3 Signs Indicating Your Elderly Loved One is Becoming Frail

There is nothing more important than family. No matter what happens, at the end of the day, your family is your family. It doesn’t matter if you are having arguments or falling out over something petty; it is still important that you care and love each other. However, this is something that most people will do without any sort of hesitation, which is great. Even when you have known someone all your life, it can be difficult when they are struggling. After all, a lot of people can often try to hide this from their loved ones. We describe in this article 3 signs indicating your elderly loved one is becoming frail.

This is especially the case when you are talking about elderly family members. Of course, when people age, they become more and more frail. However, from the outside looking in, it can often be difficult to identify this. So how can you tell that your elderly loved ones are becoming more frail? There are some signs that you could be looking out for to help out. If you are unsure of what these signs might be, here are some examples.

Mobility Issues

When you are out and about with your loved one, be sure to watch out to see how they are doing with their mobility. For the vast majority of elderly people, this is one of the early signs that they are beginning to become more frail. Of course, there is a slim chance that they are going to be moving as well as they did in their 20s. However, be sure to watch out for more serious issues. This could include pain during movement or stiffness. If you feel like this is something your loved one is beginning to suffer from, there are things you can do to help. Mobility scooters are a good option for you to invest in. This can make your loved one feel more comfortable and relaxed while they are moving around.


If you are looking for mental signs that your elderly loved one is becoming frail, you might want to look out for confusion. Of course, as people age, their mind is not as sharp as it might have once been. If you are beginning to notice they are getting confused more often and at simpler things, this could be a sign worth paying attention to.

Lack of Honesty

There is a good chance that your elderly loved one is not going to want to worry you. This might mean that if they are dealing with some frailty issues, they might not be too quick to tell you about it. If you feel like they are hiding things from you and not being honest, this isn’t a good sign. Make it known that you want to know of any issues they might be dealing with. Try to be reassuring and patient during this time. It can often be difficult for elderly people to admit such things, especially to a close loved one. Be sure you assure them you can work through it together.

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