Cheese yeast buns

Cheese yeast buns unpretentious unsweetened soft cheesecake buns with surprisingly aromatic crumbs can be served for breakfast with sweet tea or coffee, for an afternoon snack with a glass of milk, or for lunch with a hot first course.

Buns with any filling fit perfectly into any event, whether it’s a regular family dinner, holiday, or guest meeting. You can take them with you to work, to nature, or to take your child to school. Such buns are made from any dough, but yeast is most often used. The filling can also be very different, for example sweet (chocolate, jam, fruit, etc.), cheese, nut, meat, vegetables, mushrooms, and cheese. Today we will defend the recipe for cheese balls made of yeast. It is very easy to make them at home on your own and without putting much effort into you.

Baking according to this recipe always comes out fragrant and lush. But, like all recipes, it has certain secrets. First, so that the dough does not stick to your hands, it must be sprinkled with flour. For this purpose, the tabletop is also sprinkled when the dough is kneaded and rolled out. Secondly, you do not need to put a lot of filling, otherwise, the dough will “bind” badly to each other and it will flow out during baking. However, this does not apply to the cheese filling used in this recipe, because the cheese melts anyway. Third, in order for the buns to come off easily after baking, they must first be greased with vegetables or melted butter.

 This will give them an extra gold crust cheese yeast buns

  • Caloric content per 100 g – 270 kcal.
  • Dosage – 10
  • Cooking time – 1 hour and 45 minutes


  • Wheat – 1 tbsp.
  • Vegetable oil – 30 ml
  • Sugar – 1 tsp
  • Salt – pinch
  • Hot water – 0.5 tbsp.
  • Hard cheese – 500 g
Cheese yeast buns
Cheese yeast buns

Step-by-step preparation of cheese yeast buns

  • Sift the flour through a fine iron sieve to enrich it with oxygen.
  • Add sugar and yeast to the flour and mix all the dry ingredients together.
  • Add a little flour to the flour and pour into hot water.
  • Begin to knead the dough and gradually add the vegetable oil.
  • Knead elastic dough that does not stick to the sides and hands.
  • Cover the bowl with the dough with a towel and leave it in a warm place. After half an hour, the yeast starts to work, and the dough doubles in volume.
  • After that, knead the dough again and divide it into equal 10 parts. Roll each piece into a ball and roll it into a thin round sheet with a rolling pin.
  • Put cheese in the middle of the dough and grate it on a coarse grater.
  • Attach the edges of the dough so that the cheese is inside the cup.
  • Roll out the cup with a rolling pin so that the cheese mixes into the dough.
  • Put the pile of grated cheese back in the middle of the flatbread.
  • Lift the edges of the dough and hold them tightly together.
  • Line a baking tray with parchment paper and brush with vegetable oil. Place the shaped buns on top of it with the seam side down and brush with butter to create a golden-brown crust. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top of the buns if desired.
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and send the products in the oven for half an hour. When the top is golden, remove the baking tray from the oven, allow the dough to cool slightly, and serve on the table.

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