Just Falafel gives Traditional Street Food a Modern Makeover

Just Falafel, the largest expanding falafel restaurant group in the world offers a diverse range of fresh, delicious and highly nutritious falafel dishes, rich in colour, texture and taste. But what is falafel? Pronounced 'fa-LA-fel', falafel is a traditional street food thousands of years old, originating from the Middle East and enjoyed around the world. A great choice for a side dish, main course or snack, falafels are scrumptious round golden-brown croquettes, crispy and crunchy on the outside, warm and moist on the inside.

  • 18/11/2013

The Science of Cooking the Perfect Curry

Whether you prefer a Masala or Madras, eat it once a month or twice a week, Brits can't resist a curry. Packed full of delicious flavours and authentic spices, the infamous dish has become increasingly popular in the UK and is now part of the nation's staple diet. Perhaps the most essential component in Britain's favourite dish is Basmati rice- the one ingredient that can make or break your meal.

  • 01/11/2013

Chicken Katsu - The YO! Sushi Way

First launched back in April this year, SUPER MEGA KATSU CURRY is the ultimate in yum and takes the classic Katsu curry and supersizes it to make it MEGA. Priced at just £7 each, this main meal bowl from YO! Sushi celebrates the authentic Japanese Katsu Curry with the traditional chicken recipe available also as prawn or tofu versions. And now, thanks to YO! Sushi, with this recipe you can make your own Chicken Katsu and simply serve with rice for National Katsu Curry Week.

  • 29/10/2013

Have You Discovered Kale Yet?

When it comes to greens a lot of the time it is easier to opt for something a little easier when you are unsure of how to cook other options. Curly Kale is in abundance at present due to it being in season and this lovely green leafed vegetable deserves so much more than a quick boil in a pan of water before being served on the side of your Sunday roast. So if you are stuck for idea then Discover Kale has a few tasty recipes to make sure you are getting the most out of this 'Super Green'.

  • 27/10/2013

James Bond Themed 'Live and Let Die' Cocktail at Half Moon

To celebrate the publication of the new James Bond novel 'Solo' and the 40th anniversary of the release of the film 'Live and Let Die', Half Moon, the luxury resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica has introduced a new 'Live and Let Die' cocktail. Scenes from the 1973 film starring Roger Moore were shot in Cottage 10 at Half Moon and in the film the cottage featured as Bond's room on the island of San Monique, where he encounters a snake in the bathroom and finds Rosie Carver checked in as 'Mrs Bond'.

  • 27/10/2013

Dr. Oetker Commission Stacie Stewart to Create Un-Official Royal Baby Christening Cake

To celebrate one of the most anticipated Royal arrivals for 30 years, the UK's biggest and best loved baking brand has commissioned celebrity baker Stacie Stewart to create the (un)official Christening cake for HRH Prince George Alexander Louis Windsor. Leeds based baking expert Dr. Oetker designed a cake fit for a future king - just in time for the Christening.

  • 14/10/2013

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