Chamomile for face and body masks

Chamomile; what are the benefits for the face and body? Field chamomile is one of the most effective and affordable cosmetic products used on face and body skin. The humble chamomile is a versatile and highly effective cosmetic product. The benefits of this plant for the skin of the body and face are, in fact, undeniable and have proven their effectiveness for more than a dozen years. It is a cheap and simple medicine with an antiseptic, moisturizing, refreshing, and regenerating effect.

Useful properties of chamomile

Simple apothecary chamomile has long been known for its healing and healing properties. Not only in public but also in folk medicine, including cosmetology, lotions, infusions, and decoctions from this plant, are widely used.

The great popularity of beautiful wildflowers is due to several valuable properties and effects of the medicinal plant on the skin of the body and face:

  • Reliable protection of the skin against the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation is provided;
  • The skin has a tonic and rejuvenating effect;
  • The production of the skin garden is average; the skin is perfectly nourished and moisturized;
  • It has an antiseptic, regenerating, and disinfecting product on the cells of the epidermis;
  • Puffiness is removed, dark circles under the eyes are eliminated;
  • The upper skin is cleaned, pores are narrowed;
  • Blood circulation in blood tissues is stimulated;
  • Metabolic processes improve;
  • The skin has a mild whitening effect;
  • Skin pigmentation is minimized and, depending on the regular use of chamomile, soon becomes invisible;
  • Healing of micro tears and cracks is accelerated;
  • It has a soothing effect on inflamed and irritated skin;
  • Has a pronounced antibacterial effect.

It is thanks to these healing properties that chamomile is becoming one of the most effective and simply irreplaceable means in the field of cosmetology. Among the main advantages is that the plant is hypoallergenic, which is why it is ideal for regular daily care, even for sensitive skin.

Medicinal chamomile helps relieve inflammation, irritation, skin rashes, acne, and other skin problems.

Composition of field chamomile

This plant’s mass of functional properties is precisely due to its rich composition. The substances have a healing effect on the skin.

The field contains:

  • Flavonoids reliably protect the skin against the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays;
  • Organic acids balance skin tone and have a moisturizing effect;
  • Sesquiterpene alcohols and carbohydrates on the surface of the epidermis form a thin protective film;
  • Polysaccharides have a mild enveloping impact;
  • Caprylic acid has antifungal properties and relaxes muscles;
  • Carotene leaves the skin silky, soft, and perfectly smooth;
  • Sitterol provides the cells with the necessary amount of oxygen;
  • Choline helps speed up metabolism and recovery processes;
  • Chamazulene is an active and natural anti-inflammatory agent;
  • Coumarin is a natural anticoagulant.

Chamomile harvest features

For chamomile to provide maximum benefits for beauty and health, it must be harvested correctly:

  • On an industrial scale, flowering flowers and stems with leaves of plants are often used. But for home use in the field of beauticians, only flowers are used.
  • Collecting chamomile only in ecologically clean areas and early in the morning is recommended. Managing raw materials near large industrial enterprises and highways is forbidden, etc.
  • The plant can absorb all harmful substances in the air, soil, and water. It can hurt the skin if chamomile mixtures are used for skin care.
  • Dry the blooms in a shaded, dry, and well-ventilated place.
  • Collecting chamomile yourself is unnecessary, as you can buy it ready-made in almost any pharmacy.

The benefits of chamomile for facial skin – recipes at home

Field Chamomile is an excellent base for preparing cosmetics and is ideal for taking care of various facial skin types. This plant is also recommended for caring for the delicate skin of newborns, including aging and aging skin.

In modern cosmetology, chamomile oil and extract are widely used, which can be part of various products – toothpaste, cream, scrub, shampoo, lotion, etc.

Chamomile-based products have a light and mild effect. This plant is considered to be hypoallergenic, but do not forget about the possibility of individual intolerance. Therefore, before using new cosmetics, a sensitivity test is required.

A cotton pad is taken and moistened in chamomile broth to perform an allergy test and then placed on the wrist area. If, after a while, there is no irritation, redness, itching, or another discomfort, you can use chamomile to care for the skin on your face.

You can also make various products at home on your own – infusions, decoctions, lotions, masks, compresses, cosmetics, etc. Depending on the purpose for which the product will be used, its recipe may also change.

Chamomile drink for facial skin

A decoction of simple chamomile is a valuable nutrient, each of which has a specific effect on helping skin cells regenerate and rejuvenate. Using a decoction is recommended to take care of swollen and irritated skin, which helps to get rid of edema and acne.

If adequately prepared, this medicine perfectly moisturizes dry skin and promotes the healing of oily skin. Chamomile extract helps smooth fine wrinkles with aging and sagging skin and white age spots and evens the complexion.

There are several ways to prepare a broth for facial skin care:

  • Take chamomile (1 tbsp. L.), pour a glass of boiling water, and leave the composition for about 15-20 minutes in a boiling water bath. Then the solution is infused and must cool. Immediately before use, the broth is filtered, and water is added until the original volume has been obtained.
  • One glass of boiling water is poured into 1 tbsp. l. chamomile The composition is boiled and cooked for 5 minutes on low heat. You can also pour boiling water over the ingredients, wrap the container with a towel and leave the broth in. Then the composition is filtered, and water is added until the original volume is reached.

Suppose the apothecary chamomile is used to prepare the decoction, packed in a sachet. In that case, you can pour boiling water over it but do not filter it.

Using a decoction of chamomile for facial skin

  • For the problem of acne, you are preparing a decoction of chamomile with calendula (1: 1) is recommended. With the resulting product, you must wipe the problem areas or wash your face until the problem is fixed.
  • To speed up the healing of wounds and scratches, as well as other damage to the integrity of the skin, it is recommended to use decoctions of chamomile, St. John’s wort, and St. John’s wort. There are lotions based on this tool that deliver benefits. If such a compress is securely attached, it can be left on overnight.
  • To reduce puffiness and get rid of bags under the eyes, making a lotion from chamomile is recommended. Cotton pads are taken, moistened in cold broth, and placed on problem areas. This treatment helps to reduce fatigue, swelling, and redness. You can also apply brewed chamomile tea bags to your eyes.
  • To restore skin color, you need to wash every day with chamomile extract, pre-cooled. Such a pleasant cosmetic method will give you more vitality and increase the positive effect of the decoction.
  • Chamomile extract will be an excellent substitute tonic, but it activates regeneration and metabolic processes in skin cells.
  • You can pour the prepared broth into ice cream molds and freeze it. A positive result will not take long if you regularly massage the skin with ice cubes. Chamomile ice restores firmness and softness to the skin, makes it perfectly clean, removes fine imitations of wrinkles, increases blood circulation, and accelerates metabolic processes. But to achieve this effect, you need to use chamomile ice cubes in the morning and the evening.
  • Compresses made from numbing chamomile have proven effective in relieving tension and fatigue in the skin. It also helps get rid of age spots, acne, and acne. After the first procedure, a positive result will be noticeable. Compresses should be applied to problem areas at least twice a week.
  • You can also steam your skin over chamomile tea. It is recommended that this procedure be performed for mechanical cleansing of the face, opening the pores as much as possible.
Chamomile for face and body masks
Chamomile for face and body masks

Chamomile face mask

For such masks to provide maximum benefits, they must follow a few rules:

  • The composition should be applied only to previously cleansed skin;
  • Exposure time is about 20-30 minutes;
  • You need to remove the mask with water at room temperature, then rinse the skin of the face with a decoction of chamomile;
  • It would help if you used such masks at least once a week;
  • Do not apply masks to the skin around the eyes;
  • You can make a scrub based on the mask if you add coffee grounds to the elemental composition.

To prepare the base for a cosmetic mask, you must first make a paste of chamomile:

  • Takes 2 tbsp. l. chamomile and 1 tbsp. l. boiling water;
  • The composition is left to wait for a while until it swells;
  • The resulting solution is mixed with other components.

For facial skincare, you can use the following masks:

  • Mask with cottage cheese and chamomile. A composition is being prepared based on puree, to which cottage cheese is added, previously dried through a fine sieve.
  • To care for dry skin, a combination of thick chamomile (3 tbsp. L.) is suitable, which should not be squeezed too hard, egg yolk (1 pc.), honey (1 tsp.), essential oil of chamomile (1 drop).
  • Anti-inflammatory and refreshing mask made of peppermint and chamomile. The components are taken in equal amounts; then oatmeal is added until a thick batter is obtained.
  • An act of chamomile drops, aloe juice (1 tsp), honey (1 tsp), and blue clay (2 tsp) is ideal for treating aging and fading skin. All components are mixed and ready to use whitening, nourishing, and lifting masks.
  • A mask made from a decoction of chamomile and white clay is ideal for fighting blackheads on the face. This combination perfectly cleanses the skin and helps to tighten enlarged pores.
  • A warm chamomile infusion is taken in to prepare a cleansing mask, and oatmeal is added. The mixture is left to wait for a while until the flakes swell, then it is applied with massaging movements to the skin of the face.
  • To care for oily skin, it is recommended to use a mixture of chamomile drops (1 tbsp. L.), lemon juice (1 tsp.), and egg white (1 pc.).

Application for field chamomile for skin care of the body

Field chamomile has many favorable properties, which is why it is used not only for facial skin care but also for the body. You can perform various health procedures for the body’s skin.

Bath with a decoction of chamomile

It has a calming and relaxing effect and has a positive impact on the condition of the entire skin. Such a procedure can take care of different skin types, especially if there is a problem with peeling, irritation, dry skin, excessive sweating, etc. To do this, fill the bath with warm water and add prepared chamomile broth. The duration of the procedure is 15-25 minutes.

Hand bath with chamomile

Such baths help speed up healing wounds, cracks, and scratches and relieve inflammation and irritation. If there are cracks on the palms and the skin on the hands is dehydrated, preparing a warm bath from an infusion or decoction of chamomile – 1 tbsp is recommended. Boiling water is taken at 1 tbsp. l. chamomile flower.

If you perform such a simple procedure for 5-8 minutes daily, you can quickly eliminate these problems. In the end, you must apply all the nourishing cream to the skin.

Chamomile foot bath

Hot foot baths help eliminate such an unpleasant problems as excessive sweating of the feet. For this purpose, for 7-11 days, it is necessary to take a foot bath every day with the addition of a decoction. The duration of each procedure is about 15-25 minutes.

Excellent results are obtained by mixing chamomile with sea salt, milk, or honey. As a result, the skin becomes soft, supple, and perfectly smooth. If you combine the cooling performance with horsetail, swelling and fatigue in the legs will quickly disappear.

Chamomile oil for skin care

Regular use of chamomile oil helps improve skin firmness and get rid of wrinkles. It can be an excellent alternative to a daily cream for specific areas of the body Рfor example, thighs, breasts, and d̩collet̩.

Frozen infusion or decoction of chamomile

Ice cubes infused or chamomile extract help quickly gets rid of signs of skin discoloration, including traces of insect bites. If you regularly dry the problem areas of the skin, you can relieve swelling and inflammation. This product is ideal not only for adults but also for children.

Chamomile drink against stretch marks on the skin

  • To prepare a decoction to get rid of stretch marks on the skin, take the plant’s dried flowers (3 tbsp. L.) and fill them with milk (1 tbsp.).
  • The composition is put on low heat and boiled for 15 minutes.
  • A gauze swab is taken and moistened in a warm broth, then applied to the problem areas where stretch marks have appeared.
  • A layer of film or oilcloth is placed on top; the body is isolated with a terry towel.
  • Then you need to cover yourself with a blanket and lie quietly for about 20 minutes.
  • The compress is removed, the product residue is removed, and a moisturizer is applied to the skin.
  • Showering after such a procedure is not recommended.

To achieve the desired results, you need to use chamomile-based cosmetics regularly. You can harvest chamomile on your own or buy ready-made ingredients at the pharmacy.

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