Cute gifts options for New Year

Cute gift options for New Year; popular ideas for cute gifts and compositions for the New Year for children and adults. Master class in making edible gifts.

Sweet gifts for the New Year are pastries, candies, and other sweets presented on holidays as souvenirs. You can buy them at the store, but it’s cheaper and tastier to cook them yourself. We offer options for sweet Christmas gifts for children, which are easy to prepare at home.

Cute gifts options for New Year

Can give many edible gifts for New Year 2023 to children. Cookies, candies, sweet compositions, and miniature marshmallows are perfect souvenirs. Making an edible New Year’s gift with your own hands is not difficult.

 Consider which options are suitable for homemade production:

  • Cookies with icing … To cook, you need butter, flour, eggs, and sugar. The elastic dough is kneaded from these ingredients; numbers are rolled out and cut out, then baked at a temperature of 180-200 degrees. Finished cookies are decorated with protein glaze. You can put jam or jam inside. The child is given a gift in a box. The cakes can be hung on the tree as toys.
  • Snowflakes on a Christmas tree made of waffles … If you have a waffle maker at home, use it to make homemade waffles in the shape of snowflakes or frosting patterns. You can put them in a beautiful box and present them for the New Year or hang them on a Christmas tree. To do this, holes are made in the waffles, and thread or ribbon is threaded through them.
  • Sweet snowballs … The cookies do not need baking. It is made from butter, icing sugar, egg yolk, and flour. Knead the dough from the ingredients, shape them into balls and refrigerate. Can roll the finished snowball in coconut flakes. Place the snowballs in a glass or clear plastic gift wrap.
  • Stuffed muffins … If you love to bake, you can make sweet gifts for the New Year 2023 in the form of homemade muffins with fruit, berries, or marmalade filling. Tangerine slices, banana slices, and jam are great for filling baked goods. Sprinkle the icing sugar over the cakes and serve on a plate or in a box.
  • Gingerbread with glaze … This is a popular New Year’s treat. Gingerbread cookies are decorated with colored glaze; they are hung on Christmas trees instead of toys. Products are cooked with honey, jam, or jam is put inside. The shape of the gingerbread can be different: stars, snowflakes, Santas, months, hearts, etc.
  • Candied Fruit … If you have a pretty glass jar, pack homemade candied oranges or other fruit in it. Candied fruit is slices of fruit in sugar syrup.
  • Cream balls … These are unique products; for the preparation of which, you need to beat egg whites with sugar and a balloon. Inflate the balloon slightly to make it bulky and bouncy. Whip the protein and sugar into a foam and place them in a pastry bag. Squeeze the protein onto the ball’s surface with thin threads and intertwine them in a pattern. Leave a small hole on one side of the ball. When the protein dries, cut the way with a cotton swab. Blow out the balloon with a needle and remove it from the craft. Decorate the item as you wish. DIY cute New Year’s gifts in a beautifully decorated box.
  • Homemade sweets … Today, you can find many recipes for healthy homemade sweets. If you have a box of store-bought chocolate left at home, put homemade gifts in it and give it to the children for the New Year. Healthy, natural, loving treats are always better than store-bought.
  • Nuts with honey and dried fruit … Vitamin mixes strengthen the immune system and are very popular with children. They are easy to prepare. Mix different nuts and jars of dried fruit in a pot, and pour the mixture with natural honey. Close the jar, and decorate it with ribbons and beads.
  • I Can add Food gifts for the New Year to tea mixes. They need packaging (bag, plastic, or glass container), good black or green tea, and natural spices. The ingredients are placed in a box or jar in order: do not try to mix them. The aroma of tea and herbs should be in harmony with each other. Tie the package with ribbon or twine.
  • Fruit Combinations … Everyone loves exotic fruits. You can use them to create gift combinations for the New Year theme. For example, lay snowflakes from tangerine slices. Pineapple, kiwi, lime, strawberry, and coconut are suitable as a gift.

Of course, you can buy a sweet gift for the New Year, but for the recipient, it will not be as valuable as the one made with your own hands. You can add composite drawings from separate cute elements—more options for cute gifts from several items.

Sweet composition for the New Year

Use cakes, muffins, candy, frosting, and other decorations to create unusual New Year’s gifts. If these are sweets, they are ideal for tea on the festive table.

What are the options for cute gifts for children for the New Year?

  • Snowmen … The perfect solution for small portion gifts for children. To make it, you need white marshmallows and some melted chocolate or icing—string 3 marshmallows on a stick or toothpick. On the top piece, draw the snowman’s eyes, mouth, and nose with drops of icing. In the middle, describe the arms as twigs. Serve snowmen in a jar, glass, or ice maker. You can sprinkle coconut around to simulate snow.
  • Candy sled … To prepare, you need a lollipop in the form of pins with twisted ends, a wide chocolate candy like “Gulliver,” several more miniature candies of different lengths, ribbon for dressing, and tape. Tie the candy to a wide candy with stripes, and place the rest of the candy in a pyramid on top. Secure the structure with ribbon, and decorate with a bow on top. You can put a chocolate Santa or other toy on the sleigh. An edible sled can be an excellent addition to a more significant gift.
  • Cute Christmas baubles … This combination can be a stand-alone gift or a regular Christmas tree toy. Take a clear plastic ball to make it. Fill it with layers of sweets. It can be cocoa, coconut flakes, chocolate, candies, and marshmallows. The toy looks great if the layers are in different shades. For example, the bottom can be made of cocoa or chopped chocolate, the middle is made of candy in bright packaging, and the top is made of marshmallows or marshmallows. When the gift is ready, you put the lid in and decorate it with a ribbon.
  • Fruit bouquet … The composition looks fabulous in a red cap for Santa Claus. If this element is not found at home, sew it from red fabric. Put fruit in a hat, and decorate the gift with spruce. If it’s a grown-up gift, complement the bouquet with delicacies, gourmet spices, or other rare items.
  • A Christmas tree made of cookies … For a sweet gift, bake thin gingerbread or star-shaped cookies of different sizes. Cover each with colored protein or chocolate frosting. Place smaller ones on giant gears so that the teeth do not overlap. Decorate the gift with cranberries or lingonberries, colorful little sweets.
  • Cute basket … Lay corrugated paper and Christmas tree branches at the bottom. Place sweets, decorative items in the form of coins, and New Year’s figures in the basket. Rosettes can be made from pieces of cloth and chocolate and placed in the basket. Decorate the gift with golden ribbons and balls. As a modern addition, jewelry, money, key rings, and other trinkets are suitable.
  • A cute Christmas tree … It is easy to break a tree made of chocolate on a frame. Take cardboard as a base, and make a cone out of it. Glue the candy to it in a spiral with thin tape. Place green Christmas tree rain between the cute lines. Such a gift looks impressive.
  • Candy clock … If you have an old wall clock at home, use it to make a gift. You need cardboard, thin sweets, red ribbon, and decorations for this. Cut a circle from cardboard with the same diameter as a clock. Place the watch on the cardboard. Glue a strip of paper to the base to support the structure. Attach the sweets with tape, placing them vertically, close to each other. It would help if you got a round box with the dial. Decorate the clock with a pine cone, a Christmas tree branch, and a ball.
  • Chocolate suitcase … This original gift is suitable for a boy or teenager. It will require chocolates in various sizes and a small bag. Place dark cream paper inside. Put the candy inside without wrapping. You can add some sweets in gold or silver wrappers for a change. Check if the issue closes.
  • Snowflake … For a gift, you need white and blue corrugated paper, marshmallows, and marshmallows in blue and white. It is not difficult to make a composition. Make a broad base from several layers of corrugated paper like a bouquet. At the bottom, fasten it with tape. Place marshmallows and marshmallows inside, alternating between white and blue candies. Decorate the composition with pastry.
  • Santa Claus Kinder Surprise … For the composition, you need 5-6 Kinder surprise eggs, a chocolate Santa Claus, a small cardboard box, red paper, and decorations. Decorate the box with red paper or cloth, ribbon, and glitter. Place Santa inside and secure him with a ribbon. Add a gentler surprise in the form of a flower. Glue the Christmas tree rain, fir branches, or other decorative elements between them.

Today, there are many online stores where you can buy cute gifts for the New Year 2023. But it is easier and cheaper to make them yourself. It will require a little imagination, your favorite sweets, and New Year’s tinsel.

Cute gifts options for New Year
Cute gifts options for New Year

Unique sweet gifts for the New Year

If you want to make your child happy, make them a unique gift for something they cannot find in the store. We offer a selection of simple and effective surprises for sweet tables.

Chocolate spoon

For toddlers, make spoons filled with chocolate and other tasty additions.

To prepare a surprise, you will need:

  • Plastic or gift spoon (depending on how will present the gift is);
  • Chocolate (store-bought or homemade);
  • Candy decorations.

Method of preparation:

  • Melt the chocolate in a water bath.
  • If you add additives, do it while the chocolate is still fresh.
  • Pour the prepared mass into a spoon.
  • When the chocolate hardens, sprinkle with pastry or Easter powder marshmallows.
  • Put the spoons in the refrigerator to solidify the mass completely.
  • Get the spoons out before you celebrate. Wrap the gift box and decorate with ribbon. If the candy is for a sweet table, place it near the plates.

Please do not keep the chocolate hot for too long, or it may melt.

Sprinkle with chocolate chips

A unique gift that will appeal to children of all ages.

To cook, you will need:

  • Cardboard, colored paper, glue, and tape to make boxes;
  • Sweet straw;
  • Chocolate, candy powder.

Method of preparation:

  • Glue a small cardboard box. Think about its design and decoration.
  • Cover with red paper on top, and attach gift ribbons.
  • Melt the chocolate.
  • Dip straws in it.
  • Immediately dip the workpiece into the candy powder.
  • Once the chocolate has set, place the straw in the box.

The gift is ready. Please bring it to your child or put it on the table.

Chocolate with inscription

A unique gift can be a chocolate bar with an inscription on a glaze.

For production, you will need:

  • Chocolate;
  • Egg white;
  • Sugar;
  • Shape for chocolate.

Method of preparation:

  • Melt the chocolate in a water bath.
  • Let it cool, and put it in the refrigerator.
  • Once the chocolate has formed, could you remove it from the mold?
  • Beat the protein and sugar into a thick foam.
  • Put the icing in a piping bag.
  • Squeeze the icing onto the chocolate in a thin stream and reveal the inscription (congratulations, wishes, baby’s name, etc.).
  • Let the glaze harden.

As a decoration, you can make a white chocolate decoration on the tile. Sprinkle the ingredients with crushed nuts. Wrap the chocolate in aluminum foil or colored paper, and tie it with a ribbon.

Minecraft candy

Kids’ favorite game, Minecraft, can become an incentive to make a New Year’s gift.

To make candy, stock up on:

  • Wooden spear;
  • Marshmallows;
  • Candy powder of different shades;
  • White and dark chocolate.

Method of preparation:

  • Put the marshmallows on a skewer.
  • Melt the white chocolate.
  • Dip the candy into the chocolate.
  • Dip them in powder. Choose a different color for each candy.
  • Melt the dark chocolate in a water bath as well.
  • Lay out the parchment, and place chocolate figures on it.
  • Wait for them to freeze.
  • Separate the figures from the parchment and transfer them to the candy.

Put candy in a cup.

Christmas wreath

Can hang this kind of gift on a Christmas tree, on the wall in a room, or as a gift to relatives.

For production, take:

  • Strong wire;
  • Sweets in multicolored packaging;
  • Green rain for decoration.

Method of preparation:

  • Roll the wire into a circle, and secure the edges.
  • Attach 2-3 layers of candy to the wire with threads.
  • Tie green rain between them in a spiral.
  • Decorate the Christmas wreath with red bows.
  • To hang it from a peg, tie a ribbon to it.

Pineapple sweets

Take a cardboard glass or a bottle of champagne as a gift. It all depends on what the present is.

You will also need:

  • Round chocolate wrapped in yellow foil;
  • Green plastic bottle;
  • Glue gun.

Method of preparation:

  • Use a glue gun to glue the bottle or tube of candy so that there are no gaps between them. To avoid ruining the bottle, you can wrap it in cardboard or paper.
  • Cut pineapple leaves from a green plastic bottle.
  • Use a glue gun to stick them on top.

The gift is ready. You can put it in your fruit bouquet.


There are many ideas for New Year’s cute gifts. You can buy edible cute gifts for the New Year, but your love and soul are invested in homemade surprises. Focus on your imagination and the materials. Sometimes I Can use simple things to create absolute masterpieces.


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