Christmas day food delivery

As Christmas approaches, everyone jumps into the box, thinking about the small family. Who do not receive Christmas food, and relatives and friends have been diligent in sending us during Christmas day food delivery.

If you prefer to spend your time this Christmas enjoying and not cooking, pay attention to the selection of shops and restaurants to order prepared Christmas day food delivery.

Christmas has arrived, time for food and kitchens. But, more and more, I prefer to dedicate the most important days to enjoying and resting than to cooking, leaving this work for other days. And eating well at home without cooking is much easier and of better quality than it sounds.

 Food delivery

Usually, everything arrives vacuum packed so you can get rid of the typical precooked dishes; all those selected in this list are high-quality, handmade dishes with the best ingredients. Perfect for enjoying this Christmas the best Chirstmas day food delivery in your homes without making any effort.

Here are some dishes with the best, classic suckling pigs and lambs to different options such as paella, stew, lacquered duck, or spicy Asian cuisine.


Suckling pig roasts ready to bake at home and leave prepared in about 45 minutes as if you had baked them for hours. You can choose between a quarter of a suckling pig, a medium, a whole, the ham, a cochifrito, or a spectacular roast suckling pig roti.


You have to finish all kinds of handcrafted preparations at home in a few minutes. Suckling pig, suckling lamb, truffled poularde, capon, and much more. All delicious dishes will not take any work but with a spectacular result.

Joselito Eats

Joselito Eats the latest release from the popular ham company. Dishes prepared of the highest quality and, most importantly, with 100% natural products, without any additives. There are all kinds of dishes, from croquettes to bridle stew, but the big hit is their spectacular Sirloin Wellington. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, one of the best I’ve ever tasted and effortlessly.

Sundays of lamb

Suckling lamb roasted in a wood-fired oven directly to your home. It arrives vacuum packed, put in the oven for half an hour, and ready as freshly prepared. Incredible how good it is, delicious and preserving all the flavor of the wood oven.


Some restaurant has opted for a home delivery format designed to finish at home. That makes it perfect for our Christmas menus since we can order the vacuum-packed dishes and prepare them in a few minutes before lunch or dinner. The best are the shoulder of lamb, the suckling pig, and the hock.


Can consume a Christmas menu for four people within 48 hours of purchase. Eight dishes either come finished or are finished with a blow from the oven and pan. It comes with all the instructions and consists of an assortment of Iberian, truffled red tuna talo chip, crayfish cream, creamy mussel croquettes, grilled scallops, grilled cricket crayfish, oven-baked turbot Donostiarra, and lamb baked in your juice.

The Asador in your house

Low-temperature vacuum-packed roasts that arrive at your home ready to open, put in the oven for 15 minutes, and plate. Incredibly tender and delicious. They have three options: shoulder of lamb, round leg of lamb stuffed with minced meat, foie, ham, plums and piles, and pork ribs with barbecue sauce.

Martial House

Some restaurant has an ideal home delivery menu for these parties. For example, the Pitu Box is for four people and contains Pitu Snack, “Casa Marcial” Croquette, Pitu Caleya Stew, and Arroz con Pitu.

The Circle of Carlos Maldonado

Food prepared and packaged at home, ready to finish. Instead, he just put out a four-person Christmas special consisting of two roast suckling pig quarters, a drunken apple, and a bottle of wine.


It has worked a lot to turn the stew into a preserve, and you can have it for several months until you prepare it. It is ready in about 15 minutes, and the result is incredible as if we were taking it in the restaurant. Ideal for a different Christmas

China Crown

We can dare to celebrate a completely different Christmas by eating a lacquered duck for a completely different Christmas. It is the greatest exponent of the imperial Chinese cookbook. Its elaboration of more than five hours and its service at the table stand out, presenting itself as an authentic ritual.

This exclusive service brings the emblematic duck to all the houses and the corresponding garnish: crepes, leek, Goji quince, and hot and sour duck soup. The lacquered duck, available for four people, is delivered vacuum packed in a special packaging made exclusively for Christmas.

Secret of Levante

Rice at Christmas, why not? Different ideas to give the touch that 2020 was missing. This one from Secret de Levante is prepared in Valencia on firewood, packed, and sent home to be finished in just 20 minutes. The result is spectacular; you will hardly notice the difference.


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