Take protein correctly

Take protein correctly; how can I correct it? Figure out the time to consume protein to maximize the process of metabolism and minimize the breakdown. Protein compounds are the basis of all tissues in our body. However, only one structural function inherent in proteins is not enough. It is known that all protein compounds are composed of amines, which break down in the digestive system.

After that, the body begins to produce the protein types it needs from free amino acid compounds. These can be, for example, transport proteins. Thus, proteins perform various bodily functions, for example, transport, construction, energy, etc. Scientists have studied all nutrients well, and today we know what benefits or harms each can have.

However, a few decades ago, no one thought about when and which protein was most effective. With this approach to the use of protein supplements, you can get maximum results. Let’s figure out how to take protein correctly.

How to take protein correctly?


Now scientists can state that the daily dose of protein compounds for humans is 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. This amount of protein does not deplete the body of amines and usually works. At the same time, this will not be enough for athletes because they not only need to achieve normal body functions but also gain weight.

Scientists have also found an answer to this question – the daily dose of protein compounds for athletes is from two to a half grams per kilogram of body weight. The more you weigh, the more protein you need to consume. Here I also want to say that some bodybuilders forget that with an increase in body weight (after all, muscles grow), increasing the dose of proteins is necessary. That’s why they can plateau.

Type and time of entry

We have already noted that there are different protein mixes: complex, fast and slow. Whey proteins are short proteins that require a maximum of a few tens of minutes to digest. It is whey protein that is best suited for gaining mass. You need to take it two or three times during the day. Should take the first dose in the morning to stop the anabolic response. After that, you need a quick protein supplement before training (60 minutes) and also after it.

Complex protein supplements contain a mixture of several proteins with different absorption rates. In addition to whey proteins, they often have eggs and casein. In addition, the presence of soy protein is also possible. As a result, after using complex food supplements, you quickly provide your body with protein and maintain the source of amino acids for a long time.

Should take these supplements a few hours before exercise or between meals. Whey protein should be preferred after training is completed. The last type of supplement is casein or slow protein. The body processes this type of protein compound in six to eight hours. The best time to take casein is in the evening, closer to sleep. So you can slow down the metabolic processes that start to become active in the body at night.

Take protein correctly
Take protein correctly

How to take whey protein correctly?

Whey protein comes in three forms: Hydrolysate, concentrate, and isolate. The first type is processed the fastest in the body, but the cost is relatively high. For this reason, concentration and isolation are most popular among athletes.

The isolate is cleaned more thoroughly during production and is low in fat and carbohydrates. The thickness is somewhat inferior in this indicator. Still, it is pretty compelling, and, among other things, its cost is low.

Whey protein isolates should be taken 20-30 minutes before and after training. The speed of their adaptation is not significant. Hydrolysate is mainly used by athletes who have problems with their digestive system or are not interested in the cost of the product.

For most athletes, concentration or isolation is sufficient. These types of protein are pretty effective, and you can limit yourself to them. All kinds of whey protein compounds have a complete amino acid profile, which is essential because when used, the body will not experience a lack of free amines.

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