Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles: Should You Buy Used or Brand New?

If you or someone close to you has a physical disability that means they regularly use a wheelchair, you might be considering whether or not to buy wheelchair adapted vehicles. Perhaps you have seen some different models and test drive a few, but how do you decide if you should choose to buy a new or a used vehicle? This short guide will outline the advantages and disadvantages of both new and used wheelchair-adapted vehicles to help you make up your own mind with as much information as possible.

What Are Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles?

Wheelchair-adapted vehicles are cars that are either designed or modified to accommodate a wheelchair user and their chair comfortably and safely inside for road journeys. There are many features of a wheelchair-adapted vehicle that differ from regular cars, such as wider doors, access ramps, lifts, winches, and additional floor space.

The Advantages of Used Vehicles

The advantages of buying you or your loved one a used wheelchair-adapted vehicle include the reduced cost and the increased reliability. If a car has been out for more than a year or two, chances are that it has proven itself to be safe on the roads. Also, a used car will make less of a dent in your budget since it hasn’t just rolled off the assembly line. You can take a look at some used wheelchair accessible vehicles and see what catches your eye. It is also worth noting that used vehicles often make less of an impact on the environment since they don’t directly invest in the new motor industry.

The Advantages of New Vehicles

A new wheelchair-adapted vehicle can offer you and your loved one a more glamorous and fresh-feeling car with the most updated technological specifications. If you are someone who appreciates gadgetry and clever devices, new wheelchair-adapted vehicles are more likely to have these as standard.

The Disadvantages of Used Vehicles

Used wheelchair-adapted vehicles can sometimes be a bit worse for wear and, therefore, less visually appealing as an object. They can also come with their own previous issues since they are not freshly built.

Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles
Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles

The Disadvantages of New Vehicles

One of the major drawbacks that comes with buying your very own new wheelchair adapted vehicle is the matter of the cost. Unless you are particularly financially stable, it is often not as affordable to buy a new car instead of buying a used one. A new vehicle can also be less reliable depending on how many users have previously bought the same or similar models and what their reviews might be. For example, buying a used and older car means that you can find out more about its reliability by referring to the reviews of other drivers. When a car is newly released, these reviews are few and far between.Hopefully, this brief guide has helped you to consider your options and decide whether you should buy a used or a new wheelchair-adapted vehicle.

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