Love to read and write: 4 ways students can make extra money

Love to read and write; can a student make extra money? If my email indicates, college students are drawn to the freelance writing field and freelance work in general.

I’ve had long conversations with students who love ​​spending a little extra money in their spare time, doing something they’re good at while simultaneously building an essay feel and experience.

Some students see writing as a potential career. In contrast, others see it as part of a more extensive career choice, such as advertising or marketing. Also, as an English graduate, I teach with a few English majors who often ask me, “How can I make a living out of my passion for books?”

A recent brainstorming session with one such writer led to a list of ways students (and others) can do just that! The four ways to love to read and write activate your cut and read appetite and make it work for your pocketbook.

01 – Independent Writing Project

Freelance writing is a viable career for wordsmiths. Of course, I need to get my plugs here for this versatile career. I see a place for students in the independent writing area! Students I’ve spoken with have been able to build their reading and writing credentials into strong writing resumes and have had great success tackling smaller, shorter writing assignments that fit the bill. Also, I tell English majors to consider writing book reviews, as it’s a thriving field for any freelance writer (plus, who wouldn’t want to get paid to read ?). If that interests you, check out my tutorial on writing book reviews for money here.

02 – Custom Word Creation

Are you growing poetic? Make sure while you’re at it! A few days ago, I saw the author announcing her new Etsy shop on Twitter (by the way, are you following me on Twitter?). She offers custom poems for any occasion. The Etsy market is on fire – it’s my first place for great gifts. Here’s an example of custom poetry enhancements. If you’re into words, this might be the outlet for you.

03 – Consume and then sell

Voracious reader? Sell ​​your books, then! I go through books like wildfire. But it will be expensive. That’s why I tend to sell the books I’m already reading on Amazon pretty quickly after I’m done. But I felt that students on a tight budget looking for cash couldn’t buy the latest best-seller at Barnes and Noble. But which books should students buy? Textbooks, of course! Students could skip the local bookstore and check out the price they could get for their text online. It may be more than what your local store is willing to give! Sites like sell textbooks for money even have apps and other services available to help you make money.

04 – Sell someone else

Did you know you can sell Amazon books without owning them? Readers can have their own or even ownership to sell it. Amazon A-Stores allow you to build online Amazon stores. You live in your store with the titles you want to sell from ( without buying the labels! ), and when someone buys a copy of the book from the A store, you get a share of the profit. Sure, you need to put some time into the demo, but the process and setup are straightforward!

Love To Read And Write
Love To Read And Write

It just takes some inspiration (like everything else!)

Turning your passion for reading and writing into profit takes some work. Besides, this world is not closed to you simply because you are a student; On the contrary, your subdistribution in the world of reading and books can work in your favor! In addition to freelance writing, students can take advantage of some of these ways to make extra money – or, go for it, spread your eggs on a few men to make money! However, try to spend only some of your new treasures at the local bookstore as I do.


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