Lipstick for blondes: What color lipstick is best for blondes?

Lipstick for blondes; how to choose? What lipsticks are suitable for blondes, depending on the color of the eyes and hair, the primary shades, and the rules for their use in makeup for blonde women, fashionable lipsticks from 2022? Lipstick for blondes is a tool that will help emphasize lips and make an expressive accent in makeup. There is no universal color that would suit all blonde women. It would help if you chose a shade of lipstick based on the color type, lip shape, time of day, and clothing.

What color lipstick is best for blondes?

The concept of blonde includes several basic tones of the hair. She is light blonde, honey or wheat, and ashy. A specific shade of lipstick should match each of these colors. The choice of this makeup product also depends on the eyes’ color, the lips’ fullness, and skin tone.

Lipstick for blondes with brown eyes

As a rule, brown eyes are found in natural blondes with screaming hair. The traditional lipstick palette includes beige, brown, bronze, and peach, gold. For such women, lipstick in a hot pink shade with a drop of gold of varying intensity depending on the time of day is suitable. Coral and orange lipsticks will look good if you have dark or tan skin. For evening makeup, you can use a rich plum color and brown lipsticks. The classic evening makeup – red lipstick – can also be used with brown-eyed blondes. Try to avoid sheer gloss and fabulous pink Barbie lipstick.

Lipstick for blondes with blue eyes

To create successful makeup, “classic” blondes need to coordinate eye shadow with their natural hair color. Honey curls and blue eyes are perfectly accentuated by a lipstick of pink flesh and a coral shade. Ash blondes with blue eyes can use peach or coral lipstick for daily makeup.

If you are tanned, peach, apricot, and coral tones also look good. If the hair is almost white, you can highlight the lips with golden, beige, light red, matte lipstick. Evening makeup involves the use of richer lipstick colors. Red lipstick is great for blue-eyed blondes, especially those with porcelain pink skin. You can use berry and wine tones. Cherry and plum colors are suitable for ash hair. Lingo berry and Burgundy tones. You can use Pink pearl lipstick shades to create a fresh and romantic evening look.

Do not highlight the lips with too dark lipsticks.

Lipstick for blondes with green eyes

Green-eyed blondes are advised to use warm shades in their makeup, including lipstick. The cold ones will age. For daytime makeup, a light pink or pink-gold lipstick is ideal. At night you can use brighter coral tones. For honey, soft blond hair, green eyes, and “warm” skin muted orange lipstick is suitable.

If you have fair skin, use peach and pale pink lipstick. For tanned skin, a beige shade of lipstick is suitable.

For platinum hair and green eyes, go for rich red and pink. It would help if you did not use saturated raspberry or cherry tones lipstick or “heavy” purple and purple colors, even for evening makeup.

Lipstick for blondes with gray eyes

Grey-eyed blondes can generally follow the same makeup guidelines as blue-eyed blondes. For light blonde and golden hair, pink nude lipsticks are suitable daily. If you have gray eyes and gray hair, you should focus your makeup on your eyes or lips to avoid looking faded. Pink lipstick should contain some gold, and a matte bronzer shade is also suitable. For warm skin tones, gray eyes, and coarse hair, you can use coral shades of lipstick every day.

For evening makeup, such women will suit red and wine-saturated lipstick colors.

What color lipstick suits blondes

Depending on the shade of the hair, a blonde can use a broad palette of lipsticks – from bright red to muted beige. But almost no blonde woman has a bright, rich purple color on her lips. It gives the skin a veiny look and the hair a dull and “dirty” look.

Red lipstick for blondes

The bold, classic red lipstick is the perfect choice for blondes with fair skin and eyes. Matte red colors look great as part of evening makeup. You should also consider the color type of the blonde. If you have a warm skin tone and light blonde golden curls, you belong to the “spring” type. Women with ash and white hair and porcelain skin are considered “summer.” Gold is suitable for “spring,” red lipsticks with an orange tint, brick, and coral. For “summer” you can use a “cold” red, for example, scarlet. Red lipstick with an orange undertone and juicy strawberry red will help create an attractive and slightly romantic evening look for blondes. For owners of ashen hair, it is recommended to use brighter shades of red. It can be scarlet or cherry red.

The red lipstick itself is very bright and eye-catching. Therefore, it is recommended to use a matte finish, especially for women of mature age. Young fair-haired girls can paint their lips with shiny red lipstick, but only as an addition to an evening look. For daytime makeup, thick red lipstick on the lips of a blonde will look inappropriate and heavy. Therefore, using a light red glaze with a translucent texture is better. As a rule, makeup with red lipstick does not tolerate other accents on the face, except for the lips. But when it comes to evening makeup, you can highlight the eyes a little brighter. To create a deadly evening look, you need a black pencil, dark gray and beige shadows, and red lipstick.

We use cosmetics for evening makeup according to the following instructions:

  • Cleanse the face thoroughly with water or toner.
  • We shave the skin and apply the foundation, gently blending it along the hair growth and in the transition zone to the neck.
  • Apply a translucent powder with the appropriate tone.
  • We put blush on the cheekbones. Depending on hair and skin tone, their color can range from peach to coral.
  • Apply a beige shadow on the upper eyelid with an applicator or a brush.
  • We put a dark shadow in the outer corner and gently shaded them.
  • Carefully draw the arrows with a black pencil or eyeliner along the growth line of the eyelashes.
  • Use mascara; comb them with a special brush.
  • Use a contour pencil, darker than lipstick, and outline the lips.
  • Apply lipstick with a brush, starting from the center and moving towards the lips.
  • Dry the first layer with a paper napkin.
  • Apply another layer of lipstick in the same way as the first.

To create daytime makeup with red lipstick, the emphasis on the eyes should be minimal. It is best to leave them natural with a light touch of eyelashes. Maximum – you can draw small arrows with a black pencil or eyeliner.

Day makeup with red lipstick for blondes:

  • We start by cleansing the skin and applying foundation to the face.
  • We use a slight blush of a muted natural shade on the cheeks and cheekbones.
  • Apply the contact lens to the upper eyelid as close to the lash line as possible.
  • Use black mascara.
  • Use a contour pencil a shade darker than your lipstick and carefully line your lips.
  • Apply lipstick with a brush from the center of the upper lip to the corners. We also put the product on the lower lip.

Makeup experts strongly recommend using a pencil when wearing red lipstick, as this color requires a perfectly smooth and expressive look. Also, remember that a red shade works best on a face with perfect skin. Therefore, apply foundation and concealer carefully if you have cosmetic imperfections on your face.

Pink lipstick sunglasses for blondes

Of course, the “crown” shade of lipstick for most blondes is pink, and its many shades. The cosmetic bag should contain at least two shades of pink lipstick – for evening and daytime makeup. Pink lipstick should not be too thick “acrylic” layer on the lips. It is preferred if it has a soft sheen and a wet sheen. Don’t give up on matte pink lipsticks. They are capable of making a blonde’s face look tired and sore. Pink lipsticks saturated with mother of pearl, especially in calm tones, have long gone out of fashion. They not only return the owner of such products to the 80s of the last century but also give a vein to the face. Pink lipstick in natural tones is ideal for daytime makeup for blondes of any color. The natural style lacks brightness. It is muted and has a mixture of a brownish or gray color; it is as close to the skin color as possible. You can apply this lipstick even without using a lip liner. To find the best shade for your skin type, makeup artists recommend biting your lip. After the blood rushes to them, you see a shadow you need. Blondes should be wary of pink lipsticks with a touch of fuchsia or white and pink. As a rule, these colors look provocative and vulgar, especially on tanned skin. They “significantly reduce the cost” of the film. Trendy berry blonde lipsticks are great for many blondes. Pay attention to the colors “raspberry,” “strawberry,” and “berry.” However, such sunglasses do not withstand competition on the face. Therefore, should minimize the eyes to a minimum. Young blondes can use the so-called “baby pink” lipstick.

Underneath summer tanned skin, most blondes will go for a fresh pink lipstick every day. This color will make your lips look fuller, fresher, and softer. To add volume, you can apply a transparent gloss over the lipstick.

Pink lipstick is perfect for blondes for little makeup. This makeup is ideal in summer. Suitable for themed parties and creates a bright evening look. To make it, we need the following tools and equipment: cream shadow (you can use a small amount of glitter), false eyelashes, glue for them and mascara, black eyeliner or pencil, pink lipstick, contour pencil one shade darker than the main product, blush, foundation, highlight.

 The makeup application process is as follows:

  • We clean the skin of the face, apply a foundation, and pay special attention to problem areas.
  • We treat the area around the eyes with a corrector or concealer and carefully shade the border.
  • Apply shadow to the moving part of the upper eyelid.
  • Draw straight arrows along the lash line. In the outer corner, we draw a long tail, which should be a smooth continuation of the main line.
  • We paint our eyelashes with mascara and glue them on false eyelashes. To create a little makeup style, the eyelashes must be thick and lush.
  • We draw eyebrows with shadows or a special pencil.
  • Apply pink blush on the cheek area.
  • Draw a clear pink outline around the lips.
  • We cover the entire surface of the lips with pink lipstick with a brush.
  • We emphasize the prominent part of the cheekbones with a highlight. If desired, apply it under the brow bone and on the area above the upper lip to give it more volume.
Lipstick for blondes
Lipstick for blondes

Dark lipstick for blondes

The dark shades of the lipstick include wine and burgundy shades that are in fashion this season. They adorn the stunning evening makeup of platinum blondes with pale skin. It is perfect to use these colors to complete the autumn and winter makeup.

Blondes with warm skin and golden curls can experiment with burgundy. And the ladies of the excellent color type will face rich plum tones.

However, you should not go light with too dark lipsticks. If you overdo it, your lips will look “dirty, ” making your makeup noticeably heavier.

But burgundy lipsticks with a matte finish look pretty fresh and expensive. With their help, you can create the image of a femme fatale without using more expressive makeup tools. For special occasions, you can use dark glossy shades. These lipsticks will glisten on the lips. But at the same time, it is essential to choose the right clothes so as not to look rude. Blondes should not use dark brown lipstick. They add age significantly. Makeup with dark lipstick can be evening, themed, and extravagant, depending on its color and combination with eye makeup. Every makeup should start by balancing the overall tone of the face and eliminating cosmetics. This rule is especially true if you wear dark lipstick. It will vividly highlight facial imperfections.

The general arrangement of such makeup is as follows:

  • We clean the skin on the face.
  • Apply foundation for makeup and layer foundation on top.
  • Powder the face with translucent powder.
  • If necessary, use a highlighter on the prominent parts of the face and a dark powder for contouring. It would help if you did not get involved with these funds. Light, barely noticeable strokes are enough; otherwise, the makeup will look rude.
  • Apply foundation to the upper eyelid.
  • We use pastel shade – shade them carefully over the upper movable eyelid.
  • Draw straight arrows along the growth line with an eyeliner or black pencil.
  • We paint the eyelashes with mascara with extra volume.
  • Be sure to accentuate the brow line a few shades darker than your hair color.
  • Apply a moisturizing balm to the lips, then make up the model’s base.
  • Lighten the outline with a corrector. If that’s not on hand, use a lip liner to match your lipstick or a sheer one. Be sure to shade the line.
  • Apply lipstick with a brush. If it is not available, you can use your fingertips. We start from the upper lip – from the center to the corners. We repeat the application process on the lower lip.
  • If the color is not too bright for you, dry your lips with a paper towel and reapply your lipstick.

This makeup is suitable for an evening in winter or autumn. In the summer, blondes are advised to use lighter lip options.

Trendy lipsticks for blondes in 2022

In 2022, blondes can experiment with looks. Designers and makeup artists allow you to do this in any color combination.

The trendy shades of the products in the new season will be:

  • Nude … Aristocratic bleach is excellent for ash blondes. Nude lipsticks are sure to hold top positions for several years. Beige sunglasses are considered classic; they go well with any clothing style and add romance and tenderness to the image. These lipsticks are exceptionally well combined with eyes painted using the Smokey ice technique.
  • Coral … This is a versatile lipstick for blondes. They are great for creating summer makeup and match almost any color type.
  • Plum … The main characteristic of such a lipstick in the new season is not gothic and gloom but tenderness and softness.
  • Pink neon or baby pink … Another “crown” color of blondes, especially young and extravagant ones. The appropriate level in the new season is pink and changes to orange on the lips. It is best to use matte lipstick.
  • Burgundy … In 2022, tones from delicate wine to the darkest possible are relevant. Great for creating an elegant look.
  • Red … A timeless classic perfect for rock beauty makeup. A “whitewashed” face with bright red lips looks bold and unconventional.


Choosing a lipstick of the appropriate shade and texture for blondes is essential based on the color of your hair, skin, and eyes. Very few shades look bad on the lips of fair-haired women, so the scope for experimentation when choosing lipstick is enormous.

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