During the season, can I run?

During the season, what changes occur in the body? Find out from scientific research and recommendations from professional trainers whether a girl should run during the season. Thousands of women of all ages actively participate in sports to lose weight. Almost everyone is wondering how running during periods affects the body’s work. It is pretty logical because playing sports not only helps to improve your appearance but also strengthens your health. Each person’s body has characteristics that must be considered when planning the process. They want to know if it is possible to run during periods. It will be the conversation today.

What changes occur in the body during the season?

Everyone knows that once a month, every woman has her period. The length, as well as the characteristics of this process, are purely individual. From this, we can conclude that the question of whether running during menstruation is possible is also a personal one.

The reason for menstruation is the body’s need to prepare the egg for fertilization. Since conception has not occurred, the concentration of hormones decreases. It leads to slower blood flow in the endometrium, which begins to shed and is rejected. The remaining shell, along with blood, is excreted from the body.

We call the critical days the period when the woman’s body gets rid of the old lining of the uterus. During menstruation, new layers of the endometrium begin, and this process continues until a new monthly cycle begins. As the body loses blood, and sometimes quite a lot, the concentration of hemoglobin and red blood cells starts to drop. It leads to a lack of oxygen, weakness, and pain.

However, we know that moderate exercise allows us to saturate our bodies with oxygen and reduce the unpleasant symptoms accompanying periods. It is best to consult a specialist if we talk specifically about whether jogging is burning during menstruation.

Consultation with a doctor during the season

Every woman should regularly visit a gynecologist if she is not indifferent to her health. It’s no secret that profound changes occur in the human body with age. They can hide some diseases in childhood, but they appear during menopause. Science knows many conditions that occur without apparent symptoms. If you want to maintain your health and prolong your youth, visit your gynecologist regularly.

Since each of us has a unique body, contraindications for certain types of exercise are possible—several diseases in which running during menstruation is contraindicated, such as uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, etc. At the same time, many doctors are sure that sports should be suspended during menstruation.

According to their recommendations, it is worth at least reducing the load. On critical days, you can exclude specific movements from your training plan. Agree; it is better to suffer for a few days than to harm your health. It would help if you also remembered the importance of nutrition. After all, this is how we can put in the body all the nutrients necessary for normal functioning.

I am running during the season: research, pros, and cons.

Our conversation will hardly be complete if we do not turn to the results of scientific research. The problem of the effect of running during menstruation on the female body has long been of interest to scientists. According to the results of experiments, we can talk about the benefits of sports during menstruation. There can be no talk of spoilage of health.

Specific exercises have been found to reduce pain and spasms. Under the influence of physical exertion, the metabolic process is accelerated, and the production of endorphins is also activated. There are exercises where you can speed up the use of the old endometrium and shorten the entire cycle.

So running during the season is possible and even beneficial. However, one must approach the training process sensibly. First, we are talking about medium-speed movement. In addition, you must avoid bumps and not step on them. Sudden movements during the period can be dangerous. It should note that the body actively stores fluid on essential days, which can cause additional discomfort.

Is it possible to jog during the season: recommendations?

Doctors are sure that on important days a woman becomes sensible and sensitive. Running during the period helps normalize blood flow. It improves metabolism, and the body is saturated with oxygen. However, the sport in this period has one drawback – increased bleeding is possible.

To avoid this, we recommend that you use a few tips:

  • When jogging or playing other sports, you should only use hygiene products that provide maximum protection against leakage. These can be tampons or gel-based gels.
  • Wear clothing that allows your skin to breathe.
  • It is necessary to perform water procedures in the morning and after class. Water not only keeps the body clean but also gives us energy.
  • Be aware of the various specialized, intimate hygiene gels and creams that can help you in the absence of a shower. However, you should only buy products that are made from natural ingredients.
  • At the end of the lesson, you should thank yourself for a job well done in front of the mirror. During menstruation, the female body has to work under a lot of pressure, which deserves praise. You shouldn’t thank him for fatty or sweet food, though. Better to eat dried fruits or drink hot tea with honey. It will give you extra energy.
  • If your periods are challenging, then in such a situation, it is worth reorganizing your workout.

In certain situations, sports are contraindicated:

  • With severe distress;
  • The appearance of pain in the reproductive organs;
  • If there is a feeling of apathy.

Running during periods will only be useful for you if there are no negative emotions. Sometimes women are interested in why sports on important days are contraindicated for them. However, there are no apparent negative symptoms. A gynecologist best answers this question.

In addition to the conditions we’ve discussed above, doctors often recommend not jogging regularly with the following symptoms:

  • If a woman experiences severe pain during heavy bleeding
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • With heavy discharge, exercise can increase blood loss.

Moreover, if you find these symptoms in yourself, consult a doctor. Inflammatory diseases or infectious diseases may appear in your body. It is worth consulting a specialist to avoid worsening the situation.

Is there an alternative to running during the season?

If, for some reason running is prohibited during the season for you, but you do not want to stop sports completely this season, then specialized therapeutic gymnastics will be an excellent option. Fitness professionals are constantly experimenting to find or create exercises that can relieve uncomfortable symptoms during menstruation. Now we will tell you about a simple and effective complex that does not require much time.

  • 1st exercise. Take a standing position, stand on your toes and stretch your arms up. Start in this position to move in small steps back and forth.
  • 2nd exercise. Take a prone position with your limbs outstretched. Start smoothly at a slow speed to move your hand to the side and touch it to the leg. Should do 10 repetitions in each direction.

Note that the number of repetitions and intensity of these simple exercises depends directly on the symptoms of menstruation. You can do the complex two or three times a week.

During the season, can I run
During the season, can I run

What to do if you feel sick to your stomach while running?

So we have found that running during periods can even be beneficial if there is no muscular discomfort. But during the training, the stomach can get sick, and not everyone knows how to react in such a situation.

  • Painkillers. If the pain that appears is not intense, then you can complete the workout with the help of pills. However, use them only as a last resort and do not overuse them.
  • Consultation with a doctor. If you regularly experience pain during your period, you should visit a gynecologist. Perhaps they are related to problems in the reproductive system. With the help of a doctor, you will find a way to eliminate them.
  • Warmer. Not the most useful, but quite effective way. If you feel pain in your lower abdomen, apply a warm heating pad to the area. You can also use a plastic bottle filled with hot water beforehand.
  • Aromatherapy. To perform it, you need to dissolve three or four drops of essential oils of juniper, cinnamon, mint, or lavender in one tablespoon of fatty oil. Then just rub the resulting mixture gently on the abdomen. After the procedure, lie down for 15 minutes so that the oil is fully absorbed and begins to work. It should also remember that only natural ingredients are suitable for aromatherapy.

Abdominal pain after running during the season

Pain in the abdomen can appear after training, even on regular days. Most often, beginning athletes face a similar problem.

 There can be many reasons for pain, and now we will note the most common:

  • There was no excellent warm-up – you did not warm up the muscles and joints, which led to the appearance of pain.
  • Breathing disorders – if you breathe too often or very deeply, a diaphragm spasm is possible. Just take a breath, and the pain will go away.
  • Did you eat shortly before training? – it is necessary to eat before class, but you should do it in 60–90 minutes.
  • Problems with the work of internal organs – sometimes pain in the abdomen after training indicates the presence of a disease. See your doctor for a complete diagnosis.

Perhaps these are the most common causes of abdominal pain after running.

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