Vegetarian weight loss – the best menu

Vegetarian weight loss; how to make the best menu? Protocols, benefits, and harms of a vegetarian diet for weight loss. They estimated the diet and types of vegetarian food. Every girl tries to lose weight when spring starts because the beach season is not far away. And there are all the conditions for this since it is spring that fresh vegetables, berries, fruits, and herbs appear in our diet.

During long winter periods, excess body fat can appear on the waist, which is accurate to get rid of. Still, for this, you must review your eating habits and restore your body to a new regime. A wide variety of diets are used to achieve the desired results in a short time.

Recently, vegetarian diets have become increasingly popular, which not only help to bring the weight back to normal and effectively clean the body of toxins and other harmful substances. In this case, only natural and healthy products will be present in the diet.

However, it is necessary to follow one principle – should use only natural vegetables for cultivation that use no harmful substances. One of the advantages of a vegetarian diet is that the diet does not have to be boring because you can use spices and seasonings. Thanks to this, food will be not only healthy but also delicious.

Vegetarian weight loss: benefits and harms

Having a lot of plant foods in your diet has many benefits:

  • The body is saturated with the necessary amount of valuable substances and microorganisms, which positively affect the condition of the hair and skin.
  • The diet contains a lot of fiber because the function of the digestive tract is normal.
  • The human body easily and quickly absorbs fresh vegetables.
  • During the ripening period, products have an affordable price.
  • You can consume vegetables before bed and not worry about the figure.

At the same time, vegetarian diets also have certain disadvantages that appear when there is an imbalance or for too long following this method to lose weight:

  • Loss of muscle mass occurs;
  • There is a problem with the chair;
  • Worry about a strong feeling of hunger;
  • During physical activity, rapid fatigue and lack of strength appear.

It is necessary to choose only a balanced diet, with the proviso that consuming small amounts of black bread, olive oil or vegetable oil, fish or cooked lean meat, honey, and dairy products is permissible. Thanks to this, all negative consequences are minimal, and the body tolerates dietary restrictions much easier.

Vegetarian weight loss: permitted foods

 It’s nice to know that eating various foods in moderation also contributes to gradual weight loss. They can be a great alternative to unhealthy, high-calorie desserts, including snacks. Thanks to this, you can avoid sweets, rolls, and high-calorie cakes.

Most of these products help speed up metabolic processes in the body because they process food much faster and get rid of extra pounds. It may sound a bit strange, but the fact is that eating small amounts of even high-calorie foods can help you lose weight.

Almonds, pine nuts, and walnuts

Nuts have gained notoriety as very fatty and high-calorie food, but they help to get rid of hunger quickly. It is pretty enough to eat a small handful of nuts but not to break into harmful sweets.

Fresh fruits

  • Fruits will help you get rid of hunger. Ripe pears and apples are ideal for this. They are almost free of unhealthy calories, so they are an excellent option for a snack. Eating one apple before a meal can reduce your appetite; at the same time, you can eliminate the desire to eat a large portion.
  • Grapefruit is very popular in the fight against excess weight. It is enough to consume half a fruit daily before each meal or drink fresh juice; fat deposits under the skin are split. You can lose about 2 kg of excess weight in the average intake of carbohydrates with fat in just two weeks.
  • For lovers of large portions, eating fruits such as pineapple is helpful. Eating a small slice of pineapple decreases the feeling of hunger significantly.

Fruits are not only delicious but also necessary for various fruits and vegetables.

Fresh vegetables

  • Many vegetables are perfect for maintaining the proper and ideal functioning of the whole body. The diet should include not only the usual cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers but also seaweed, which helps normalize metabolism.
  • The composition of seaweed contains a large amount of iodine, thus reducing the chances of hypothyroidism, which can cause obesity.
  • Nettle leaves, spinach, and celery provide metabolic benefits.
  • Nutritionists advise not only to follow a long diet but to regularly spend vegetable or fruit fasting days for your body. Once a week is quite enough, and soon you will notice not only an improvement in your body but also that you are gradually losing weight without harming your health.

Fish dishes

Fish dishes contain a large amount of polyunsaturated fat, so there is no hunger for a long time. In addition, fish helps in the fight against excess weight. But for this, it is recommended to steam the fish so that the dishes will be more beneficial for the whole body, including the figure.

A great addition to a side dish of grains and vegetables will be sea fish, which is also an invaluable part of a protein and vegetable diet.

Spices and seasonings

In ancient times, spices were worth their weight in gold. It is not surprising because they can add sophistication to any dish. But this is not their only valuable quality. Many people know that spices can prolong the freshness of products and, at the same time, are very useful for the human body, as they help speed up the metabolism.

Nutritionists say that hot spices can increase the burning of fat deposits under the skin and effectively clean blood vessels from the excess layer. An excellent and delicious substitute for sugar is spice-like cinnamon. Still, you need to add it in minimal amounts.

Tea and water

To ensure the body’s normal functioning and metabolism, it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of clean water during the day. Without water, it is difficult for the body to digest fats, carbohydrates, and fats.

To maintain a slim figure, it is recommended to drink regular green tea, which helps speed up the metabolism. However, it is forbidden to use in large quantities, as it has a tonic effect on the nervous system.

Dairy products

The diet should include low-fat kefir, cheese, and yogurt. These foods help you feel satisfied for a long time. Plus, dairy products go well with almost any diet. To avoid depleting your body, you can alternate protein days with fruit or vegetable days.

Vegetarian weight loss for 10 kg – menus

A unique, strictly vegetarian diet has been developed for rapid weight loss. These methods are based on only one vegetable or fruit, but you cannot add milk, meat, or nuts.

The duration of this diet should not be more than 7 days since there are almost no carbohydrates and proteins in the diet. According to the reviews of people who have experienced a vegetarian diet, you can lose about 5-7 kg of excess weight in just one week. At the same time, health is still excellent.

For maximum results, taking a break for 10 days after the diet is recommended, returning to a regular diet, and then returning to vegetables. However, diets under this system may be used more than once a year.

The first choice of diet

You can use the following example of a diet based only on the use of vegetable broth and fresh vegetable salad.

Day 1, 3, and 5:

  • Morning – salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs;
  • Snack-boiled zucchini with herbs and tomatoes;
  • Day – prepare broth from tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, peppers, celery, and onions;
  • Snack – prepare a salad of carrots and artichokes; you can add a little lemon juice;
  • Evening – make a vegetable broth with tomatoes, onions, and cauliflower.

Day 2 and 6:

  • Morning – a salad of red pepper, celery, and red cabbage;
  • Snack – boil potatoes, season with fresh herbs;
  • Day – make a vegetable broth with peppers, cauliflower, and parsley;
  • Snack – a fresh salad of tomatoes, herbs, and sweet peppers;
  • Evening – cook boiled eggplant, carrots, and onions.

Day 4 and 7:

  • Morning – salad with celery and carrots;
  • Snack – bake pumpkin pulp;
  • Day – make vegetable broth with cabbage, beans, and peppers;
  • Snack – a fresh salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh herbs;
  • Evening – cook eggplant steak with zucchini, cabbage, and peppers.

This week, there should be a relatively varied vegetarian diet and a proper drinking program directly affecting losing weight. You must drink not only tea and juice but also pure water; unsweetened green tea is allowed but without added sugar.

Vegetarian weight loss
Vegetarian weight loss

Another diet option

You can use another diet if you plan to lose 4-6 kg of excess weight in a few days. It is based on the use of vegetable soup, which is also called Bon soup. According to the diet, it is necessary to consume vegetable broth that promotes weight loss regularly. It is advisable not to use salt in cooking because it will have more health benefits.

Today, there is a wide variety of recipes for making vegetable soups. Still, Bon soup is prepared according to a particular scheme:

  • Finely chopped cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and peppers;
  • Water is added;
  • The soup is cooked over low heat until cooked.

A 7-day vegetarian diet, based on the use of Bon soup, consists of the following diet:

  • Day 1 – Bon soup is consumed three times a day; a piece of fruit is allowed;
  • Day 2 – Bon soup three times a day, baked potatoes are allowed for lunch or dinner, but only in small quantities, raw vegetables will be an excellent snack;
  • 3rd day – vegetable soup three times a day, fruits or vegetable snacks are allowed, potatoes are forbidden;
  • Day 4 – Bon soup three times a day; a ripe banana will be a great snack;
  • Day 5 – Bon soup three times a day; ripe tomatoes are allowed in any quantity for a snack;
  • Day 6 – Bon soup three times a day, salad for a snack;
  • 7th day – vegetable soup three times a day; you can add a small amount of wild rice.

Vegetarian weight loss mixed diet for10 kg.

Diets that allow you to use fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat dishes contain more calories than pure fruits or vegetables. In addition, such diets are more satisfying, tasty, and, most importantly, balanced.

You can follow a diet that consumes a lean protein diet for a more extended period. In this case, there is a slow and gradual weight loss. At the same time, one does not feel the too sharp transition from a simple diet to a diet. Through the diet, you feel better; physical activity does not decrease. Moderate exercise is recommended to speed up weight loss and avoid sagging skin.

Such a diet allows you to lose 10 kg or more; only you will decide when to stop losing weight and return to a regular diet.

The first choice of diet

  • Morning – dried fruit pulp or green tea, but without added sugar, salad, or boiled egg.
  • Day – cooked cabbage fried with zucchini, boiled chicken (100 g), kefir (200 g).
  • Snack – fresh pumpkin pot with honey.
  • Evening – Prepare boiled cauliflower.

Another diet option

  • Morning – boil the beets and season with a little sour cream.
  • Snack – fresh salad with celery and carrots; use flaxseed or olive oil for dressing.
  • Day – make soup with cabbage, tomatoes, and carrots, 2 slices of black bread.
  • Snack – low-fat cottage cheese (100 g).
  • Evening – prepare a fresh salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and herbs, seasoned with linseed or olive oil, boiled zucchini, cabbage, and tomatoes.
  • Before going to bed – low-fat kefir (200 g).

A well-formulated vegetarian diet combined with moderate fresh fruit and protein consumption produces excellent results. In a short time, you can get a slim figure and lose your current weight.

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