How many days until F1 2024?

The F1 2024 season is set to begin on March 2nd in Bahrain and will conclude on December 8th in Abu Dhabi, featuring a total of 24 races. To determine the number of days until the start of the F1 2024 season, we can calculate the difference between today’s date, November 27, 2023, and the start date of the season, March 2, 2024. Let’s do the calculation.

There are 96 days remaining until the start of the 2024 Formula 1 season on March 2nd. ​​

The F1 2024 schedule

The 2024 Formula 1 race schedule is as follows:

  • Bahrain Grand Prix – Sakhir (February 29 – March 2)
  • Saudi Arabian Grand Prix – Jeddah (March 7-9)
  • Australian Grand Prix – Melbourne (March 22-24)
  • Japanese Grand Prix – Suzuka (April 5-7)
  • Chinese Grand Prix – Shanghai (April 19-21)
  • Miami Grand Prix – Miami (May 3-5)
  • Emilia Romagna Grand Prix – Imola (May 17-19)
  • Monaco Grand Prix – Monaco (May 24-26)
  • Canadian Grand Prix – Montreal (June 7-9)
  • Spanish Grand Prix – Barcelona (June 21-23)
  • Austrian Grand Prix – Spielberg (June 28-30)
  • British Grand Prix – Silverstone (July 5-7)
  • Hungarian Grand Prix – Budapest (July 19-21)
  • Belgian Grand Prix – Spa (July 26-28)
  • Dutch Grand Prix – Zandvoort (August 23-25)
  • Italian Grand Prix – Monza (August 30 – September 1)
  • Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Baku (September 13-15)
  • Singapore Grand Prix – Singapore (September 20-22)
  • United States Grand Prix – Austin (October 18-20)
  • Mexican Grand Prix – Mexico City (October 25-27)
  • Brazilian Grand Prix – Sao Paulo (November 1-3)
  • Las Vegas Grand Prix – Las Vegas (November 21-23)
  • Qatar Grand Prix – Lusail (November 29 – December 1)
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Yas Marina (December 6-8)​.
How many days until F1 2024?
How many days until F1 2024?


The F1 2024 season promises an exciting and extensive racing calendar, commencing on March 2nd in Bahrain and concluding on December 8th in Abu Dhabi. With a total of 24 races, the schedule includes iconic tracks and new additions, offering a diverse and challenging experience for both drivers and teams. The global spread of races, from traditional European circuits to modern venues in the Americas and Asia, underlines F1’s continued expansion and appeal. Fans can anticipate a thrilling season, showcasing the pinnacle of motorsport technology and competition on some of the world’s most renowned racing circuits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 2024

When does the 2024 F1 season start?

The season starts on March 2nd, 2024, in Bahrain.

How many races are there in the 2024 F1 season?

There are 24 races scheduled for the season.

Are there any new venues in the 2024 F1 calendar?

The calendar features familiar tracks, but for updates on any new venues, it’s best to refer to the official F1 announcements.

How can I watch the F1 races in 2024?

Broadcasting rights vary by country, so check local listings or the F1 official website for viewing options.

Will there be any changes in team lineups for 2024?

Team lineups can change, and any updates are typically announced by individual teams or on the F1 official website.

Are there new rules or regulations for the 2024 season?

For detailed information on rules and regulations, refer to the official F1 website or governing body announcements.

How can I buy tickets for the 2024 F1 races?

Tickets are usually available through the official F1 website or the host circuit’s website.

What safety measures are in place for the races?

F1 continuously updates safety measures, details of which can be found on the official F1 website or through governing body publications.





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