or have it sewn by another parent and provide her with the necessary materials.

The bag is lined so that identical parts are cut from both types. The exact details are missed to keep the product in the shape of polyester. Each three-layer element is folded and sewn by machine. Then it would help if you stitched the pieces and handles and sewed a zipper.

Comedian Teacher’s Day – Competitions

On this holiday, students please teachers not only with gifts but also with cheerful congratulations and contests. Interesting contests should be predictable for corporate parties as well.

Here are some fun contests to recommend for this festival.

Looking at exercise books

Here’s what you need to prepare it:

  • Sheets of paper;
  • Pencils;
  • 2 chairs;
  • Table.

Students are divided into two teams. Each is given a stack of papers. The first team members run to their chairs near the table. Competitors take a piece of paper (which is folded into a pile) and a pencil and draw a flower on one side and the mark. They put aside their masterpieces and return to the team. The second participants sit in their places and do the same.

Which team would deal with such “observation” of laptops faster? She won. The next comic book teacher’s day contest is no less fun.


Players are divided into two teams. Everyone has to write their own “textbook.” So in this competition is called a notebook, on the sheets of which each contestant writes one comic project.

Here’s how they can:

  • Closed eyes;
  • lift the leg;
  • wave your hand;
  • Sit down;
  • Whistle

Now we need to exchange textbooks. Teams prepare and then exchange books. Participants must memorize all tasks and quickly distribute them among themselves. Then they reproduce what is written in the “textbook,” and the actions are born in the same order as in the “textbook.” The victory goes to the team that did everything right.

How many sciences?

First, the teams are given a few minutes to prepare. During this time, the participants must write the names of the sciences. After a specific time, the presenter compares the lists and determines which team remembered more science.

Make a point

Furthermore, in the script for the teacher’s Day, you can include the following fun activities.

The leader imparts the following qualities to one or another team:

  • Scottish;
  • Newspaper.

The project consists of the fact that teams must create from these items on request. The main thing is to make this school a subject for as long as better for team members to support this delete possible.

To make it convenient to keep the cursor away, rt this delete. The victory goes to the team that has reached the furthest point within a specific time frame.


This competition will require:

  • Improvise way;
  • Ball;
  • Paper.

During the journey, team members begin to complete the task. The presenter announces that creating a “globe” with the available means is necessary. Size also matters here. After all, competitors need to make such a globe so that it is bigger than the competitors.

You can first wrap the ball with paper and fasten it with laces. If this does not prove to be enough, clothing is used that is sore on a specific basis.


It’s in every school, so include a contest with this name on Comic Teacher Day.

Here’s what you need:

  • Participants in the competition;
  • 10 chairs;
  • Bell (bell).

10 people are selected. They split into 2 teams, one and the other – five players. Who gets a chair? Competitors sit on them—the presenter calls.

At this signal, the contestants quickly build a pyramid of chairs, and this is what they do:

  • Join hands;
  • Run around the pyramid 5 times;
  • Squat 5 times;
  • Clap your hands five times.

The team that finishes faster and faster is declared a great student and the winner.

The above contests are terrific for Teacher’s Day concerts. If teachers are planning a company party, include the following entertainment. They allow you to spend the evening in a fun and easy way.

Teacher’s Day contests for company parties

First of all, you need to decide where to spend it. So that it is not everyday and uninteresting, it is better not to do this at school, but to book a table in a cafe or rent another room. If any teachers have a summer house, it would be good to go there. Actually, at the beginning of October, it is still quite warm. If the weather is good, you can plan a holiday in nature or rent a country house for a day.

If none of these options work for you, the meeting room will.

After choosing the venue, you should prepare in advance everything you need for competitions and games. Here is what they can be.

 Game “Question-Answer”

It will require:

  • White cardboard;
  • Scissors;
  • Two bags or hats;
  • Rag pen

Rectangles measuring 15×7 cm are cut from cardboard. On half of these cards, you have to write questions; on the other – answers. The props can be folded into hats or two wide bags. First, teachers are asked to draw cards from the first hat, on which the questions are written, then from the second, where the answers are. The order of the announcement of the question and the response to it is confirmed.

Questions could be:

  • Do you drink to relax after school?
  • Have you visited a psychologist?
  • Do you rest in class?
  • If a student was preparing but couldn’t answer the question, do you give them a three?

And here are the answers:

  • Is it noticeable?
  • Yes, but don’t tell anyone.
  • Constantly.
  • I don’t want to talk about it.
Teacher's Day
Teacher’s Day


For such competition on Teacher’s Day, you will need:

  • Sheets of paper;
  • A few pens.

A list of literary works is prepared in advance for each team. With the leader’s signal, the lists are issued to the groups. Each player must write a slight retelling of the work they have inherited so that a member of the other team cannot immediately guess which work it is. You can ask leading questions, the answers to which will be “Yes” and “No.”

Which team can guess all the pieces won?

Guess the word

This competition will show which of the teachers is the most resourceful.

 Preparation for the competition:

  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • Sign.

Cut rectangles from cardboard. Write on them various letters that start with words and small sentences about school subjects.

 For example:


– Have you done your homework? B – Borisov – two! V – When does the lesson start? G – Where is the chalk? D – two out of two is four.


– Hello students, sit down! AND – Ivanova – five!

The best

It’s time to stretch out physically. The teachers are divided into two teams.

For this course, you will need:

  • Plastic bottles;
  • Water;
  • Two globes.

Each team gets two bottles filled to the brim with water. The first participants take a cup in one hand and a globe in the other. On command, they carry these things to a chair and a chair in the distance. Each participant bypasses their own and returns to their team, transferring these objects to the second contestant.

The relay race will be even more fun if the teachers carry a bottle of water and a globe and read a poem simultaneously. When choosing a winner, you must consider which team completed the task faster and threw less water.

May include other contests and contests in the script for Teacher’s Day. The final task might be to develop a joke schedule by two teams of teachers.

So, having prepared the necessary features with your hands, you can have a fun and exciting teacher’s Day. Gifts for teachers will also cheer them up and make the career celebration unforgettable!

And to gather other ideas, what can present other gifts for Teacher’s Day from the class or the student to the teacher.


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